Golden Wok Menu Prices

Golden Wok is an Asian-Chinese restaurant. While they have the usual assortment of Chinese cuisine, they’re mostly praised for their duck.

People visit this place because of their wide variety of affordable Chinese dishes. Consistency in both quality and flavor is another reason why the restaurant continues to gain loyal customers.

Golden Wok Menu

Egg RollsShrimp, chicken, pork with cabbage, onion and celery make our egg rolls delicious$3.69
Seafood Cheese PuffsCream cheese, crabmeat and fruit, wrapped in a wonton skin and deep-fried$3.99
Spiced RibsMarinated pork ribs pan seared and tossed in with oriental five-spice seasoning and a touch of chili peppers$6.29
Ginger Chicken Pot StickersHand made dumplings filled with chicken stuffing and served with a spicy ginger sauce for dipping. Steamed or pan-fried$6.29
Southern Asia RibsTender, wok-braised ribs with a southern asian BBQ Sauce$6.29
Cool Lettuce WrapWok-seared chicken and vegetables, south asian style, served with lettuce cups$6.89
Shrimp ToastWhole shrimp marinated in a special batter and deep-fried on sliced bread$4.99
Spiced CalamariTossed with scallions, oriental five-spice seasoning and served with a sweet chili sauce$6.29
Spring RollsVegetables wrapped in thin pastry and deep fried till crispy$2.99
Asian Chicken SaladSherry soy dressing, mixed green, waterchestnut and fried wonton$8.95
Peking Duck Noodle SaladGarden vegetable, mixed green, cashews with wine vinalgrette$9.95
Egg Drop SoupA flavorful chicken broth with egg flakes$2.99
Hot & Sour SoupChicken, crabmeat, bamboo shoots, black mushrooms, tofu and egg prepared in a rich spicy chicken broth$3.49
Wonton SoupThin wonton skins filled with minced shrimp and prepared in a rich chicken broth$3.49
House Special Wonton SoupWontons, shrimp, barbecue pork, chicken and chinese vegetables in a flavorful chicken broth$5.29
All of our dim sum creations are hand made fresh daily by our chefs
Har GauShrimp stuffing sealed in a tapioca flour dough skin and steamed
Fung JouStewed chicken feet steamed in black bean sauce
SquidPieces of squid steamed in a ginger, garlic and wine sauce
Lai Wong BauSteamed wheat buns filled with a sweet, thick, egg yolk custard
Char Siu BauSteamed flour dough buns filled with roast pork
Cheng FunFreshly made rice noodle sheets wrapped around your choice of shrimp, pork, or beef
Sui MaiShaped like tiny cooking kettles, full of pork, and shrimp stuffing and then steamed
Beef TripeBeef tripe steamed in a ginger and wine sauce
Nor Mai GaiSweet rice, chicken and pork are wrapped in lotus leaves and steamed
Tau Sha BauSweet black bean paste in a wheat flour bun
Spring RollSuper crispy rice skin wrapped vegetables to deep fried
Egg CustardFlaky french cup filled with egg custard and baked
Shrimp Sui MaiWheat flour skin filled with shrimp stuffingand steamed
Beef BallWhipped beef and spices formed in a ball and steamed
Gin DoilSweet lotus seed paste in a crispy fried sesame seed
Lin Yueng BauSweet lotus seed paste in a wheat flour bun and steamed
Cha Sui SoFlaky french pastry turnovers filled with chinese B.B.Q. pork
Taro Root CakeTaro root, pork, dry shrimp and rice flour steamed and then grilled
Spare RibTiny pork ribs steamed in chi hou, and black bean sauce
Sin Jok RollChicken, pork and shrimp wrapped in tofu skin, fried then steamed
Gai BauSteamed chicken, pork and shrimp filled flour dough buns
Harm Sui KwokDeep fried sweet rice flour skin filled with minced pork and shrimp
Law Bark GoDai kon, pork, dry shrimp and rice flour steamed and then grilled
Fun KwokDumplings filled with shrimp, pork and chicken, steamed and then pan-fried
Rice and Noodles
Fried RiceEggs, rice, onion and scallions$7.29 - $8.29
