Jameson’s Menu Prices

The place to go for Southern Cooking in Jersey Shore is Jameson’s. They started this establishment as a Chicken & Rib Take-Out place in Long Branch, New Jersey, they made a change in 1998. They shifted their location to Neptune and revamped to become an Eat-In/Take-Out casual restaurant. The entire menu was also changed to the great Southern Cooking that people have come to enjoy.

People enjoy the southern cooking because of the fresh ingredients direct from the farms. It’s a simple establishment without all the frills. Instead of the frills of bells, lights and whistles, you can enjoy the food cooked with love and passion for southern food. There is no better way to a great meal.

Jameson’s Menu

All served with side salad
italiansausage and pepperoni$7.00
Veggiezucchini, eggplant, and red peppers$7.00
Cheesemozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, romano$6.50
All served with chips
Tuna Melt$6.00
Pesto Chicken$6.00
Grilled Cheese$4.00
Pasta Of The Week$7.50
Chicken Curry Rice Bowl$5.50
Caesar Salad$5.50 - $6.50
Side Salad$3.50
Pesto Cheese Stix$3.50
Chili And Cornbread$4.50
Hummus And Chips$3.50
Chips And Salsa$2.50

About Jameson’s

The founder, Robert Jameson was raised by his mother and step-father in Keyport, New Jersey. He developed a good business sense from his step-father and had the internal drive of his father that he had never met. Later he met his half siblings and learned about the similar traits of his father, although they’ve never known each other.

Jameson’s Southern Cooking is known for having served several celebrities such as B.B. King, Patti LaBelle and The 5 Blind Boys. Obviously a reflection on their good reputation as the place for Southern Cooking in New Jersey. They have also catered for corporates such as Jersey Shore University Medical Center and special events from numerous clients.

Jameson’s Review

They seat the guests in a simple atmosphere with nice clean environment. The place can busy quickly so you may want to call in early and get your order in by phone if you can. You will enjoy eating this wonderful soul food in such a friendly environment.

The food is deliciously prepared for you with the southern palate in mind and you can’t go wrong with this place. The menu is awesome with great baby back ribs that just fall off the bones with great taste. The order counter may be a bit loud, but when you sit down with this great tasting southern food, nothing else matters. You will love it. Their chicken is also fantastic for you chicken lovers.

The service is great and the wait time is minimal. The owner himself helps out in every area it seems. At the counter, in the dining area, or all over the place, he takes a personal interest in the customers. The wait staff are also friendly and hugely helpful to each person. You can’t go wrong with a place like Jameson’s for tasty Southern Cooking.

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