Café Gratitude Menu Prices

Café Gratitude is a restaurant serving organic and vegan food. They are known for their “I Am Renewed” which is a cleansing program accompanied with a meal plan.

Customers frequent this vegan restaurant for their choice of organic ingredients and environmentally friendly products used to make gourmet cuisines.

Café Gratitude Menu

I AM BOUNTIFUL live crustiniFour different toppings atop our live toast. One of each of the following: Fresh tomato, basil, garlic; thinly sliced avocado with Himalayan crystal salt; Hemp seed pesto; Raw olive tapenade$8.00
I AM GENEROUS guacamoleAuthentic guacamole and spicy tomato salsa with live flax chips$7.00
I AM HAPPY live hummusSprouted almond-sesame hummus with assorted live crackers$6.50
I AM PRESENT cheese & fruitSoft nut based “cheese” of the day served with apples or grapes, olive tapenade, and assorted live crackers$8.00
I AM HONORING live chili con queso nachosa cup of our nacho cheese surrounded by flax chips for dipping, served with a side of spicy napa cabbage.$8.00
I AM INSIGHTFUL live samosasTwo spinach wrapped samosas filled with cauliflower and macadamia “potatoes” and carrots, comes with spicy fresh mint chutney.$8.00
I AM POWERFUL pepitasA cup of our spicy mixture of sunflower and pumpkin seeds$5.50
I AM THRIVING - Seasonal soup of the day.$6.00
I AM THANKFUL Thai coconut soupCoconut curry soup with avacado, tomato, cucumbers and shiitakes.$7.00
I AM WARM Faux Pho miso soupWarm miso with spiralized vegetable noodles, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, and sprouts, Available with or without sea vegetables$6.00 - $9.00
Dressing choices: Hemp seed Ranch, Asian Sesame, Honey Mustard, Ceasar or Classic vinegar & oil.
I AM SATISFIED small cafe saladMixed greens, carrots, beets, tomato and sprouts with brazil nut parmesan and choice of dressing.$7.00
I AM GIVING Asian bowlmarinated kale & sea veggie salad tossed with cucumbers, shiitakes, pine nuts, and sesame seeds.$10.00
I AM FULFILLED large cafe saladMixed greens, carrots, beets, cucumber, tomato, avocado, sprouts, and micro greens with brazil nut parmesan and flax crackers with your choice of dressing.$10.00
I AM DAZZLING Caesar saladRomaine lettuce, live croutons, Ceasar dressing, and Brazil nut parmesan. Available with or without capers.$9.00
I AM FESTIVE Taco saladShredded romaine lettuce tossed in a creamy dressing topped with crumbled walnut-seed taco filling, guacamole, salsa, nacho cheese and green sprouts topped with flax chips.$12.00
I AM PROSPEROUS Arugula saladArugula tossed with sliced winter pears, wild crafted pecan pieces, and dried cranberries with Hemp seed ranch dressing.$10.00
I AM HEROIC Quinoa Tabouliquinoa tossed with fresh parsley, mint, cucumbers and classic lemon dressing$8.00
I AM CELEBRATINGspecial offering Our daily house special celebrating seasonal and local produce.$12.00
I AM ELATED special enchilada of the dayOur original live soft veggie tortilla filled with todays special filling and topped with a spicy salsa Verde. Served with a side of Mexican slaw and your choice of steamed quinoa or Bhutanese red ri$12.00
I AM FABULOUS lasagnazucchini noodles layered with cashew ricotta cheese,$12.00
I AM terrific pad finalVeggie noodles w/shredded kale, Cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts teriyakia;monds & butter that sauce.$12.00
I AM FLOURISHING Mediterranean plateQuinoa tabouli served with sprouted almond-sesame seed hummus, spicy olive tapenade, live pita bread, and coconut yogurt cucumber tzatziki salad.$12.00
