Mimi’s Cafe Menu Prices

The first thing you’ll notice about Mimi’s is their French-café-inspired décor. This already says a lot about their menu which is a mix of French and American food, with a few pleasant surprises thrown in.

Here, you’ll find a selection of hearty meals made with high-level cooking techniques and quality ingredients. Diners love the authentic, freshly made food and the coziness of their establishment.

Mimi’s Cafe Menu

Two Egg Breakfasts
Two 'AA' Large Eggswith fresh squeezed juice, red skin potatoes and a homemade muffin$5.29
Smoked Bacon and Eggsfour strips of sweet and smokey bacon$6.99
Smoked Ham and Eggslean ham grilled to perfection$7.99
Cajun Chicken Sausage and Eggslean chicken sausage, hot and spicy, cajun style$7.99
Homemade Corned Beef Hash and Eggsour made-from-scratch corned beef hash$7.99
Link Sausage and Eggstwo thick club link sausages$6.99
Pot Roast and Eggstender chuck roast with brown gravy$7.99
Top Sirloin Steak and Eggschoice 12 oz top sirloin prepared the way you like it$12.49
Hot off the Griddle
Pain Pardu Breakfastpetite French toast stuffed with cream cheese and orange marmalade. Served with two eggs and bacon or sausage, red skin potatoes and fresh squeezed juice$7.99
Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Breakfastraisin bread dipped in eggs, cream, orange and vanilla. Served with two eggs, bacon or sausage$7.39
French Toast Breakfastthick egg French toast, two eggs, bacon or sausage$6.99
Pancake Breakfasta stack of four fluffy pancakes, two eggs, bacon or sausage$6.99
Belgian Waffle BreakfastBelgian waffle with two eggs, bacon or sausage, served tit noon$6.99
Three Berry Stuffed French Toast BreakfastFrench toast stuffed with cream cheese and orange marmalade, topped with blueberries, fresh strawberries, and raspberry puree. Served with two eggs, bacon or sausage and fresh squeezed juice$7.99
Cinnamon Raisin French Toasta la carte$5.99
French Toasta la carte$5.79
Pancakesa la carte$4.59
Belgian Wafflea la carte$5.59
Famous Benedicts
Eggs Benedicta traditional style benedict filled with thick sliced smoked ham$8.49
Eggs Florentine Benedicta filling of crispy bacon, steamed spinach and sliced tomato$7.99
Blue Crab Benedictlightly breaded 100% blue crab cakes are the stars of this benedict$8.99
House Specialties
Cafe Breakfast Quichebaked from scratch daily. Served with fresh fruit and red skin potatoes. Choose one: Quiche Lorraine with bacon and Swiss cheese or cheddar and broccoli quiche$7.99
Huevos con Tortillasbuild your own breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs, diced tomato, cheddar cheese, avocado, sour cream, fresh cut salsa, black beans and chipotle sauce. With flour or corn tortillas$7.99
Chipotle Breakfast Burritoflour tortilla stuffed with melted Jack and cheddar cheeses, scrambled eggs, shredded beef, green onions, cilantro and black beans, all topped with spicy chipotle sauce. Served with red skin potatoes$7.99
Mimi's Carb Conscious Breakfastfour scrambled egg whites, 8 oz broiled ground Turkey patty, cottage cheese and tomato juice$6.99
Three Egg Omelettes
Monterey Omelettefour strips of bacon, ripe avocado, fresh cut salsa and lots of melted Jack cheese$7.99
Ham, Cheddar and Broccoli Omelettestuffed with diced ham, cheddar cheese and broccoli$7.99
Mediterranean Vegetablesun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, red and green bell peppers and garlic, with melted mozzarella and parmesan$7.99
Spinach, Tomato and Feta Cheese Omelettestuffed with spinach, artichoke, Swiss and parmesan cheeses, topped with fresh tomato and crumbled feta cheese$7.99
Mardi Gras Omelettethis one has it all with cajun flair! diced ham, sausage, bacon, roast pork, spicy cajun sausage, tomato and cheddar cheese$7.99
Crab and Avocado Omeletteseasoned crab, parmesan and Jack cheeses tomato and scallions topped with crisp bacon, asiago cream sauce and avocado$8.29
5 Alarm Santa Fe Omelettehot and spicy! with diced jalapeos, cilantro, tomatoes, onion, tortilla strips, Jack cheese and spicy chipotle sauce$7.99
Low Fat Fitness Omeletteegg white omelette filled with fresh mushrooms, broccoli, onions, red and green peppers. Served with sliced tomatoes (instead of red skin potatoes), dry wheat toast and fresh squeezed juice$7.59
