Café Nordstrom Menu Prices

Nordstrom Restaurant serves a lot of new American, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine. You can choose from gelatos to coffee, smoothies, seafood, pizza and grill.

It is frequented by customers because of their wide variety of food to choose from, may it be coffee, seafood, or just plain comfort food to satisfy your day.

Café Nordstrom Menu

Cup $3.50 / Bowl $4.50
Soup Of The Day
Roma Tomato Basil Soup
Chinese Chicken Saladorganic baby greens, romaine lettuce, chicken, asian vegetables, crisp onions, almonds, mandarin oranges, ginger sesame dressing.$9.75
Blue Cheese & Pear Saladorganic baby greens, romaine lettuce, blue cheese, pear candied walnuts, champagne vinaigrette$9.25
Mixed Berry & Chicken Saladorganic baby greens, romaine lettuce, chicken, blue cheese, candied walnuts, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberry walnut vinaigrette.$10.25
Citrus Salmon Caesar Saladromaine lettuce, pan seared citrus salmon, parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, parmesan crisp, housemade caesar dressing.$10.95
Lime & Cilantro Chicken Saladorganic baby greens, romaine lettuce, chicken, jack cheese, roasted peppers, tomato, corn, pumpkin seeds, cilantro lime vinaigrette.$9.75
Chicken Apple & Goat Cheese Saladorganic baby greens, romaine lettuce chicken, goat cheese, spiced almonds, apple, red onion, apple chips, champagne vinaigrette$9.75
Cobb Saladorganic baby greens, romaine lettuce, chicken, bacon, egg, avocado, tomato, blue cheese, choice of dressing$9.95
Chicken Artichoke & Goat Cheese Saladorganic baby greens, chicken, marinated artichoke hearts, goat cheese, zesty chives, garlic croutons, dijon balsamic vinaigrette.$9.95
Shrimp Louis Saladromaine lettuce, seared wild shrimp, avocado, egg, bacon, petite tomatoes, louis dressing$10.95
Served With Choice Of Organic Baby Green Salad Or Kettle Chips.
French Dip Sandwichwarm roast beef, au jus, white cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, toasted rustic baguette$9.95
Smoked Turkey BLTAsmoked turkey havarti cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, mayonnaise, toasted wheat bread$9.95
Santa Fe Chickenblackened chicken, avocado jack cheese, caramelized onion, roasted sweet peppers, chili pepper aioli, grilled sourdough bread$9.50
Vegetarian Sandwichcucumber, sun-dried tomatoes, organic baby spinach, sprouts, red onion, swiss cheese, avocado, garlic, aioli, toasted multigrain ciabatta$8.50
Cranberry Turkeyroasted turkey, cranberry chutney, sprouts, cheese, mayonnaise, toasted multigrain ciabatta.$8.95
California Grillroasted turkey, tomato, bacon, swiss cheese, avocado, garlic aïoli, grilled sourdough bread$9.75
Seared Fresh Salmon Sandwichfresh salmon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickle, lemon chive aïoli sweet egg bread$10.50
Albacore Tuna Melttuna salad, tomato, cheddar and jack cheeses, grilled marbled rye bread$8.95
Half Sandwich Salad & Souphalf turkey of tuna salad sandwich, organic baby green salad, choice of dressing. soup, parmesan crostini$8.95
Angel Hair Pasta With Asparagus & Salmonpan seared salmon, asparagus, fresh chives, parmesan cheese, light lemon cream sauce$10.75
Chicken Tomato Alfredopenne pasta, chicken, organic baby spinach, parmesan cheese, tomato alfredo sauce$9.95
Chicken & Wild Mushroom Gnocchipotato dumplings, roasted wild mushrooms, caramelized onion, chicken, sherry cream sauce, parmesan cheese.$9.75

About Café Nordstrom

This company was founded by John W. Nordstrom in 1901, as a simple shoe store, which then grew into different types of business including restaurants.

With more than 200 locations, it is known for its classy restaurants and bars, ready to satisfy every customer’s craving.

Café Nordstrom Review

Nordstrom Restaurant customers always admire the restaurant’s very classy and stylish ambience, with its bar and windows for natural lighting.

This restaurant always serves the freshest flavours that focus on seasonality with its savoury and tasty dishes, along with tempting homemade desserts.

A recommended menu item is their specialty coffee and handcrafted cocktails. With their numerous restaurants serving a wide variety of food, customers get to choose between different cuisines.

Their service comes with the friendly and welcoming staff. As for the serving time, it may take 10-15 minutes for the food to be served.

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