Island Fried RiceTropical style, pineapple, raisins, carrots, egg, peanuts, scallions and rice$7.89 - $8.89
Pad Thai NoodleScallions, bean sprouts, egg, onion, carrots, crushed peanuts and rice noodles$9.29 - $9.99
Cantonese Lo MeinLo mein noodles stir-fried with cabbage, carrots, and onions$9.29 - $9.99
Singapore NoodlesThin rice noodles stir-fried with cabbage, carrots, scallions, bell pepper, and egg with curry flavor$9.29 - $9.99
Pan Fried NoodlesThin pan-fried egg noodles covered with a medley of chinese vegetables$9.29 - $9.99
Macau Chow FunBean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, onions and scallions sauteed with flat rice noodles$9.29 - $9.99
Miso NoodleEgg noodles, japanese miso, spinach, shiitake mushrooms and scallions$9.29 - $9.99
Hong Kong Noodle SoupShrimp, chicken, BBQ pork and chinese vegetables cooked in a chicken broth with egg noodles$7.59
All entrees served with a choice of steamed brown or white rice
Sweet and Sour ShrimpBatter-fried shrimp prepared with our classic sweet and sour sauce$9.79
Szechwan Shrimp and ScallopsSea scallops, shrimp, scallions, snow peas, and celery wok-seared with a hot bean sauce$12.49
Shrimp SupremeShrimp stir-fried with onion, snow peas, baby corn, carrots and mushrooms in a light wine sauce$9.99
Shrimp with BroccoliLarge shrimp stir-fried with broccoli and delicate spices$9.79
Walnut ShrimpShrimp and sweetened walnuts with a hot pepper tomato based sauce$9.99
Kung Pao Shrimp or ScallopsShrimp or scallops sauteed with scallions and peanuts in a kung pao sauce$12.99
Beef and Pork
All entrees served with a choice of steamed brown or white rice
Szechwan BeefScallions, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and mushrooms in a szechwan sauce$9.25
Mongolian BeefGreen peppers, carrots and onions in a hot and spicy brown sauce$9.25
Crispy Asian BeefCrispy fried slices of beef, wok tossed in a sweet spicy sauce with sesame seeds$9.95
Orange Peel BeefTossed with hot chilis and fresh orange peel for a spicy, citrus combination$9.50
Beef Pepper SteakWok-seared beef, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms in a traditional black bean sauce$9.75
Sweet and Sour PorkSlightly breaded anddeep-fried, then stir-fried with pineapples, onions and bell pepper in a sweet and sour sauce$8.95
Moo Shu PorkSeared pork, cabbage, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, egg, and scallions wrapped in moo shu pancakes and hoisin sauce$9.25
Beef BroccoliBeef sauteed with broccoli, in a rich brown sauce$9.50
All entrees served with a choice of steamed brown or white rice
Sweet and Sour ChickenSlightly battered and deep fried with pineapples, onions and bell peppers in a sweet and sour sauce$8.99
Mongolian ChickenChicken seared with julian cut green peppers, carrots, and onions in a hot and spicy brown sauce$8.99
Moo Goo Gai PanClassic and famous wok-seared chicken with plenty of oriental vegetables stir-fried in a wine sauce$8.99
Moo Shu ChickenSeared chicken, cabbage, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, egg and scallions wrapped in moo shu pancakes with hoisin sauce$9.29
Kung Pao ChickenChicken and scallions quick-fried with peanuts in chili pepper sauce$9.29
General Tso ChickenChicken tossed with chives in a hot spicy general tso sauce$9.29
Cashew ChickenChicken, chinese vegetables and cashews stir fried in a brown sauce$9.29
Orange Peel ChickenChicken tossed with hot chilis and fresh orange peel for a spicy, citrus combination$9.49
Chicken BroccoliChicken and broccoli seared in a hot wok with wine sauce$8.99
Vegetables and Tofu
All entrees served with a choice of steamed brown or white rice
Spiced Eggplant with TofuWok-seared in a spicy honey sauce$6.99
Sweet Miso TofuTofu in a japanese miso sauce$6.99
Garlic SpinichQuick-fried with garlic$6.59
