Nation’s Menu Prices

Nation’s is a fast-food diner chain based in El Cerrito, California. They are very well known for the giant hamburgers in their menu.

People visit Nation’s restaurant for their delicious giant hamburgers and their great homemade pies.

Nation’s Menu

"The Giants"
Morning, lunch or dinner. The giants... hamburgers, chicken and harvester... include generous amounts of lettuce, onion, tomato and dressing. 3/4 Lb. or more with everything. Prepared to order - request “without” or “light” on any ingredient. Lettuce wrap
Hamburgerthe original giant hamburger.$3.85
Cheeseburgerthe original plus 2 thick cheese slices.$4.45
Bacon Cheeseburger3 thick slices of bacon added!$5.95
Harvestertasty meatless patty. add zesty pickle slices.$3.95
Grilled Chickena large, lean fillet.$4.75
Wild Salmonwild alaskan salmon patty.$5.25
Filling Favorites
Chili Hamburgeropen-faced. a hamburger & chili lover’s delight.$5.10
Grilled Ham & Cheesewith everything... a hefty ham portion.$4.20
Grilled Cheesewith everything... there’s no other like it!$3.20
Hot Dogall-beef franks.$2.50
Chili Dogsmothered in chili.$3.75
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato4 thick bacon slices!$4.00
Friescooked in canola oil.$1.70
Chili Friesalways hit the spot.$3.45
Bowl Of Chilirich & meaty.$2.10
Bacon3 thick slices.$1.50
Cheese2 thick slices.$0.60
Ole2 mild green chiles.$0.50
Thick Shakes & Beverages
Thick Shakevanilla, chocolate, strawberry, java.$2.40 - $3.35
Soda / Iced Tea$1.55 - $1.95
Coffee Blends$1.45
Hot Tea / Cocoa$1.25
Orange Juice$1.75
Bottled Water$1.25

About Nation’s

Nation’s was founded in the year 1952 by Russ Harvey who later partnered with Dale Power. The first restaurant was located at San Pablo Avenue where it converges with the end of San Pablo Dam Road.

From its flagship location, Nation’s has more than 20 locations in six counties, Alameda County, Solano County, Costa County and at Bay Area counties. 

Nation’s Review

The ambiance that Nation’s gives, has a very warm, comfortable, 1950’s diner feel to it. The seating is quite limited.

The food, especially the burgers, are amazing and very tasty! It is very delicious, and the patty is very juicy. The homemade pies and breakfasts are also great.

The banana creme pie is a recommended menu as well as the Giant cheeseburger and have them with onion rings as they are very crisp and tasty.

The service, however, is subpar. The servers don’t engage that much but nonetheless they are polite and friendly.

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