Tony’s Pizza Menu Prices

A local neighborhood favorite, Tony’s Pizza and Pasta is one of Philly’s best pizzerias. They serve Italian classics and are best known for their hoagie, cheesesteak and Tony’s Special Pizza.

Aside from great pies and sandwiches, what really keeps customers loyal and happy is Tony and his family. Simply walk in and you’ll be treated as family, too.

Tony’s Pizza Menu

Choice of dressings: Ranch, french, house vinaigrette, fat free ranch, parmesan pepper, creamy italian, caesar honey mustard. Blue cheese $0.25 extra. Extra dressing $0.25 each pack.
Chef SaladImported ham, provolone, turkey$6.00
Greek Salad$6.00
Tossed Salad$5.00
Tossed Salad with Grilled Chicken$6.00
Tossed Salad with Tuna$6.00
Caesar Salad$5.00
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken$6.00
Tossed Salad with Shrimp Salad$11.00
Soup & Chilli
Homemade Soup of the Day$3.00
Tony's Fresh Dough Pizza
Speciallty & gourmet pizzas made from fresh homemade dough & homemade secret sauce recipe. 100% real cheese. All prepared on our premises. Each topping: 10" $1.25, 12" $1.50, 14" $1.75,16" $2.00. Each 1/2 topping: 10" $1.0
Selection Topping ItemPepperoni, tomato slices, salami, sweet peppers, italian sausage, green peppers, black olives, anchovies, pineapple, feta cheese, meat sauce, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, extra cheese, mild pepper ri
Tomato & CheeseOur special three cheese blend and original sauce$6.99 - $12.99
Meat DeluxePepperoni, ground beef, sausage & lean crisp bacon$11.99 - $16.99
Combo DeluxePepperoni, sausage, mushooms, onions & olives$11.99 - $16.99
Tony's EverythingPepperoni, meat sauce, mushrooms, green pepper, onions, sausage & olives$11.99 - $16.99
Tony's Deluxe SpecialPepperoni, meat sauce, mushrooms, green pepper, sausage & ham$11.99 - $16.99
Pepperoni DeluxeExtra extra cheese & extra extra pepperoni$11.99 - $16.99
Bacon Double CheeseburgerExtra cheese, extra ground beef & lean crisp bacon$11.99 - $16.99
Ground HawaiianFresh pineapple chunks & imported ham with three cheese blend$11.99 - $16.99
Original Sicilian Pan StyleExtra thick crust$9.99 - $13.99
Gourmet Pizza
Vegetarian DelightFresh tomatoes & broccoli sauteed with white garlic sauce topped with mozzarella & romano cheeses$9.99 - $14.99
Shrimp Scampi PizzaLarge shrimp sauteed in white garlic sauce topped with parmesan & mozzarella cheese$12.99 - $18.99
Jumbo Strambolis
Choice of red or white sauce
Steak or ChickenSteak with sauteed onion, mushrooms, green peppers with mozzarella cheese$10.99
Bacon CheeseburgerGround beef, cheese & bacon$10.99
Homemade Italian SausageWith green peppers and onions$10.99
Meat LoversWith fresh homemade ground beef, ham & pepperoni$9.99
Veggie DeliteWith peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms$9.99
GreekFeta cheese, onions, black olives$9.99
HawaiianPineapple & imported ham$9.99
PizzaWith 2 toppings of your choice$8.99
Choice of red or white sauce
Ham & Cheese$9.99
Italian Cold Cut$9.99
Pepper & Onion$9.99
Broccoli Cheese & Chicken$9.99
Shrimp Scampi$11.99
Tony's Famous Overstuffed Subs
Uses: X - large, 8" fresh baked italian sub rolls, fresh cut ribeye steaks. Choice of condiments: lettuce, tomato, mayo, onions: everithing ketchup, mustard, pickles & hots. Available on all subs: Extra cheese $0.50 ea, mushrooms $0.50 ea, green
Tony's Italian CheesesteakMushooms, green peppers, fried onions, tom. sauce$7.09
Steak Sub 1/2 Lb$6.89
Chicken Cheese Steak Sub$6.89
Grilled Chicken Breast$6.89
Pizza Steak$6.89
Pizza Burger$6.89
Chicken Parmesan SubTomato suace, mozzarellla cheese$7.49
Italian Meatball ParmesanTomato sauce, provolone cheese$6.89
Pizza SubWith 1 topping$6.89