Seasonal Features
Summer Peach Pancake Breakfasta stack of four fluffy pancakes topped with delicious summer peaches in brown sugar and butter sauce. Served with two eggs and your choice of bacon or sausage$7.99
Huevos y Papascrispy diablo potato cakes topped with salsa, green chile, Jack cheese, eggs cooked to order and fire roasted tomatillo sauce. Served with fresh strawberries, cantaloupe and fresh squeezed juice$7.99
Summer Peach Pancakea la carte$5.99
Smokey Chicken Enchiladastender chicken, green chile, red onions and cheese rolled in corn tortillas, topped with fire roasted tomatillo sauce and drizzle with creamy honey lime sauce. Served with black beans and sour cream$9.99
Jumbo Spinach Tortellini with Chicken Basil Tomato Sausagesauteed with yellow and green squash, roasted tomatoes and artichoke hearts all tossed in a light basil pesto cream sauce and topped with Romano cheese$13.29
Summer Peach Upside Down Cakecaramelized summer peaches atop delicious white cake. Served a la mode and drizzled with caramel sauce$4.99
Gaucho Steak Saladbaby greens tossed in creamy citrus dressing and topped with seasoned slices of steam, grilled onions and peppers and diced tomatoes. Served with bleu cheese fritters. Petite$7.99
Wine Country Beef Short Ribscooked in red wine and garlic til falling off the bone. With pan vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes$14.49
Bakery and Cereals
Old Fashioned Buckeye Oatmealwith brown sugar, granola, raisins and non fat milk. Served til noon, add fresh bananas or berries $1.50$3.29
Pumpkin Muffinfreshly baked muffin$1.69
Carrot Raisin Nut Muffinfreshly baked muffin$1.69
Low Fat Blueberry Muffinfreshly baked muffin$1.69
Mimi's Fresh Muffinshoney oat bran, buttermilk spice, carrot raisin nut, low fat blueberry or seasonal muffin$11.49
Water Bagel and cream Cheesewater and cream cheese$1.99
Toast and Selection of Jellieswheat, white, corn rye, cinnamon raisin, sourdough or English muffin$1.69
Nature Valley Granolaadd fresh bananas or berries $1.50$2.99
Honey Oat Bran Muffinfreshly baked muffin$1.69
Buttermilk Spice Muffinfreshly baked muffin$1.69
Mimi's Fresh Muffinshoney oat bran, buttermilk spice, carrot raisin nut, low fat blueberry or seasonal muffin$5.49
Mini Carrot Raisin Loafraisin$2.99
Mimi's Pain Perdupetite French toast stuffed with cream cheese and orange marmalade$3.49
Breakfast Beverages
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice$1.99 - $2.99
Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice$1.99 - $2.99
Apple Juice$1.99 - $2.99
Tomato Juice$2.99 - $1.99
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice$2.99 - $1.99
Hot Chocolate and Whipped Cream$2.19
Great Appetizers
Original Spinach and Artichoke Dipthe world's best spinach, sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts with four melted cheeses$7.99
Fried Chicken Tenderseight hand breaded chicken tenders with buffalo sauce and ranch dressing$7.99
Black and Bleu Chicken Quesadillastuffed with blackened chicken, Jack cheese, bacon, tomatoes, green onions and a sprinkle of bleu cheese$7.99
Sweet and Sour Coconut Shrimpjumbo fried shrimp glazed in ginger sweet and sour sauce with Asian peanut coleslaw$7.99
Jazz Festtry it all spinach and artichoke dip, chicken tenders and zucchini parmesan, jasmin together with great dipping sauces$9.99
Zucchini Parmesanfresh zucchini wedges, fried crisp, with parmesan and Romano cheeses, served with ranch dressing and marinara sauce$6.49
Small Bites
Petite Salad - Mimi's Chopped Cobbserved with a freshly baked muffin, add a crock of soup for $1.50$7.29
Petite Salad - Bleu Cheese and Walnutserved with a freshly baked muffin, add a crock of soup for $1.50$7.29
Petite Salad - Blackened Chicken Caesarserved with a freshly baked muffin, add a crock of soup for $1.50$7.29
How Bout a Quiche - Cheddar and Broccolibaked from scratch. Served with green salad, fresh fruit and a freshly baked muffin$7.99
Citrus Salmongrilled fresh salmon served with baby spring greens tossed in balsamic vinaigrette$9.99
Soup and 1/2 Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich$6.99
Soup and 1/2 Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich$6.99
Petite Salad - Zesti Chicken Tostadaserved with freshly baked muffin, add a crock of soup for $1.50$7.29
