Mi Cocina Menu Prices

Mi Cocina is particularly well-known for its selection of Tex-Mex offerings that are both familiar and well-made. It promises Mexican fusion cuisine using the best ingredients and also pays tribute to local flavors.

This Dallas-based restaurant chain has attracted a lot of food lovers due to its delectable menu and excellent service. If you are on the lookout for good Tex-Mex, then this is the place to go.

Mi Cocina Menu

Aperitivos or Caldos or Ensaladas
Quesadillas with Queso Blanco$7.95
Quesadillas with Latin Stir Fry$9.25
Quesadillas with Fajita$11.95
Flautitas De Polloconrad’s favorite guacamole y crema$7.95
Salsa Chachorajas, queso, bacon, garlic y tomate$7.95
Hongos con Queso y Rajasrajas y queso$7.95
Queso ChorizoMexican sausage$7.95
Cocina Platterbotanas combinadas$11.25
Nachos Al Carbonwith chicken or beef fajita$8.25 - $11.25
Nachos Locosbeef,beans,queso,guacamole y crema$7.95 - $10.25
Nachos Especialbeef or chicken$7.95 - $9.25
Guacamole Mexicano$5.50 - $9.95
Rico Saladhouse favorite beef or chicken fajita; we recommend estilo mico rico with mi cocina dressing$9.50
House Saladromaine,tomate, queso anejo y chili-vinaigrette$7.95
Chile Con Queso$3.95
Sopa De Frijolclassic bean soup$3.50
Sopa De Tortillaclassic tex-mex style$4.25
Mico's Specials
Carne Asadagrilled choice ribeye beef or premium chicken breast served with rice, bean soup, guacamole y pico$16.95
Tacos Al Carbongrilled marinated ribeye beef or premium chicken breast served with rice, bean soup, guacamole y pico$16.95
Tacos Habanaestilo bianca elena chicken breast marinated in chili adobo served in corn tortilla with cilantro, onion y pica-pica$13.95
Enchiladas De Pollo Con Moleserved with arroz y refritos y cole slaw a la mexicana$10.95
FajitasServed with Rice and Beans, Guacamole y pico de gallo and tortilla
Sunset Style - Beef or Chickenserved with chili-cilantro queso$12.25
Sunset Style - Latin Stir Fryserved with chili-cilantro queso$12.25
Sunset Style - 50/50served with chili-cilantro queso$13.25
Sunset Style - Ribeyeserved with chili-cilantro queso$17.25
Lucy Changaflour tortilla stuffed with beef or chicken fajita, queso blanco y salsa ranchera, guacamole y crema$12.95
Mama’s Tacoscrisp grilled beef or chicken tacos your choice of corn or flour tortillas served with rice and avocado, and tomato slices$12.95
Mama’s Chickenpan-seared chicken breast and onion sautee served with rice$12.95
Mama’s Chicken Con Hongosseared chicken breast served with mushroom, onion, and poblano saute$12.95
Ernie’s Chickenmarinated grilled chicken breast topped with queso and crema, served with guacamole, rice and pico de gallo$12.95
Tex- Mex Basics
Carolina’scheese taco, cheese enchilada, and beef taco$8.25
Mico’sCheese Enchilada, Beef Taco, Chicken Enchilada$8.25
#4 - Chris’s favoritebeef taco, cheese enchilada, rice and beans$8.25
Raina’sCheese Taco, Cheese Enchilada, Rice and Beans$8.25
Gina’sThree Chalupas: Queso, Bean, and Guacamole$8.25
Deluxe 57cheese Enchilada, Chicken Enchilada Beef Enchilada, Beef Taco, Cheese Taco, pork picoso tamalerice and beans$13.50
El Ray’sCheese Enchilada, Beef Taco, Pork Picosob Tamale, Rice and Beans$9.50
Luann’sguacamolechalupa, beef taco, cheese enchilada cheese taco$9.50
Enchilada Dinnertwo cheese enchiladas, rice and beans$8.25
Ama’schicken enchilada, cheese taco and cheese enchilada$8.25