Fish Filet$6.89
Chicken Tender Sub$6.89
Tony's Famous Overstuffed Subs - Italian Cold Cut
Uses: X - large, 8" fresh baked italian sub rolls, fresh cut ribeye steaks. Choice of condiments: lettuce, tomato, mayo, onions: everithing ketchup, mustard, pickles & hots. Available on all subs: Extra cheese $0.50 ea, mushrooms $0.50 ea, green
Italian Cold Cut$6.89
American Cold Cut$6.89
Roasted Turkey Breast$6.89
Imported Ham$6.89
Crab Sub$6.89
Tony's Famous Overstuffed Subs - Homemade Shrimp Salad
Uses: X - large, 8" fresh baked italian sub rolls, fresh cut ribeye steaks. Choice of condiments: lettuce, tomato, mayo, onions: everithing ketchup, mustard, pickles & hots. Available on all subs: Extra cheese $0.50 ea, mushrooms $0.50 ea, green
Homemade Shrimp SaladOur special recipe, large shrimp$12.49
Tuna SaladWhite Tuna$6.49
Crab Cake$11.99
Served on kaiser, white or wheat
Club SandwichHam or roast turkey with chips & pickle$6.99
Hamburger or Cheeseburger$4.49
TunaSolid white$5.49
Shrimp Salad$9.49
Fish Filet$5.49
Grilled Chicken$5.19
Grilled Cheese$4.49
Crab Cake Sandwich$8.49
Chicken Parm Sandwich$6.49
GyroWith french fries$7.00
Hot Roast BeefWith french fries & gravy$6.00
Hot Turkey with Brown GravyFrench Fries$6.00
Chicken Tenders (4Pcs)With french fries$6.00
Shrimp BasketWith french fries$6.00
Fish & Chips (2Pcs)$6.00
Buffalo Chicken StripsWith french fries$6.00
Crab Cake (2)With french fries$11.00
Pasta Special
Pasta served with garlic bread
Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce$5.99
Stuffed Shells ToppedWith mozzarella cheese & tomato marinara$7.49
Chicken Parmesan Over Noodles$9.99
Meatballs or Meat Sauce$2.00
Family Feast
Family FeastFamily feast: Large 14" pizza 2 topping, x - lg 16" pizza 2 topping, 2 med 12" pizza 1 topping, 4 x - large 16" cheese pizza$12.99 - $27.99
French Fries Large$1.00
Western Fries$2.00
French Fries with Gravy$2.00
Pizza Fries$3.00
Old Bay Fries$2.00
Cheese Fries$3.00
Side of gravy$3.00
Onion RingsHomestyle$3.00
Fried Mushrooms$3.00
Mozzarella Sticks$4.00
Jalapeno Pappers$4.00
Broccoli Cheddar Bites$4.00
Garlic Bread$2.00
Garlic Bread with Cheese$3.00
Bacon Cheddar Fries$4.00
Cheddar Cheese Balls$4.00
Kids Meals
Cheeseburger with French Fries$4.00
Kids Chicken Tenders with French Fries$4.00
Grilled Cheese with French Fries$4.00
Spaghetti with Garlic Bread$4.00
Hot Dog with Bag of Chips$4.00
CheesecakePlain, strawberry, cocolate$3.00
Peanut Butter Pie$3.00
Carrot Cake$3.00
2 Liter Pepsi or Coke Products$1.99
Sodas12 oz. pepsi or coke products$0.89
Bottle Water$1.29
Peak Tea Products$1.89

About Tony’s Pizza

Tony Minissale and his family originally came from Sicily, and moved to Brooklyn in 1973. Twenty years later, they found a new home and opened their restaurant in Philadelphia in 1993.

Since then, Tony’s Pizza and Pasta has consistently served fresh, hearty homecooked meals to Philly, like only an authentic Italian family can.

Tony’s Pizza Review

This hole-in-the-wall is a simple, no frills pizzeria. You’ll be greeted by their cheerful staff, and there’s always enough room to share a great pie.

Their dishes taste fresh and flavorful, made from generations-old family recipes. And if I dare say it, their secret ingredient is really the love that goes into their cooking.

Aside from their signature pizzas, their Italian hoagie will surely satisfy you. Their chicken wings are also amazing – Insider Tip: Ask for them to be cooked extra crispy!

You can always expect quality food and excellent service from this hidden gem. Best part of your visit will be the friendly atmosphere and the warm welcome from Tony, himself.

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