Laughing Planet Menu Prices

Laughing Planet is an American restaurant that offers different global cuisines made from organic and high quality ingredients from local food growers and farms.

Customers frequent this restaurant for its tasty dishes made from healthy alternatives. They are also famous among vegetarians for their wide range of vegan dishes and smoothies.

Laughing Planet Menu

NachosNon-GMO corn chips, smart black beans, cheddar, grilled veggies, cotija cheese, romaine lettuce, sour cream and pico de gallo. Add pork for $2.50 or fresh guacamole for $1.75$6.75
Chips & SalsaNon-GMO tortilla chips and your choice of one of our homemade salsas. Add fresh guacamole $1.75.$2.00 - $3.00
Green Salads
Our salads are all made with fresh, healthy ingredients of the highest quality. Dressings: lemon-parsley vinaigrette, avocado lime, basil-garlic vinaigrette, garlic tahini. Add draper valley natural chicken, organic tempeh or organic tofu 2.50, braised p
Zappatista SaladA bed of romaine lettuce topped with smart black beans, tillamook jack cheese, pico de gallo and non-gmo tortilla chips and choice of avocado lime dressing or salsa. Add sour cream for $1.00.$6.50
Grains & Greens SaladMixed lettuces, kale, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, radishes, dried cranberries and butternut squash in a basil-garlic vinaigrette. Topped with toasted sunflower seeds.$7.00
Highway to KaleLacinato kale tossed with cotija cheese and organic carrots with lemon-parsley vinaigrette. Topped with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds.$4.25 - $7.00
Simple Green SaladA bed of romaine lettuce and kale topped with radishes, carrots and cherry tomatoes. Served with your choice of dressing on the side.$3.25 - $5.00
Super Soup
House-Made SoupServed with non-GMO tortilla chips on the side.$3.75 - $5.00
House-Made Veggie ChiliSmart pinto beans and black beans, garbanzo beans, corn, zucchini, carrots, onions, green bell peppers and celery. Add tillamook cheddar cheese, sour cream & onions for $2.00$3.75 - $5.00
Large Soup & Small Salad (Combination)Choose one of the following salads: simple green or highway to kale.$7.50
Small Soup & Small Salad (Combination)Choose one of the following salads: simple green or highway to kale.$6.50
Add draper valley natural chicken, organic tempeh or organic tofu $2.50, braised pasture-raised beef $3.50
Cheese & PicoLarge dry-grilled flour tortilla, tillamook jack cheese, pico de gallo.$4.25
Chicken, Cheese & PicoDraper valley natural chicken, tillamook jack cheese, and pico de gallo.$6.25
Amaizing GraceFood alliance certified corn, tillamook jack cheese, mild green chiles, pico de gallo and cilantro-pesto sauce or chimichurri sauce.$6.00
BBQ ChickenTillamook jack cheese, pico de gallo, grilled draper valley natural chicken, chipotle BBQ sauce$6.50
Grilled VeggiesGrilled veggies, tillamook jack cheese, cotija cheese and cilantro-pesto or chimichurri sauce$6.00
KimchiJack cheese, napa cabbage and daikon kimchi and toasted sesame seeds.$5.50
Bowls are served with the sauce on the top, unless you request it on the side. Substitute sauteed kale if you do not want a grain-based bowl. Served with the sauce on top. Add draper valley natural chicken, organic tempeh or organic tofu $2.50, braised pa
Bollywood BowlGrilled draper valley natural chicken breast, steamed broccoli, garlic green beans, spinach and sweet potatoes on a bed of brown rice served with a southern indian spicy coconut sauce.$8.50
Thai BowlBaked organic surata tofu, garlic green beans, steamed broccoli on brown rice, topped with a cilantro lime slaw and served with thai lemongrass peanut sauce.$8.50
Paleo BowlGrilled veggie mix and garlic green beans on a bed of sauteed kale topped with your choice of draper valley natural chicken breast or braised grass-fed beef, topped with killer green sauce.$9.50
Korean BBQ BowlYour choice of braised pasture-raised beef or baked organic surata tofu, broccoli, brown rice, cilantro-lime slaw, quick-pickled cucumbers, toasted sesame seeds and korean BBQ sauce.$9.50
Spanky’s BowlMashed potatoes topped with steamed broccoli, local food alliance certified corn, and tillamook cheddar cheese.$7.50
Eat Your Veggies BowlBrown rice, smart pinto beans or smart black beans, steamed kale, steamed broccoli and cilantro-lime slaw.$6.00
Harvest BowlQuinoa, smart black beans, maple roasted butternut squash, sauteed kale, tempeh, avocado, slaw and pumpkin seeds. Killer green sauce served on the side.$9.00
All burritos come with your choice of homemade salsas. Draper valley natural chicken, organic tempeh or organic tofu $2.50, braised pasture-raised beef $3.50. Make it deluxe by adding sour cream & fresh guacamole $2.50. Make it mondo more rice, more b
Bean & CheeseSmart pinto beans, brown rice, tillamook jack cheese, pico de gallo.$5.00
Grilled ChickenGrilled draper valley natural chicken, smart pinto beans, brown rice, tillamook jack cheese, pico de gallo. Substitute pasture-raised beef for $1.50.$7.00