Petite Salad - Chinese Chickenserved with a freshly baked muffin, add a crock of soup for $1.50$7.29
How Bout a Quiche - Lorrainebaked from scratch. Served with green salad, fresh fruit and a freshly baked muffin$7.99
Blue Crab Cakesdrizzled with citrus remoulade and served with creamy coleslaw$8.59
Chicken and Fruitboneless chicken breast broiled or blackened with cajun spices, green salad, fresh fruit and a freshly baked muffin$7.99
Soup and 1/2 Turkey Walnut Salad SandwichTurkey walnut salad served on raisin bread$6.99
Homemade Daily Soups
French Market Onion Soup$5.29
Split Pea Monday$4.29
Red Bean and Andouille Wednesday$4.29
Clam Chowder Friday$4.29
Country Chicken Noodle Sunday$4.29
Corn Chowder$4.29
Vegetarian Vegetable Tuesday$4.29
Broccoli Cheddar Thursday$4.29
Chicken Gumbo Saturday$4.29
Pasta Jambalayachicken breast, plump shrimp, cajun sausage and pork loin in creole tomato sauce, piled high on penne pasta$13.29
Chicken Feta Pennefresh spinach, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and pine nuts in a tomato asiago cream sauce$12.49
Spaghettini Marinaradelete$9.99
Fettuccine with Asiago Cream Saucedelete$9.99
Two Cheese and Smoked Chicken Ravioliserved in a rich tomato cream sauce with tuscan style vegetables and a garlic crouton$12.99
Garlic Shrimp Spaghettinilarge shrimp with homemade marinara and fresh basil$13.29
Pan Seared Chicken Fettuccinetossed with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, green onions and asiago cream sauce$12.49
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breastlightly fries and topped with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella on spaghettini pasta$12.29
Comfort Classics
Chicken Pot Piechicken breast, cream sauce and vegetables baked in a flaky crust, fresh from the oven. Get it before its gone!$11.49
Slow Roasted Turkey Breastwith homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread dressing, fresh vegetables and cranberry relish$10.99
Mimi's Meatloafmade daily! grilled and served with beef gravy, fresh vegetables and choice of potato$11.49
Grilled Beef Liverwith grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms or crisp bacon, or try all three. Served with fresh vegetables and choice of potato$10.49
Grilled Chicken Tuscan Stylewith our flavorful sauce of sauteed mushrooms, garlic artichoke hearts, squash and roasted tomatoes. Served with a garlic crouton and mashed potatoes$12.49
Mimi's Pot Roastslowly braised chuck roast served with fresh vegetables and choice of potato$11.79
Center Cut Pork Chopsgrilled perfectly for your enjoyment. Served with fresh vegetables and choice of potato$13.59
Chicken Cordon Bleugolden fried chicken breast layered with grilled ham and Swiss cheese and a delectable dijon cream sauce. Served with fresh vegetables and choice of potato$12.49
Fish Market
Market Fresh Fishserved with vegetables and choice of potato. Available grilled or blackened with cajun spices (add mimi's seasonal pan sauce for $0.99), These are average nutritional values, they may vary by type of$14.99
Hibachi Salmonflame broiled fresh salmon and Asian vegetables drizzled with hone teriyaki glaze, served on steamed jasmine rice$13.59
Blackened 'Soul' with Shrimp Creoleremove$12.49
Blue Crab Cakes Dinnerwith French fries, coleslaw and citrus remoulade sauce$12.59
Cajun Blackened Salmonseared with cajun spices and served with fresh vegetables and choice of potato$13.59
Fillet of 'Soul'tender sauteed white fish with fresh vegetables and choice of potato$11.49
Cafe Fish and Chipsseasoned crispy cod fillets, crisp fries, fresh coleslaw and tartar sauce$11.49
USDA Choice Steak
12 oz Top Sirloinflame broiled or pan seared with cajun spices. your choice!$14.99
Broiled Flat Iron Steakspice rubbed 10 oz steak smothered in garlic mushrooms and caramelized sweet onions$13.99
Signature Sandwiches
Turkey Pesto Ciabattaroasted Turkey. bacon, mozzarella, tomato and avocado with basil pesto mayo$8.49
Pot Roast Sandwichwarm pot roast, ripe tomato, lettuce and mayo on sourdough baguette$7.99
Ciabatta Chicken Sandwichsmoked gouda, grilled red pepper and onion, baby greens and citrus remoulade on grilled ciabatta bread. Also available blackened$8.99
