Bruster’s Menu Prices

Bruster’s is a chain of ice cream and frozen yogurt stores known for their ice cream made the old-fashioned way. They use a specific slow kettle process, thus making each flavour unique.

Customers frequent this restaurant for its large variety of premium flavours and artisan desserts made fresh in each individual store.

Bruster’s Menu

About Bruster’s

Bruster’s was founded by Bruce Reed in 1989 with a commitment to freshness and a passion for serving premium ice creams.

As of today, there are 200 independently owned locations of this ice cream store. Last March, they received the Rookie of the Year Award in Florida.  read more

Charleston’s Menu Prices

Charleston’s is a restaurant that serves traditional American classics prepared from scratch daily. They are known for their amazing food and huge stone bar which is the centerpiece of their restaurant.

People return to Charleston’s for the great dining experience and wide variety of drinks from their full bar, all at an excellent price value.

Charleston’s Menu

About Charleston’s

In 1986, Hal Smith founded several restaurants and Charleston’s was one of them. His other establishments include Hefner Grill, Louie’s Grill and Bar, and The Winston. read more

Chin Chin Menu Prices

Chin Chin is a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine. They are known for their famous Chinese Chicken Salad and many other traditional recipes in their wide range of menu items.

Customers frequent this restaurant for its contemporary environment and its famous favorite Chinese dishes which are prepared fresh without adding any MSG.

Chin Chin Menu

About Chin Chin

This restaurant made its debut in Los Angeles in 1983 and introduced dim sum and other Chinese favorites, revolutionizing the Chinese American food experience.

Currently, Chin Chin has 5 locations. This restaurant has firmly established itself as one of the most iconic restaurant brands in Los Angeles. read more

La Bottega Menu Prices

La Bottega is an Italian cuisine restaurant that serves big and bold flavours. They are known for their Panini and support on Breast Cancer Program.

Customers come back to La Bottega for another taste of their gourmet Italian dishes with simple recipes where quality meets tradition.

La Bottega Menu

About La Bottega

La Bottega or in English, “The Store”, was founded by Marisa and Giuseppe Ruta on March 2003. Their love for Italian cuisines made them open this restaurant in Long Island.

As of today, this restaurant has 14 different locations. They were featured in many newspapers and is well known for their Panini. read more

Laughing Planet Menu Prices

Laughing Planet is an American restaurant that offers different global cuisines made from organic and high quality ingredients from local food growers and farms.

Customers frequent this restaurant for its tasty dishes made from healthy alternatives. They are also famous among vegetarians for their wide range of vegan dishes and smoothies.

Laughing Planet Menu

About Laughing Planet

Laughing Planet was founded by Richard Satnick in Bloomington, Ind. in 1995. He established this restaurant with the thought of serving dishes that are packed with nutrition. read more

Muscle Maker Grill Menu Prices

Muscle Maker Grill is an American restaurant that provides its customers with healthier versions of mainstream dishes. It is famous for its meal plans for fitness enthusiasts.

Customers like to eat here for its diverse menu especially made for those starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Muscle Maker Grill Menu

About Muscle Maker Grill

This restaurant was founded by Rodney Silva in 1995, with the goal of providing “Great Food with Your Health in Your Mind.”

Today, Muscle Maker Grill has approximately 57 locations. They were named as Official Wrap of the Metlife Stadium and featured as one of the best burgers in Las Vegas.  read more

Luigi’s Menu Prices

Luigi’s Pizza Fresca is an Italian family restaurant that serves and offers various Italian dishes, specialties, and a wide array of pizza selections.

It is frequented by customers for their famous cheese steak, their affordable menu price range, their fast service, and their fresh ideas in pizza.

Luigi’s Menu

About Luigi’s

Luigi’s Pizza Fresca is an Italian family owned restaurant that was established in 1985, but opened their first location in the year 1998 at Marlton, NJ.

Today, Luigi’s has a total of 3 locations. This family owned restaurant has been voted and received awards such as “Best Sicilian Pizza”, “Neighbor’s Choice and “Best of South Jersey”.  read more

Matchbox Menu Prices

Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro is a modern American restaurant that serves pizza, burger, and pasta. They also have a wide selection of drinks in their bar.

It is mostly visited by customers for its amazing pizza, and the ambiance that the place has which is perfect for casual dining.

Matchbox Menu

About Matchbox

Matchbox was founded by Ty Neal, Mark Neal, and Drew Kim. Their flagship pizza location started in the year 2002 at Chinatown.

As of today, Matchbox has a total of 11 locations. This bistro upon its first year in the business was awarded as “Best New Restaurant” by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (RAMW). read more

Mayflower Menu Prices

Mayflower Luncheonette is a Northside staple family owned Greek restaurant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that serves breakfast and lunch.

Most patrons visit Mayflower for its authentic home cooking, simple yet tasty food, filling breakfast and great service.

Mayflower Menu

About Mayflower

Mayflower is a family-owned Greek restaurant owned by husband and wife Bill and Candi Staurinos. This restaurant has been around in Pennsylvania for more than 50 years.

This restaurant currently has one location and that is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where it has served as a Northside staple for half a century. read more

McCormick & Schmick’s Menu Prices

McCormick & Schmicks is a restaurant that serves a wide variety of seafood dishes and steaks and is known as being the nation’s premier family of seafood restaurants.

Customers visit the restaurant for its extraordinary dining experience and the quality of seafood that they serve their customers.

McCormick & Schmick’s Menu

About McCormick & Schmick’s

The seafood restaurant was founded in 1970 by Bill McCormick and Doug Shmick with its first location opening in Oregon.

Since then, the restaurant has come to grow to more than 80 restaurants spanning throughout the United States and has won awards such as Best Dessert / Presentation in 2010 by Ingram’s. read more