Luigi’s Menu Prices

Luigi’s Pizza Fresca is an Italian family restaurant that serves and offers various Italian dishes, specialties, and a wide array of pizza selections.

It is frequented by customers for their famous cheese steak, their affordable menu price range, their fast service, and their fresh ideas in pizza.

Luigi’s Menu

Appetizers & Sides
French Fries$2.50
Cheese Fries$2.90
Pizza Fries$2.90
Buffalo WingsMild or hot, served with bleu cheese$6.10 - $10.40
Mozzarella Sticks (6)Served with marinara sauce$5.40
Cheddar Jalapeno Poppers (6)Served with marinara sauce$5.10
Chicken Fingers (6)Served with french fries$6.10
Onion Rings$2.60
Extra caesar dressing $0.25 each
Tossed Salad$4.35
Caesar Salad$4.95
Caesar Salad (For Two)$8.70
Chicken Caesar Salad$7.25
Chicken Caesar Salad (For Two)$12.70
Chf's Salad or Antipasto$6.55
Antipasto (For Two)$13.20
Caprese Salad$6.35
Turkey Salad$5.85
Tuna Salad$5.85
Fresca SaladLettuce, tomato, onions, eggs, fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers$6.55
Arugola SaladArugola, tomato, onion and fresh mozzarella$7.25
Create Your Own Salad (Per Pound)$6.20
Chicken FrescaThis dish does not come pasta, grilled with zucchini, peppers & eggplant$7.95
Soup of the Day16 oz. Container$2.45
Baked Pasta
Baked Ziti$7.25
Meat Lasagna$7.85
Stuffed Shells$7.45
All pastas are served with bread & butter. Choose from the following: speghetti, penne, fettuccini, gnocchi add $1.95, ravioli add $1.95, tortellini add $1.95, chicken or baby shrimp add $2.25
Marinara SauceA traditional marinara sauce$6.85
Alfredo SauceA parmesan cream sauce$7.60
Bolognese SauceGround meat, onions, tomatoes, basil & wine$7.60
Primavera SauceSeasonal vegetables, tomatoes, sauteed in olives oil and a light garlic marinara sauce$7.60
Chicken CacciatoreDiced chicken sauteed with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and peppers$8.10
Baby ShrimpShrimp sauteed with garlic and olive oil$8.10
MeatballsServed in a marinara sauce$8.85
Vodka SaucePink cream sauce, vodka and prosciutto$8.10
Chicken ParmesanServed with marinara sauce, mozzarella & pasta$9.15
Gnocchi Al PestoCream sauce$8.10
Veal Parmesan with Pasta$9.60
Cold Subs
Served on a long roll or faccaccia bread all sandwiches are served with lettuce, famalas, onions, oil & vinegar
Italian Hoagie$5.25
Turkey Hoagie$5.25
Tuna & Cheese$5.25
Ham & Cheese$5.25
Capicolla & Cheese$5.25
Hot Subs
Served on a 10" Roll
Chicken Parmigiana$6.55
Grilled ChickenWith lettuce & tomato$5.55
Veal CutletWith marinara sauce only$6.95
Veal Parmesan$7.45
Peppers & Eggs$5.20
Eggplant Parmesan$5.80
MeatballWith marinara sauce only$5.50
Meatball Parmesan$6.00
SausageWith marinara sauce only$5.50
Sausage Pamesan$5.80
Sausage Parmesan$6.00
Veggie HoagieOnions, peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato & mozzarella$5.60
Steak Sandwiches - Beef
Served on a long roll or facaccia bread, hot peppers or onions available at no charge. Roasted peppers $0.75 each extra cheese, mushrooms or green peppers $0.50 each
Steak with Bacon$6.10
Steak Hoagie$5.70
Steak Special$5.90
Cheesesteak with Bacon$6.50
Cheesesteak Hoagie$6.10
Cheesesteak SpecialOnions, green peppers, mushrooms & pepperoni$6.30
Pizza Steak$6.10
Fresca SteakEggplant, broccoli rabe & mozzarella cheese$6.30
Steak Sandwiches - Chicken
Served on a long roll or facaccia bread, hot peppers or onions available at no charge. Roasted peppers $0.75 each extra cheese, mushrooms or green peppers $0.50 each
Chicken Steak$5.55
Chicken Steak with Bacon$6.35
Chicken Steak Hoagie$5.95
Chicken Steak Special$6.15
Chicken Cheesesteak$5.95
Chicken Cheesesteak with Bacon$6.75
Chicken Cheesesteak Hoagie$6.35
Chicken cheesesteak with SpecialsOnions, green peppers, mushrooms & pepperoni$6.55
All paninis are served on homemade focaccia. Add fresh mozzarella for $0.75
Four SeasonsProsciutto, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, oregano, basil$5.90
FrizzanteBroccoli, chicken strips, sliced tomatoes, oil, garlic & topped with mozzarella$6.20
Grilled PorttobelloGrilled portobello mushroom, mozzarella cheese, roasted peppers, caramelized onions$6.90
DeliziosoCubed eggplant, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, prosciutto, smoked mozzarella$7.30
The Luigi'sSausage, broccoli rabe, smoked mozzarella$6.45
Wild Wild WestGrilled chicken, bacon, tri-colored peppers, topped with melted provolone$6.45
Pollo GrigliaGrilled chicken and roasted peppers$6.10
Al FrescoImported prosciutto, grilled eggplant, roasted peppers, lettuce & tomatoes$5.90
Chicken ParmesanChicken brest with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese$6.35
Veal CutletVeal cutlet, broccoli rabe & mozzarella cheese$7.25
Veal ParmesanMarinara sauce & mozzarella cheese$7.15
FredoEggplant, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella$5.75