# 11beef taco, chicken burrito, rice and beans, and choice of side sauce$8.25
Pauley’sywo beef burritos, rice and beans, and choice of side sauce$8.25
Side Sauces$1.35
BabaluChoice of Three Side Sauces$3.75
Dona Carolina
Carnes Bistec RancheroExtra choice ribeye served with grilled onions, green salad, arroz y refritos$21.95
Carnes Bistec Tampiquenachar-grilled ‘filet of beef’ served with arroz y refritos$21.95
Carnes Tacos CampeonesTacos de Filete with salsa de chile de arbol, arroz, refritos y guacamole$21.95
Carnes Tacos De BrisketFour corn tortillas with shredded brisket, oven roasted overnight, queso blanco, arroz, ensalada and sliced avocado$10.25
Alimentos Del Mar Pescado a la Parrillagrilled farm raised tilapia con mojo de ajo latin stir fry vegetables y arroz$16.95
Alimentos Del Mar Tacos De CamaronChile-lime seasoned shrimp served in corn tortillas with Ensalada de aguacate y arroz$16.95
Pollo Asado de Pollo don Molebreast of chicken grilled with oaxacan mole sauce, arroz y refritos$13.25
Pollo Adobo Sr. Chicobreast of chicken in a chili garlic butter sauce with arroz y refritos$13.25
The Moderns
all moderns dishes served with latin stir-fry vegetables y arroz blanco
Enchiladas Modern$10.25
Asado De Pollo$13.95
Carne Asada$16.95
Camarones Chili y Ajo$16.95
French Roast Coffee$1.65
Iced Tea$1.65
Cold Drinks$1.65
A La Carte
Enchiladasthree to an order served with rice cheese, beef, chicken, or spinach$9.50
Tacosthree to an order served with Rice beef or chicken$9.50
Enchiladas Sunsetthree to an order served with rice beef, chicken or latin stir fry$9.50
Tamales Pork Picoso$9.50
All Sides$1.35
Side Sauces
Serrano Linon$1.35
Pica Pica$1.35
Salsa Ranchero$1.35
Chile Con Queso$1.35
Sunset Sauce$1.35
Butch's Sauce$1.35
Chile De Arbol$1.35
Para Los Ninos
Bianca Elena’s MenuIncludes Rice and Beans$5.25
Taco De Pollo$5.25
Cheese Enchilada$5.25
Burrito De Carne O Pollo$5.25
Flautita De Pollo$5.25
Queso Chalupa$5.25
all dishes made with 2 eggs, available any time
Huevos RancherosScrambled or fried in spicy tomato sauce con refritos y papas$7.50
Huevos RancherosWith Beef Fajita$9.50
A La MPARA LOS Crisp bacon, tomato, jalapeno, and garlic sauteed with eggs con refritos y papas$8.75
ChilaquilesStrips of seasoned corn tortillas sauteed with eggs and jalapeno$7.50
Huevos con Chorizosauteed egg and house made mexican sausage with diced potatoes y refritos$8.50

About Mi Cocina

Mi Cocina was first set up in Irving Texas and offered local Mexican fusion dishes. Over the time, it started franchising and branches of the restaurant started popping up around the state.

Now, the chain is composed of 20 branches across Texas. The menu has remained true to its Mexican roots, but has been bulked up with a number of new dishes.

Mi Cocina Review

Mi Cocina” basically translates to “my kitchen” in Spanish. As such, the atmosphere here is akin to a modern upper-class Mexican home.

As for the food, it is straight up Tex-Mex. So, expect a lot of Americanized versions of Mexican dishes here including enchiladas, tacos, and fajitas all made fresh every day.

A must-try here includes their brisket-filled tacos known as Tacos De Brisket and a Flame-Grilled Fajita which comes heavily recommended for lunches.

The service crew of Mi Cocina has also been known to be responsive. They attend to every need that a customer has and they make sure that orders do come in a timely but not rushed manner.

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