I AM CHEERFUL live sun burger Add macadamla chessar cheese 2Sprouted pumpkin seed and walnut burger served on a sweet onion sunflower bread .with lettuce, sliced tomato, onion, house made catsup, cucumber pickles and sprouts.$12.00
I AM ABUNDANT sampler plateChili con queso with chips, Asian kale-sea veggie salad, Hemp seed pesto crustini, olive tapenade, live hummus, and a mini soup of the day. Served with assorted live crackers$12.00
Our live pizzas are made with a buckwheat and sunflower seed sourdough flatbread crust topped with one of our hearty sauces, sliced tomatoes, cashew ricotta, micro greens and sprinkled with brazil nut parmesan. Served with a side salad.
I AM PASSIONATE marinara pizza -Rich sun dried tomato marinara sauce, olive tapenade and fresh basil$10.00
I AM SENSATIONAL pesto pizzaFresh basil hemp seed pesto sauce and olive tapenade$10.00
I AM MAHALO Hawaiian pizzaPineapple and avocado with marinara sauce$10.00
Warm Grain Bowls
YO SOY MUCHO Mexican bowlShredded kale under your choice of grain, topped with glucamole, spicy salsa and sprouts$10.00
I AM GRACEFUL quinoa and pestoSteamed quinoa with fresh hemp seed pesto, tomatoes, and sprouts.$8.00
I AM ACCEPTING stir-unfrySteamed Bhutanese red rice tossed with raw vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, scallions and Asian sesame dressing.$8.00
I AM WHOLE “Macro” bowlShredded kale, sea vegetables, choice of grain, house made Kim Chee and sprouts, topped with tahini sauce.$10.00
I AM FUN2 pieces of live seasoned almond toast.$3.00
I AM RELISHING2 pieces of either carrot-flax crackers or buckwheat-sunflower sourdough flatbread.$3.00
I AM EXTRA GIVINGside of Asian kale-sea veggie salad.$3.00
I AM EXTRA GENEROUSa scoop of guacamole.$3.00
I AM EXTRA HEROICa side of quinoa tabouli.$3.00
I AM WHOLEHEARTEDa scoop of steamed quinoa or red rice.$3.00
I AM BUENOa side of spicy Mexican napa slaw$3.00
Additions $2 each- Your choice of Vita Mineral Green Food, Maca Powder, Raw Power, Acai, E3Live, and raw cacao
I AM TREASUREDCoconut milk, avocado, pineapple and lime$7.00
I AM LUSCIOUSHealthy raw chocolate smoothie - Fresh Hazel nut milk, figs, dates, raw cacao, and vanilla.$7.00
I AM LUSCIOUSLY AWAKE A Frosty MochaI am Luscious with a shot of cold-processed espresso.$7.00
I AM GRACE Frosty coconut smoothieYoung coconut milk, almond butter, dates, and vanilla.$7.00
I AM FRUITFUL Mango LassiCoconut yogurt blended with fresh mango and a touch of lemon$7.00
I AM DELICIOUS An almond malt smoothieHemp milk, almond butter, dates, maca and vanilla.$7.00
I AM BERRY SWEET - (Seasonal)Fresh strawberries, almond milk, dates and vanilla$7.00
Milkshakes and Nut Milks
I AM BEAUTIFUL creamsicle milkshakeFresh orange juice blended with our vanilla soft serve.$7.50
I AM COOL mint chocolate milkshakeSoft serve, hazel nut milk, raw cacao and fresh mint$7.50
I AM CHIPPER almond butter cup milkshakeSoft serve, almond milk, almond butter and raw cacao chips$7.50
I AM ETERNALLY BLESSED coffee milkshakeCold processed espresso blended with our soft serve vanilla ice cream$7.50
I AM ETERNALLY INSPIRED chai milkshakeOur India inspired Chai blended with our soft serve vanilla ice cream$7.50
I AM ETERNALLY CHARASMATIC carrot milkshakeFresh carrot juice blended with our soft serve vanilla ice cream$7.50
I AM ETERNALLY YOUTHFUL vanilla milkshakeFrosty vanilla nut milk shake made with our soft serve ice cream.$7.50
I AM ETERNALLY SWEET chocolate milkshakeFrosty raw cacao nut milk shake made with our soft serve ice cream.$7.50
I AM YOUTHFUL fresh almond milkFresh organic almond milk with vanilla and a touch of agave, served warm or cold.$5.50