Baby Bok Choy or GaiLanSteamed with oyster soy sauce$5.79
Wok Toss Green BeansGreen beans wok-tossed with szechwan sauce$6.99
Ma Pow TofuStir-fried chunks of tofu, waterchestnuts and bamboo shoots with szechwan sauce$7.59
Create Your Own Stir-fry
Begin with your vegetables pile your bowl high at the market bar with your choice of fresh vegetables and spices.
Vegetarian Stir FryChose one of our house-made sauces: the classic, Bar-B-Que, thai curry, kung pow, garlic, peanut, black bean, sweet & sour, spicy basil, szechwan hot bean. Add your meat selection: beef or chicken $2$7.50
Chef Specialities
All entrees served with a choice of steamed brown or white rice
Pacific Sea HarborShrimp, scallops and fish stir-fried with black mushrooms and asian vegetables$12.49
Mango ChickenChicken breast stir-fried with fresh mango in a tropical island sauce$9.79
Steamed FishChunks of fish fillets, ginger and green onion steamed to perfection in a special honey soy sauce$12.49
Garlic Black Bean FishFish fillets, sauteed with green onion and chef lau's spicy garlic black bean sauce$12.49
Malaysian Curry (Chicken or Beef)Choice of shrimp scallops or chicken in a tropical malaysian curry sauce$8.99
Malaysian Curry (Shrimp)Choice of shrimp scallops or chicken in a tropical malaysian curry sauce$9.99
Basil ChickenChicken, scallops, fresh basil stir-fried ia a special spicy sauce$9.79
Sai Ling Gai (Lemon Chicken)Oriental braised chicken topped with a special lemon sauce$9.29
Double Chicken DelightCrispy batter-fried chicken sautéed with vegetables and chicken in a hot bean sauce$9.99
Hong Kong Roast DuckSpecially prepared bone-in duckling, oven roasted and served in a specially blended sauce$15.49
Peking DuckHoney roasted, served with chinese crepes, scallions, and hoisin sauce$15.99
Chung Bo SteakSucculent pieces of tender steak, stir-fried with garlic and green onion$11.99
New York Style Cheese CakeHuge 3/4 lb. of the ultimate cheesecake, served with fresh berries and raspberry sauce$6.75
Chocolate FantasyLayers of moist rich chocolate cake with a raspberry sauce$6.75
Sesame Ball MagicCrispy sesame balls stuffed with sweet lotus seed filling served over vanilla ice cream with fresh berries and raspberry sauce$6.75
Banana Spring RollWarm crispy bites of vanilla ice cream, swirls of caramel, and white chocolate sauce$6.75
Tea Time
OolongDark roasted with an intense aroma and soothing flavor
Bo NayMild but distinctive, malt flavor, especially nice after a big meal
Sow MeeA robust crisp taste, rich bouquet, and excellent body
ChrysanthemumA slightly sweet, earthy taste, refresing full flavor, decaffinated
JasmineA delicate and refined taste, highly aromatic
Long JingA delicate and rich flavor with a hint of chestnut, soothing aroma

About Golden Wok

Golden Wok was founded in the beautiful city of Raritan way back in 2003. Throughout the years, the restaurant’s owner have always put emphasis on nutrition and freshness.

So far, they only have one location (Raritan, NJ). The restaurant is among the top 100 restaurants in the US, and is the Top 100 Golden Medal Winner of 2007.

Golden Wok Review

The restaurant has a very modern and simple ambiance. It has more than enough indoor seating even for large crowds. They also have their own parking space.

The food is really delicious, making it worth the price. They also offer a traditional menu aside from their normal menu.

Don’t forget to try their beef noodle soup, Chinese eggplant, beef with scallion and bamboo, and of course, their West Lake Duck.

The restaurant’s staff is generally friendly, always checking up on orders and finding out whether customers have other needs. The waiting time, however, is best described as moderate.

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