EstivoChicken breast, broccoli rabe, provolone, oil & garlic$6.25
Chicken CaesarChicken breast, romaine & caesar dressing$5.95
GustocoPesto, fresh mozzarella, tomato, prosciutto$6.75
Children's Menu
Cheese Ravioli$3.70
Spaghetti MarinaraServed with (1) meatball$3.70
Chicken Finger (3)Served with french fries$3.70
Butterd Pasta$3.75
Stuffed Pizza
Meat Stuffed PizzaHam, sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, bacon, mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce$15.95
Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Stuffed PizzaGrilled sausage, broccoli rabe, olive oil, garlic, mozzarella & parmesan cheese$15.95
Veggie Stuffed PizzaSpinach, broccoli, mushrooms & peppers, onions, chopped tomatoes & mozzarella cheese$15.95
Grilled Vegetable Stuffed PizzaGrilled eggplant, zucchini, onions, green peppers & mushrooms topped with provolone cheese & marinara sauce$15.95
2 Liter bottle
Diet Coke$2.20
Additional stuffers on calzones $0.75 extra
Cheese Calzone$5.75
Steak Calzone$7.25
Chicken Calzone$7.55
Family Size Stromboli (Serves 3-4)Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and tomato sauce$12.95
Pizza Slices
Regular Pizza Slices$1.80
Gourmet Pizza Slices$2.40
Stuffed Pizza Slices$3.20
Create Your Own PIzza - Choose from the following toppings to add to any of your pizzas. Each additional regular topping, small $1.35, large $1.85: Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, garlic, spinach, broccoli, meatballs, extra cheese, green peppers, a
Selection Topping ItemEach additional gourmet topping, small $1.75, large $2.25: Roasted peppers. broccoli rabe, roasted garlic, grilled zucchini, bocconcini cheese, prosciutto, grilled eggplant, grilled chicken, baby shr
Pizza$10.45 - $8.75
Whole Wheat Large Pizza$11.45
Specialty Pizzas
Available in large only. Whole wheat pizzas $1.00 extra
MargheritaFresh mozzarella, olive oil. basil & tomato sauce$13.70
SpinachSpinach, mozzarella cheese & garlic$13.70
Old FashionedMarinara, garlic & basil$12.45
White PizzaMozzarella cheese & garlic$13.25
PavarottiGrilled zucchini, eggplant & peppers, topped with fresh tomato sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheese$15.70
CarusoRosemary potatoes, red onions, basil, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses$14.70
Ball ParkA combination of french fries, weiners, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses$15.70
GodfatherProsciutto, ricotta, cheese, fresh tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses$15.70
MediterraneoFresh tomatoes, bocconcini cheese & pesto$14.70
PescatoreChopped clams, baby shrimp, olive oil, garlic and parmesan cheese$16.70
Fresca GardenFresh chopped tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, peppers, onions & black olives, topped with garlic mozzarella & parmesan$14.70
Baked Ziti PizzaMozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, penne pasta and sauce$15.70
5 CheeseProvolone, american, parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta$14.70
Mexican PizzaGround beef, lettuce, tomato & hot peppers$14.70
Barbeque Chicken PizzaGround beef, lettuce, tomato & hot peppers$13.70
Portobello PizzaWhite pizza with portoella mushrooms & cheese$13.70
Fresca WorksPepperoni, sausage, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, extra cheese & sauce$15.70
Arugola PizzaMozzarella, augoloa, parmesan & prosciutto$14.70
Sicilian PizzaMade the old fashioned way$14.75
Meat Lovers PizzaHam, sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, bacon, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce$15.45
Caprese PizzaBaked tomato crust topped with plum tomato slices fresh sliced mozzarella olive oil and italian seasoning$14.00

About Luigi’s

Luigi’s Pizza Fresca is an Italian family owned restaurant that was established in 1985, but opened their first location in the year 1998 at Marlton, NJ.

Today, Luigi’s has a total of 3 locations. This family owned restaurant has been voted and received awards such as “Best Sicilian Pizza”, “Neighbor’s Choice and “Best of South Jersey”. 

Luigi’s Review

Luigi’s provide a large indoor and outdoor seating area for their customers. The restaurant gives a cozy ambiance, and has a very good location where tourists can easily access.

The food that they offer is amazing. The pizzas and pasta are very well executed, savory and tasty. The prices of the dishes are very affordable.

A must try and recommended dishes are the margherita pizza, the cheese steak with the cheese fries, and the pasta marinara.

The service that the staff provides is very great as they welcome you in with a smile. And as for the serving time, it takes around 10 minutes for your food to be served.

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