Einstein Bagels Menu Prices

Einstein Bagels is a bagel and coffee chain in the United States. It is known for its fresh bagels and excellent breakfast food.

Loyal customers keep coming back because of the fresh food and delicious drinks. It has become the go-to place for people who need an early pick-me-up before heading to work.

Einstein Bagels Menu

Bagel Boxes
Baker's Dozen Box$14.99
Half Dozen Box$8.99
Extra Smaher$2.99
Egg Sandwiches$4.49
Egg Sandwiches with Cheese Only$4.99
Egg Paninis$5.99
Egg Wraps$4.99
Nova Lox* & Bagel$6.99
Thintastic Eggwhites$4.99
Hot Paninis$7.49
Bagel Melts with Turkey & Cheddar$6.49
Bagel Melts with Pepperoni Pizza$5.49
Bagel Melts with Cheese Pizza$5.99
Hot, Iced or Frozen (Signature)
Vanilla Hazelnut Latte (Med)$3.99
Vanilla Hazelnut Latte (Large)$4.99
White Chocolate Mocca (Med)$3.99
White Chocolate Mocca (Large)$4.99
Caramel Macchiato (Med)$3.99
Caramel Macchiato (Large)$4.99
Vanilla Cream Latte (Med)$3.99
Vanilla Cream Latte (Large)$4.99
Hot, Iced or Frozen (Classic)
Latte (Med)$3.99
Latte (Large)$3.49
Mocha (Med)$3.99
Mocha (Large)$3.49
Chai Tea Latte (Med)$3.99
Chai Tea Latte (Large)$3.49
Cappuccino (Med)$3.99
Cappuccino (Large)$3.49
Hot, Iced or Frozen (Neighborhood)
Fresh-Brewed Coffee (Reg)$1.99
Fresh-Brewed Coffee (Med)$1.49
Fresh-Brewed Coffee (Large)$2.99
Iced Coffee (Reg)$1.99
Iced Coffee (Med)$1.49
Iced Coffee (Large)$2.99
Green Tea (Med)$1.49
Green Tea (Large)$2.99
Hot Chocolate (Reg)$1.99
Hot Chocolate (Med)$1.49
Hot Chocolate (Large)$2.99
Real Fruit Smoothies (Med)$3.99
Fountain & Iced Tea (Med)$1.49
Fountain & Iced Tea (Large)$2.99
Smart Choices
Thintastic Eggwhites$4.99
Thintastic Lunch$5.49
Soup (Cup)$2.99
Soup (Bowl)$3.99
Greek Yogurt Parfaits$2.99

About Einstein Bagels

Einstein Bros. Bagels was actually created by the company behind the restaurant chain Boston Market. It was a way for the company to offer breakfast food.

It now has more than 700 stores all over the United States and continues to experiment with different bagel creations.

Einstein Bagels Review 

The ambience inside an Einstein Bagels store is fun and comfortable, reminiscent of a neighborhood bakery. Patrons are rewarded with warm bagels after lining up for their turn to order.

Among the favorites is the Nova and Lox on toasted pumpernickel bagel, which is flavorful and lightly toasted. Meanwhile, the smoked salmon cream cheese gives a complimenting intense smoky flavor.

Other bestsellers include pumpkin and ginger bagels for the holidays. Drinks are also a big hit, from premium coffee to fresh orange juice. You will also love their flavored coffee.

Sandwiches are assembled quickly and bagels are regularly baked, resulting in blazing fast service even during the restaurant’s busiest hours.

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