Southwestern Green ChileSmart black beans, house-roasted green chiles, local food alliance certified corn, tillamook jack cheese, brown rice, pico de gallo.$6.50
Spinach & Black BeanSmart black beans, steamed spinach, tillamook jack cheese, brown rice, pico de gallo.$6.00
Holy MoleSmart pinto beans, grilled draper valley natural chicken, tillamook jack cheese, brown rice, pico de gallo and our homemade mole sauce.$7.50
Bubba BurritoSmart pinto beans, grilled draper valley natural chicken, tillamook jack cheese, local food alliance certified corn, brown rice, pico de gallo and chipotle BBQ sauce. Try it deluxe with sour cream an$7.50
CubanSmart black beans, plantains, sweet potatoes, brown rice, pico de gallo and chipotle BBQ sauce.$7.00
Seoul FoodYour choice of pork or tofu, jasmine rice, smart black beans, napa cabbage and daikon kimchi, spinach and jack cheese.$8.00
Vegan RoyaleBrown rice, smart black beans, tempeh, sauteed kale, daikon and napa cabbage kimchi, thai lemongrass-peanut sauce. Choice of flour or whole wheat tortilla.$8.00
Weekly SpecialsEach week we offer a special bowl or burrito that is nourishing, flavorful, and interesting. Check out the weekly special board above the counter for this week’s special.
Seasonal SpecialsEvery few months we create a dish that captures the fresh flavors of the current season. Check out the seasonal board above the counter for our current offering.
Add-Ins - Dairy & Almost Dairy
DeluxeSour cream & guacamole$2.50
Vegan DeluxeVegan sour cream & guacamole$2.50
Sour Cream$1.00
Vegan Sour Cream$1.00
Jack or Cheddar Cheese$1.25
Vegan Dairy Cheese$1.25
Cotija Cheese$1.50
Add-Ins - Veggies
Seasonal Veggie$1.50
Sweet Potatoes$1.00
Cilantro Lime Slaw$1.00
Sauteed Kale$1.00
Grilled Veggies$1.00
Sweet Corn$1.00
Garlic Green Beans$1.00
Butternut Squash$1.00
Sliced Avocado$1.00
Add-Ins - Protein
Organic Surata Tempeh or Tofu$2.50
Grilled Chicken Breast or Pork$2.50
Braised 100% Pasture-Raised Beef$3.50
Side Dishes - Beans & Grains
Rice & Beans$4.00
Brown Rice$2.00
Jasmine Rice$2.00
Black Beans$1.50
Pinto Beans$1.50
Flour or Whole Wheat Tortilla$0.75
3 Corn Tortillas$0.75
Seasonal Veggies$3.00
Side Dishes - Veggies
Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes$2.50
Garlic Green Beans$2.50
Sauteed Kale$3.00
Sweet Corn$2.50
Cucumber SaladServed with tomatoes & kalamata olives$2.50
Grilled Veggies$2.50
Sweet Potatoes$2.50
Butternut Squash$2.50
Kids Menu
Add-ins: 10" whole wheat tortilla: sub in for n/c, add as new for $0.75, add black beans, pinto beans or rice $0.75, add corn, broccoli, spinach, garlic green beans, or seasonal veggie $1.00, add grilled draper valley natural chicken breast $1.25, ad
Lil' Spanky's BowlMashed potatoes topped with steamed broccoli, local food alliance certified corn and tillamook cheddar cheese.$3.75
The Kids TrifectaChoose any three of the following items served in separate bowls: steamed broccoli, garlic green beans, seasonal veggie, local food alliance certified corn, butternut squash, smart black or pinto bea$3.75
Kids MealMini burrito or mini quesadilla, steamed broccoli or corn, and small apple juice or milk. Sub whole wheat tortilla at no extra charge.$5.50
Mini BurritoSmart pinto beans, tillamook jack cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. Sub whole wheat tortilla at no extra charge.$3.50
Mini QuesadillaDry-grilled flour tortilla with tillamook jack cheese. Sub whole wheat tortilla at no extra charge.$3.25
Rice-N-BeansSmart pinto beans and brown rice.$3.25
Beans, Cheese & ChipsSmart pinto or black beans, tillamook jack cheese and tortilla chips on the side.$3.25
Kids BowlJasmine rice, butternut squash, and choice of corn or broccoli.$3.75
Tween BurritoThe perfect mid-sized burrito for older kids. Smart pinto beans, brown rice, jack cheese. Add chicken, tofu or tempeh for $1.25.$4.00
Kids Menu Smoothies
Akiba Berry Peach SmoothieBlueberries, strawberries, peach and apple juice.$3.00
Baati Mango Banana SmoothieMango, banana and pineapple juice.$3.00
Enhance your smoothie: spinach $0.75, kale $0.75, nancy’s yogurt $ 0.50, fresh lemon juice $0.50, chia seeds $0.75, turmeric $0.50, fresh ginger $0.50, peanut butter $1.00
Berry Berry GoodBlueberries, marionberries, strawberries, banana and apple juice.$4.75
Mango Peach LemonMango, peach, banana, fresh lemon and apple juice$4.75
Marionberry GingerMarionberries, fresh ginger, banana and apple juice.$4.75
PB & JStrawberries, banana, peanut butter and apple juice.$4.75
Mango LassiMango, banana, organic yogurt, apple juice and a dash of turmeric.$4.75
Peach Berry ChiaStrawberries, marionberries, peaches, chia seeds and pineapple juice.$4.75
Strawberry BananaStrawberries, banana and apple juice.$4.75
Home-Made Lemonade$2.00 - $2.75
Canned Sodas$2.00
Arnold Palmer$2.00 - $2.75
Fountain Planet Cola$2.00
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$1.75
Agua Fresca$2.75