I AM SWEET chocolate almond milkFresh organic chocolate almond milk served warm or cold.$5.50
Organic Teas
Any Tea served latte style add $2.50
I AM JOYFUL Yerba mate teaRejuvenating tea containing 24 vitamins & minerals, 15 amino acids, potent antioxidants and naturally occurring stimulants.$2.00
I AM TRIUMPHANTYerba mate chai flavored tea$2.00
I AM INSPIRED Masala chai latteOur India inspired almond milk Chai sweetened with agave nectar$3.00
I AM GLORIOUS Jasmine green tea pearlsHand rolled and infused with fresh Jasmine blossoms$3.00
I AM CHARMED Maghreb mint green teaBlended with ginger, cardamom, black pepper, and other rare spices.$2.25
I AM OPEN Earl Grey black teaWith natural bergamot fruit.$2.25
I AM GRANDChinese single estate black breakfast tea.$2.25
Organic Caffeine-free Teas
Any Tea served latte style add $2.50
I AM PRECIOUS African RooibosRooibos is renowned for its beneficial anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins$2.25
I AM CARING Treasure teaContains una de gato (cats claw) and other bio-energetic healing herbs from the Amazon. Wild crafted and sustainably harvested.$2.25
I AM AWEDLemon spice is a blend of sweet sacred basil, cardamom, lemongrass, ginger and licorice root.$2.25
I AM FAITHFULTropical Citrus Rooibos with hibiscus, passion fruit and essential oil of orange and tangerine.$2.25
I AM VITALBlueberry Rooibos with schizandra berries and strawberries.$2.25
I AM COZY the cure for a chilly dayFresh lemon, ginger and honey with a pinch of cayenne pepper.$3.00
Organic Coffee
“Delicious Peace” Uganda , A coffee co-op of Muslims, Christians, and Jews work together as one to bring us this expression of peace in a cup. Organic, fair-trade, and shade grown. Our coffee is cold-processed… not brewed but instead infused for 24 hours
I AM COURAGEOUShouse Americano coffee$2.00 - $3.00
I AM ENERGETICespresso shots$1.75 - $2.50
I AM LOVEDlatte with steamed almond milk.$3.75 - $4.50
I AM ECSTATICvanilla latte.$4.00 - $4.75
I AM MARVELOUScafé mocha with raw chocolate$4.25 - $5.00
I AM BLESSEDcappuccino with foamed almond milk.$2.75 - $3.50
Fresh Juices & Elixirs
You may notice we do not juice fruits and vegetables to order. Our juices are pressed each morning using a hydraulic juice press. This technology actually provides a far superior juice than common centrifugal juicing machines. Our juices retain a high con
I AM RENEWED organic wheatgrass shotsWheatgrass is an outstanding source of essential amino acids, enzymes and mineralsChlorophyll is stored solar energy!$1.75
I AM REJUVENATEDWheatgrass, apple, ginger, lemon, and naturally sparkling water.$4.50 - $7.00
I AM TRANSFORMEDA shot of wheatgrass juice in fresh Thai young coconut water.$5.00 - $8.00
I AM RICHOrange, carrot, beet and lemon “sunrise”$4.50 - $7.00
I AM WORTHYKale, beets, celery, apple and ginger.$4.50 - $7.00
I AM SUCCULENTGrapefruit, apple, celery, fennel and mint.$4.50 - $7.00
I AM HEALTHYKale, celery, cucumber and lemon.$4.50 - $7.00
I AM CHARISMATICCarrot, ginger and lime$4.50 - $7.00
I AM BOLDSpicy tomato, carrot and celery cocktail.$4.50 - $7.00
I AM COMPASSIONATEFresh squeezed orange juice.$3.75 - $6.00
I AM ALOHAFresh coconut water of Thai young coconuts.$4.50
I AM EFFERVESCENT House GingeraleFresh ginger, lemon, agave and naturally sparkling water.$3.75 - $6.00
I AM REFRESHED House lemonadeFresh lemon, agave and naturally sparkling water.$3.75 - $6.00
I AM SASSY House Virgin Margarita!Fresh lemon juice, filtered water, agave, and Himalayan crystal salt sole blended with ice.$4.00 - $6.50
