Giovanni’s Menu Prices

Giovanni’s Pizza is a restaurant serving Italian cuisine. The restaurant is known for its signature pizza and wide range of Italian food from calzones and pastas to seafood dishes.

Customers frequent this family-friendly restaurant for its amazing Italian dishes considered to be one of the best in Bucks County.

Giovanni’s Menu

each order includes marinara sauce
Garlic Toast$2.20 - $4.20
Cheese Toast$3.55 - $6.70
Seasoned Breadsticks$3.10 - $5.40
Bosco Sticks$1.90 - $4.35
Pretzel Breadsticks$5.15 - $9.95
Chef Saladlettuce, tomato, green pepper, carrots, shredded cheese, ham and dressing of your choice$7.20
Taco Saladlettuce, tomato, black olives, onions, special cheese blend, taco meat, taco sauce, taco chips and sour cream$7.40
Chicken Taco Saladlettuce, tomato, black olives, onions, special cheese blend, chicken, taco sauce, taco chips and sour cream$7.40
Caesar Saladromaine lettuce, black olives, croutons, parmesan cheese$5.95
Caesar Salad With Chickenromaine lettuce, black olives, garlic chicken, croutons, parmesan cheese$7.40
Garden Salad$4.40
Side Salad$2.50
each order includes dressing of your choice
Bbq Wings$4.50 - $8.75
Hot-n-spicy Wings$4.50 - $8.75
Boneless Chicken Bites$5.85 - $10.00
Spaghetti$4.85 - $7.20
Spaghetti With Meatballs$6.45 - $8.85
Fettuccine Alfredo$6.05 - $8.40
Fettuccine Alfredo With Chicken$6.55 - $8.85
Tortellini With Alfredo$7.05 - $9.75
Tortellini With Marinara$7.05 - $9.75
Ravioli With Alfredo$7.05 - $9.75
Ravioli With Marinara$7.05 - $9.75
Lasagna$7.05 - $9.75
Mac & Cheese$4.45 - $6.05
our pizzas are made with our special sauce, your favorite toppings prepared fresh daily and topped with out special blend of 100% real mozzarella, cheddar and provolone cheese
One Topping Pizzacheese is already included$5.00 - $15.40
Additional Topping (each)pepperoni, black olives, tomato, bbq sauce, soy cheese, green olives, italian sausage, sauerkraut, hand tossed crust (large only), extra cheese, anchovies, shrimp, canadian bacon, mushrooms, pickles,$1.10 - $2.50
House Specials
The "Giovanni"sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and extra cheese$8.50 - $23.20
Bacon Cheeseburgerground beef, bacon, pickles, onions and extra cheese$8.50 - $23.20
Tacotaco meat, taco chips, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, taco sauce and extra cheese$8.50 - $23.20
Garlic Chicken Alfredoalfredo sauce, garlic chicken, onions, red peppers and extra cheese$8.50 - $23.20
Meat Loverscanadian bacon, italian sausage, ground beef, pepperoni and extra cheese$8.50 - $23.20
Alfredo, Wild Rice, Beef & MushroomAlfredo, Wild Rice, Beef ,Mushrooms & Extra Cheese served on a thin 'n crispy crust.$15.30 - $19.20
Alfredo, Wild Rice, Garlic Chicken & BaconAlfredo, Wild Rice, Garlic Chicken, Bacon & Extra Cheese served on a thin 'n crispy crust.$15.30 - $19.20
Vegetarianmushrooms, black olives, green olives, onions, green peppers and extra cheese$8.50 - $23.20
Buffalo Chickengarlic chicken, hot sauce and extra cheese$7.40 - $19.20
Bbq Chickengarlic chicken, bbq sauce and extra cheese$7.40 - $19.20
Cinnamon Dessert Pizzacream cheese, cinnamon, streusel and icing$8.50 - $23.20
Uncooked Pizzas - Gluten Free
Single Topping$5.80 - $9.90
Each Additional Topping$1.40 - $2.10
Uncooked Pizzas - Thin Crust
Single Topping$6.10 - $7.80
Each Additional Topping$1.80 - $2.10
Domestic Beer$3.85 - $8.85
Seasonal Beer$4.40 - $13.30
Drinks - Soda Pop
Coke$2.00 - $5.30
Diet Coke$2.00 - $5.30
Sprite$2.00 - $5.30
Root Beer$2.00 - $5.30
Cherry Coke$2.00 - $5.30
Iced Tea$2.00 - $5.30
Orange$2.00 - $5.30
Mello Yello$2.00 - $5.30
Dr. Pepper$2.00 - $5.30
Drinks - Wine
White Zinfandel$5.25
Cabernet Sauvignon$5.25

About Giovanni’s

Giovanni’s Pizza has served great tasting experience to its customers since 2013 but there is no known information online about the founder.

This restaurant has only one location found in Jamison, Pa. They are known to have the Best Pizza in Jamison, Pa.

Giovanni’s Review

Giovanni’s has a very casual and great atmosphere perfect for a family or friends’ night out to a dinner. They also have a very cute and classy set up.

This restaurant serves amazing food with their perfected recipes. Each dish bursts with flavour in every bite, making the customer wanting for more.

A must try item is their famous signature pizza. They also have weekly specials, making every visit to this restaurant a different experience.

Waiting time usually takes 15 minutes or longer especially during peak hours. Their service is also commendable because of their helpful and approachable staff.

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