WaBa Grill Menu Prices

Grilling and healthy food is a combination that WaBa Grill stands for. It offers quick food made with quality ingredients.

It attracts crowds with its low calorie dishes that are loaded with protein but don’t contain much carbs and fats. Its healthy, flavorful food is made fresh to order.

WaBa Grill Menu

Chicken Steak Plate$8.50
Chicken Plate$7.50
Steak Plate$8.50
Specialty Plates
Chicken Salad Plate$8.00
Rib Plate$9.95
Salmon Plate$9.00
Shrimp Plate$9.00
Rice Bowls
Chicken Bowl$6.00
Half and Half Bowl (Chicken and Steak)$7.00
Salmon Bowl$7.50
Steak Bowl$6.76
Shrimp Bowl$7.50
Rice Bowl with Veggies
Half-Half and Veggie Bowl (Chicken and Steak)$7.75
Chicken and Veggie Bowl$6.75
Steak and Veggie Bowl$7.75
Salmon and Veggie Bowl$8.25
Shrimp and Veggie Bowl$8.25
Veggie Bowl$5.00
Soda2 Liter$5.00
Soda6 Pack$6.99
Soda12 Pack$8.99
Water3 Pack$5.99
Water6 Pack$6.99

About WaBa Grill

This fusion restaurant started in 2006, with the mission to deliver meals while prioritizing wellness. Its first location opened in Southern California.

The company franchised its restaurant, allowing it to grow over the years. It now has 82 locations, expanding all the way to Arizona.

WaBa Grill Review

The place has a bright, modern interior design. It has booths along the sides of the restaurant for smaller groups, but there are also longer tables at the center.

The menu boasts of healthy ingredients. They remove fat and skin from the meats and don’t use oil when cooking. They use charbroiling to bring out fresh, bold flavors.

The special WaBa Sauce makes everything taste delicious. The teriyaki menu leaves diners filled and satisfied. The Signature and the Specialty Plates are must-haves.

Seating isn’t a problem as there are enough seats in the restaurant. Orders are filled quickly by the kitchen staff as they maintain efficiency and at “on-the-go” speed.

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