American Deli Menu Prices

Grab a quick bite or a complete meal in this deli-style restaurant. Orders are prepared right on the counter. Everything is made-to-order with fresh quality ingredients.

American Deli is an inexpensive casual dining place. The menu is classic American fast food fare. The service is fast, perfect for quick, filling, simple yet flavorful meals.

American Deli Menu

Cold Sub
hot xtra $0.50
Roast Beef$5.79
Corn Beef$5.79
Pastrami or Tunawith fries and drink$5.79
Chicken Finger
4 PC with fries and drink$6.49
Corn Beef or Turkeywith fries and drink, sauerkraut, thousand, Swiss cheese$6.28
Buffalo Wings
10 Pc Wingswith celery, bleu cheese, fries and drink, (all flat, drum or split, xtra $ 0.50), (mild, med, hot)$6.99
Philly Special
Beef or Chickenwith fries and drink$6.28
Wing and Philly
6 PC Wingswith burger, philly or gyro dressing and drink$7.99
Deli Combo
6 PC Wingswith cold sub or small salad dressing and drink, hot xtra $0.75$7.49
6 Pc Wingswith cold sub or small salad, dressing and drink (hot xtra $0.75)$7.49
Lemon Pepper or B.B.Q. Wings
10 PC Wingswith celery, bleu cheese, fries and drink (all flat, drum or split xtra $0.50)$6.99
Wings Order
10 PC$5.99
20 PC$11.49
30 PC$16.99
50 PC$27.99
75 PC$38.99
100 PC$49.99
Shrimp Special
8 PC Shrimpwith cocktail sauce, fries and drink$7.49
Gyro Special
Gyrowith fries and drink$5.99
Chicken or Beef Wrapwith fries and drink$5.99
Chef$4.49 - $5.49
Tuna$4.49 - $5.49
Grilled Chicken$4.49 - $5.49
Garden$3.49 - $4.49
Coke$0.93 - $1.40
Diet Coke$0.93 - $1.40
Sprite$0.93 - $1.40
Fanta Orange$0.93 - $1.40
Dr Pepper$0.93 - $1.40
Lemonade$0.93 - $1.40
Fruit Punch$0.93 - $1.40
Peach$0.93 - $1.40
Tea$0.93 - $1.40
Side Order
Order Fries$1.87
Extra Celery$0.47
Bleu Cheese or Cheese$0.47
Whole Pickle$1.12
Family Fries

About American Deli

The first store opened in Atlanta, Georgia, inside the South DeKalb Mall in 1989. After a few years, it opened for franchising and became American Deli International, Inc.

The restaurant has grown over the years and now operates more than 150 stores. It has expanded into Georgia and across the American Southeast.

American Deli Review

The open-kitchen concept lets diners see their food prepared right before them. The place has a few chairs and tables to accommodate those who want to dine in.

The menu specializes in wings burgers, subs, and salads. It also has a few other basic American food such as chicken tenders. Gyros and fish sandwiches are also available.

Crowd favorites include the wings, with several sauces to choose from. The most popular is the Lemon Pepper Wet. The Philly cheesesteak sandwich is also a bestseller.

The staff is lined up to deliver counter-style service, preparing food to order in assembly-line-like manner. They are courteous and efficient, dedicated to preparing fresh, flavorful food to every customer.

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