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From a homey atmosphere to its menu of comfort food, Tender Greens does American classics – but elevated. Locally sourced greens means the menu changes from location to location, giving you something different each time.

One of a new wave of restaurants, the offerings are simple proteins, greens and sides. Humble dishes cooked with uncompromising quality is the main draw.

Tender Greens Menu

About Tender Greens

The chain began in 2006 with Erik Oberholtzer, a professional chef nearing retirement. The vision: to serve “[restaurant quality] food without all the bells and whistles.”

Today, that vision has been justified by 28 locations nationwide. Awards include the 2017 New York Design Award; the franchise has also been backed by former Shake Shack CEO Daniel Meyer.

Tender Greens Review

The ambiance is bright and comforting from the moment you enter. Seating is mostly family-style at tables, where you watch the chefs cook your meal through a glass wall.Choose from simple salads to seasonal chef’s specialties.

Even the simple dishes, like a Caesar salad, are so fresh you take notice. The staff often get compliments for excellent cooking and seasoning of steaks and meat.

Dedicated carnivores will be surprised by the Happy Vegan sandwich. As for sides, velvety mashed potatoes are guaranteed to melt in your mouth like butter. Dessert, unfortunately, is pretty limited.

Tender Greens is famous for its excellent service, with the founders dedicated to recruiting the best employees. Especially at dinner there is often a line, but the restaurant is large and people usually wait less than 20 minutes.

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