About Laughing Planet

Laughing Planet was founded by Richard Satnick in Bloomington, Ind. in 1995. He established this restaurant with the thought of serving dishes that are packed with nutrition.

This restaurant currently has different 17 locations and also offers an order online service. They are also awarded the BEST Award in the “Sustainable Food Systems” category. 

Laughing Planet Review

Laughing Planet provides customers with a fun and quirky ambience with their brightly-colored and well-decorated interior full of toys and wall decorations.

It is also featured in “100 Best Green Businesses” by the Portland’s Business Journal because of their self-proclaimed mission to provide people with healthy, organic and locally-grown ingredients.

They offer free WiFi connection to their customers which makes them even more convenient for customers who are looking to hold business meetings over a cup of coffee.

However, the only drawback about Laughing Planet is that they are quite pricy compared to other restaurants offering similar food items. But for quality food guaranteed, customers are willing to pay higher prices.

They serve nutritious, affordable, and delicious dishes made from local ingredients and tons of fresh veggies. Their menu also includes different types of soups, salads, sandwiches and smoothies. Their smoothies are a famous option among customers which comprise of fruit juices, soy milks or yogurts.

Laughing Planet is recommended for customers looking to eat healthy by providing them with dishes made from natural ingredients without causing damage to the environment at the same time.

They also offer 100% pasture raised beef which is much healthier and better for the environment, as well as the animals. Options in their menu include weekly and seasonal specials, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo friendly dishes. They serve a variety of flavors also from Mexican to Asian bowls.

Will I go back again?

Yes, although prices can be quite high when compared to other restaurants in terms of price per dish, they offer nutritious and delicious options. I feel confident that this will be a restaurant I love enough to make it a bi-weekly, if not monthly destination. The menu offers all sorts of foods to please everyone. The great thing about Laughing Planet is that they have an atmosphere that welcomes people from all walks of life to relax for awhile and just enjoy good food. For these reasons, I would most definitely come back again!

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