I AM ASSURED Healthy “black cherry” sodaA shot of Body Balance with apple juice and sparkling water!$3.75 - $6.00
I AM BALANCED Body Balancea whole food sea vegetable mineral supplement.$1.50
I AM GOLDEN Gold Rush shots!A colloidal gold solution that enhances mental and spiritual clarity.$3.50
I AM ENLIVENED E3Live in 4 ounces of waterlive blue green algae increases energy, improves attention and strengthens immune system$2.00
I AM ALL OF ITE3Live with cucumber juice and hydrogen ions for faster absorption of this super food.$5.00
Soft serve a la mode with any dessert $2.50
I AM RAPTURE live layered cakeEach day something special!$7.00
I AM MAGNIFICENT raw chocolate mousseRaw cacao and coconut blended into a rich and creamy mousse.$7.00
I AM CHERISHED cheesecakeLive cashew cream cheesecake with almond-date crust, special flavors daily$7.00
I AM PERFECT pecan pieLive Pecan pie in a macadamia nut crust.$7.00
I AM CREATIVE (seasonal) pumpkin pieLive pumpkin pie in a pecan date crust$7.00
I AM LOVELY fresh fruit cobblerCobbler of the day topped with nuts$7.00
I AM DEVOTED live coconut cream pieRich coconut cream pie in a coconut date crust.$7.00
I AM ADORING live tiramisuRaw cacao and almond tiramisu cake with sweet cashew cream and raw chocolate espresso filling.$7.00
I AM AMAZING lemon meringue pieTart lemon pie with coconut meringue in a macadamia nut crust.$7.00
I AM BLISS raw chocolate cream pieRich raw cacao and hazelnut cream pie in a macadamia nut crust with coconut meringue.$7.00
I AM AWAKENING key lime pieCreamy key lime custard with coconut meringue in a macadamia crust$7.00
Sweet Treats
I AM SURRENDERINGraw cacao fudge square$3.00
I AM PLAYFUL energy nuggetCranberry-almond, hemp seed and green super food energy nuggets.$3.00
I AM SUPER raw cacao nuggetFinely ground raw cacao with maca, available with or without chili. A SUPER food for the raw chocolate connoisseur!$3.00
I AM JOY “Rawmond Joy”Coconut laden butter wrapped around raw almonds and dipped in melted raw chocolate.$3.00
I AM DELIGHTEDask about our selection of live cookies$3.00
Soft Serve Ice Cream
Our soft serve is made from organic nut milk, dates and vanilla bean. Soft serve a la mode with any dessert $2.50
I AM DESERVING ice cream sundae.Choose from the following; Macadamia caramel, brownies with chocolate syrup, or special sundae of the day!$7.00
I AM INNOCENT Banana SplitFresh banana topped with our vanilla soft serve ice-cream, drizzled with macadamia caramel & chocolate sauces and sprinkled with pecan pieces.$7.00
I AM PRAISINGVanilla soft serve ice cream$6.00

About Café Gratitude

Café Gratitude was established by Terces Engelhart and Matthew Engelhart on 2004. They also have a sister restaurant called Gracias Madre.

As of today, this restaurant has 6 locations in which all are run under a business practice called “Sacred Commerce” wherein they provide inspired service to express their gratitude.

Café Gratitude Review

Café Gratitude provides its customers a welcoming and casual ambience with their bright, cute aesthetics and well-design interior, making it a stunning restaurant.

Their food is incredibly tasty and healthy, although varying upon each restaurant location. Each dish is passionately made using only carefully selected organic ingredients.

A must try is their seasonable menu which is only available in a limited time. They also offer a gluten-free option and a wide variety of fresh juices for drinks.

Their service is great overall, with their friendly and knowledgeable about their menu. Serving time may take up to 15 minutes.

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