Cafe Clubfresh roasted Turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted sourdough$8.29
Fresh Roasted Turkey Breastremove$7.79
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomatoremove$7.79
Classic Beef Diphalf pound of choice top round roast on grilled sourdough baguette (with cheese, grilled onion, peppers and mushrooms add $1.00)$8.79
Albacore and Avocadotuna salad, avocado, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and mayo on sourdough toast$7.99
West Coast ReubenTurkey, ham, Swiss cheese and coleslaw with 1000 Island dressing on grilled rye$8.59
Veggie Stackgrilled portobello mushroom, squash, bell peppers, red onion, smoked gouda cheese and sun dried tomato pesto on grilled ciabatta$7.99
Ham and Cheddar Grilllettuce, tomato and 100 Island on grilled garlic sourdough$7.99
Turkey Walnut Salad on Raisin Breadremove$7.79
5 Way Grilled Cheesegarlic parmesan sourdough grilled with mozzarella, Jack, cheddar and Swiss cheese$6.79
Half Pound Cheeseburgerfresh ground beef topped with double cheese$7.99
French Quarteravocado, bacon, double Swiss cheese and 1000 Island on grilled garlic sourdough$8.99
Original Patty Meltonions and double cheddar cheese on grilled corn rye (no lettuce, tomato, raw onion or pickles)$7.99
Half Pound Burgerremove$7.29
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgerwith bacon, double cheddar cheese and zesty home style bbq sauce$8.99
Great Salads
salad dressings: balsamic vinaigrette dressing, Caesar dressing, dijon vinaigrette dressing, non fat French dressing, Thousand Island dressing, bleu cheese dressing, Chinese sesame dressing, honey mustard dressing, ranch dressing
Mimi's Chopped CobbTurkey, bacon, avocado, scallions, egg, tomato and crumbled blue cheese$9.29
Bleu Cheese and Walnut Saladdried cranberries, bacon, tomatoes, strawberries and balsamic vinaigrette dressing (with chicken add $2.29$8.99
Blackened Chicken Caesar SaladRomaine, garlic croutons and Caesar dressing$9.29
Soup and Caesar Saladsoup with a Caesar salad. See 'homemade soups' for soup nutritional data$6.99
Zesty Chicken Toastada Saladcorn, red and green peppers, diced tomatoes, black beans and lettuce tossed in ranch, atop layers of crispy corn tortillas. Topped with fresh avocado, cilantro and honey lime sour cream$9.29
Chinese Chicken Saladcilantro, green onions, wonton noodles and sesame dressing$9.29
Soup and Dinner Saladsoup with a house salad. See 'homemade soups' for soup nutritional data$6.99
And More Good Stuff
Thai Chicken Wrapjasmine rice, cabbage, cilantro, onion, wontons and spicy peanut sauce wrapped in a sun dried tomato tortilla. Served with fresh fruit$7.99
Wok Fired Shrimp Teriyaki BowlAsian style vegetables, wok seared with honey teriyaki glazy, on steamed jasmine rice$12.99 - $10.99
Blackened Chicken Tacoslettuce, salsa, black beans, tomato, cheddar cheese, avocado and sour cream with warm tortillas$8.99
Fabulous Desserts
Mimi's Bread Puddingpure decadence! our bread pudding is baked from scratch with plump raisins and vanilla. Served warm with buttery whiskey sauce and cool whipped cream$4.99
Chocolate Chip Pecan Pieserved warm, chocolate, pecans, vanilla and brown sugar baked together and topped with a drizzle of whisky sauce and vanilla bean ice cream, decadent!$4.99
Apple Cinnamon Crispsugar and spice and everything nice! baked with fresh apples and cinnamon, crowned with golden butter crumble. Served warm and topped with vanilla bean ice cream$4.99
Triple Chocolate Brownieour giant brownie delight made with dark, white and milk chocolate. Served warm with vanilla bean ice cream and topped with chocolate and caramel sauces$4.99
New York Style Cheesecakea generous slice of creamy traditional cheesecake on Graham cracker crust served with tangy raspberry sauce and a dollop of whipped cream$4.99
Bananas Foster Mud Piea towering portion of banana-vanilla swirl icecream, chock full or caramel and candied pecans, on a Graham cracker crust. Served with fresh banana, whipped cream and caramel sauce
From the Espresso Bar
Iced Mocha$3.29
Mocha Latte$3.29
Caffe Latte$3.19
Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream$2.19
Beringer White Zinfandel, California
Lindamans Bin 65 Chardonnay, Australia
Meridian Vineyards Chardonnay, Sanda Barbara
Mezza Corona Pinot Grigio, Italy
Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, Washington State
Meridian Vineyards Merlot, California
Rosemount Estate Shiraz
Sterling Vintner's Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Coast
Freixenet Sparkling Wine (Split), Spain
Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay, Washington State
Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay, California
Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc by Robert Mondavi, California
Delicato Family Vineyards Merlot, California
Robert Mondavi Private Selection Pinot Noir, Central Coast
Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon by Robert Mondavi, California
Coors Light
Corona Extra
Bud Light
Miller Lite
Newcastle Brown Ale
Samuel Adams
Carb Conscious
Half Pound Cheeseburger Wrapped in Lettucewith cottage cheese$7.99
Petite Mimi's Chopped Cobb Saladwith blue cheese dressing$7.29
Fresh Salmonblackened or broiled, served with fresh steamed vegetables$13.59
Mediterranean Omelettesun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, garlic, red and green bell peppers with mozzarella and parmesan. Served with fresh sliced tomatoes$7.99
Mimi's Carb Conscious Breakfastscrambled egg whites and an 8 oz. ground Turkey patty. Served with cottage cheese and tomato juice$6.99
Chicken and Vegetable Plattergrilled chicken, a medley of fresh vegetables and a garden with bleu cheese dressing$7.99
12 oz Top Sirloin Steakwith fresh steamed vegetables$14.99
Market Fresh Fishselections vary by market$14.99
Two 'AA' Large Eggswith fresh sliced tomatoes and sausage or bacon$6.99
Lower Fat
Chicken and Fruitgrilled chicken and a garden salad with non fat French dressing$7.99
1/2 French Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwichon whole wheat bread, dry (no mayo), served with fresh fruit$6.99
Grilled Chicken Tuscan Stylewith a baked potato and fresh steamed vegetables$12.49
Slow Roasted Turkey Breastno dressing or gravy. Served with a baked potato and fresh steamed vegetables$10.99
Low Fat Fitness Omeletteegg white omelette filled with mushrooms, broccoli, onions and red and green peppers. Served with sliced tomatoes, dry wheat toast and fresh squeezed juice$7.59
Veggie Burgerwith fresh fruit$7.29
Naked French Market Onion Soupno cheese or bread$5.29
Spaghettini Marinarafresh and tasty!$9.99
Market Fresh Fishvaries by market$14.99
Old Fashioned Buckeye Oatmealwith raisins and non fat milk. Served til noon$3.29
Entree Choices
Mimi Mouse Pancakesmmm mmm good!$3.99
Mimi's Mini Corn Dogsyou'd better bite these homel dogs before they bite you!$4.29
Oodles of Noodlesyour way, plain or with marinara sauce$4.29
Souper Saladsmall crock of soup and green salad$4.29
French Toastwhite bread or raisin bread$4.29
Mimi Burgerdon't have a cow, man! it's plain!$4.29
Quesadillaflour tortilla and cheddar cheese$4.29
Cheesehead Sandwich1/2 grilled cheese, outrageous, dude!$4.29
Gobble Gobbleour kid's Turkey dinner (after 12pm)$4.29
Chicken Fingerswith cool ranch dressing to dunk them in!$4.59
Two Scrambled Eggs and Baconketchup goes great!$4.29
Half a Tooner1/2 tuna sandwich on whole wheat$4.29
Kraft Macaroni and Cheeseyour favorite!$4.29

About Mimi’s Café

This café is a subsidiary of LeDuff America. It was founded by Arthur Simms, a former American airman who was stationed in France during World War II. The first café opened in 1978.

Its headquarters is now in Dallas, Texas and they currently operate 145 locations across 24 states. They have a location right across Disneyland California. Their offerings includes an award-winning children’s menu.

Mimi’s Cafe Review

The atmosphere is relaxed and is great for families with small kids. The place is casual with a mix of easy American dining with a warm French café vibe.

The menu is a combination of traditional American menu and French food. There’s also a kids menu to serve even the pickiest young diner.

The French Onion Soup is a must-have in the menu. The bestsellers in the kids’ menu are chicken nuggets and mac-and-cheese. Their dessert ensemble is also a must-try.

Wait times for seats is short. On most times, diners get seated almost immediately. Food may take a while to be served, depending on order and size of the crowd.

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