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Amigos/Kings Classic is a Nebraska-based fast-food chain housing two brands under one roof. Amigos serves contemporary Mexican cuisine, while Kings Classic delivers nostalgic all-American favorites. Now that’s a dynamic duo!

Need your TexMex fix? With a free salsa bar and refill machine that’s just too good to pass, head over to this all-time Midwest go-to for some excellent grub.

Amigos Menu

Ala Carte
chicken under twelve only
Tacochoice of beef, chicken, pork or bean$3.95
Tortadachoice of beef, chicken, pork or bean$3.95
Enchiladachoice of cheese, beef, chicken, pork or bean$3.95
Enchilada Salsachoice of cheese, beef, chicken, pork or bean$4.50
Burritochoice of beef, chicken, pork or bean with cheese 0.50 extra$4.95
Chile Rellenochoice of beef or cheese$4.50
Flautachoice of beef, chicken, or pork$4.25
Chimichangachoice of beef, chicken, pork or bean$4.95
FlanMexican chlled custard$3.50
Sopapillastriangles of a light pastry covered with vanilla whipped cream, honey and cinnamom$5.95
Ice Creamflavor of the day$3.50
Bunuelocrispy flour tortilla with three scoops of ice cream, fresh honey, vanilla whipped cream and onnamon$6.95
Hot Chocolatedelicious traditional style Mexican hot cocoa served with whipped cream.$3.50
only the gnest chicken breast, steak and jumbo shrimp are served. All platreas are marinated in dos equis amber beef and grilled to perfection. All bjias are served with grilled onions, fresh peppers, pico de gallo jalapeno avocado salad, fijola burracho
Chicken "Pollo"chicken breast fajitas$13.95
Steak "Carne"skin steak fajitas$13.95
Shrimp "Camarones"jumbo shrimp fajitas$14.95
Combination "Combinacion"two chicken breast: two skin steak: two jumbo shrimp$14.95
El Acapulcochicken tostada cheese. enchilada pork tamale rice-beans$10.95
El Mexico Citycheese enchilada beef taco taco pork tamale rice-beans$10.95
La Guadalaiaracheese chile relleno beef taco pork tamale rice-beans$10.95
La Puerto Vallartabeef taco cheese chile relleno cheese. enchilada rice-beans$10.95
La Oaxacabeef burrito beef taco cheese enchilada rice-beans$11.95
La Pueblabeef taco cheese enchilada chicken tostada rice-beans$10.95
Vegetarian Combinationbean burrito cheese enchilada cheese chile relleno rice-beans$11.95
La Banderathe colors of the Mexican flag" chicken enchilada suisa bean burrito cheese chile relleno rice-beans$11.95
Tortilla Chips And Salsacrispy corn tortillas served with a spicy Mexican salsa
Guacamolemashed fresh avocado dip served with fresh crispy corn tortillas$6.99
Nachoscorn tortillas topped with refried mashed frjoles, melted cheese, anchero salsa and spicy jalapeno peppers$5.50
Nachos Grandecorn tortilla chips served with the workers chili con came. gucamole, melted cheese and sour cream$7.95
Nachos Con Chorizocorn tortillas served with refried beans, melted cheese and a spicy ground chorizo sausage. served with spicy jalapenos and anchero salsa$3.95
Quesadillasfokled flour lorillas made with melted cheese, fresh pico de gallo and lopped with anchero salsa$5.50
Quesadillas with Chicken$7.95
Stuffed Avocadohalf avocado, served with fresh shrimp and special dressing$6.95
Amigo's Special Assorted Appetizernachos quesdillas, and guacamole.$7.95
Jalapeno Poppersbreaded labpeno peppers stuffed with cream or cheddar cheese and served with sour cream$5.50
Combination Tossed Saladlettuce, tomatoes, onions and green peppers served with cup and vinegar house dressing$3.99
Guacamole Saladmashed fresh avocado dip served on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers with a house dressing.$7.95
Mexican Saladslices of avocado, orange and sparish onions on fresh lettuce. Served with a creamy house dressing.$7.95
Taco Saladcrispy flour tortilla basket filled with your choice of beef or chicken. Topped with guacamole, sour cream and green spinach cheese.$7.95
Sopas & Chili
Sopa Del Dla
Sopa Des Pruous Necrors$3.95
Chili Con Carne$0.95 - $7.50
Tacos Deluxethree crisp tacos filled with your choice of beef, chicken, pork or beans covered with fresh grated cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, mexican rice and mashed beans.$10.95
Enchiladas Suisathree rolled of beef corn tortillas covered with our fresh green tomato salsa filled with your choice of beef, beans, cheese, chicken or pork. Topped with melted cheese, sour cream mexican rice and m$11.95
Enchiladas Amigosthree rolled soll corn tortillas in red salsa filled with your choice of beef, beans, cheese, chicken or pork. Topped with melted cheese and served guacamole, Mexican rice and beans..$11.50
Shrimp Con Salsa Verdefresh shrimp sauteed in calloma white wine, fresh cream butter and our dellcious green sauce.$14.95
Tostada Deluxetwo crisp full com tortillas covered with choice of pork, chicken or beans. Topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, homemade guacamole, sour cream mexican rice and beans.$10.95
Carne Asada Amigosdelicous thick sillon shell steak served with cheese chile relleno, enchulada guacamole, mexican rice and beans.$16.95
Burrito Especiallstwo soft flour lognillas stuffed with choice of chicken, beans, beef or pork topped with sour cream, embellished with ranchero salsa. Mexican rice and beans.$11.50
Chiles Rellenostwo mild, long, green peppers stuffed with choice of cheese or beef topped with red ranchero salsa and served with mexican rice and beans.$11.95
Arroz Con Pollochicken leg, breast, tomatoes and red peppers sauteed in butter. Whie wine and ranchero salsa served on top of mexican rice.$12.95
Pollo Verdechicken leg, breast, tomatoes and red peppers, mannaled in white wine, sauteed in butter, and green salsa served on top of mexican rice.$12.95
Huevos Rancheroslightly ined eggs served on soft com lonillas covered with your choice of red ranchero salsa or green tomato suisa salsa served with rice and beans.$10.95
chimichanga Especialestwo cnspy flour lonillas stuffe 1 with your choice of chicken, beans, beef or pork. Served with fresh guacamole, sour cream, rice and beans.$11.95
Shrimp Flautas Angosthree cnspy rolled com lonillas stuffed with gull shrimp. Topped with red ranchen salsa. guacamole, sour cream, rice and beans.$12.95
Enchiladas in Mole Saucethree soft com lonillas covered with traditional sevle make salsa made from cocom and lour differens vancues of uned pepper. Skilled with tender chicken, topped with sesame sccus served with ruscamol$12.95
Shrimp In Garlicshrimp sauteed in garlic butter and california white wine, served with mexican rice and house salad.$14.95
Burrito Chihuahuatwo soft flour lonillas stuffed wtih chili con came. Topped with red ranchiero salsa, guacamole, sour cream mexican rice and beans.$11.95
Mole Poblanochicken leg and breast topped with traditional style make salsa made from cog and four different vancnes of dned peppers. Sannkled with sesame seeds and served wtih fresh guacamole. Mexican rice and$13.95
Flautas Nortenasthree cnspy rolled com tortillas stuffed with choice of chicken, beef, or pork, ropped with red ranchero salsa. Guacamole, sour cream, rice and beans.$12.95
Enchiladas Chapultepecthree enchuladas, three different salsas: Three solt com lonillas lealunng our ranchero, salsa and make salsas. Stuffed with beef, cheese and chicken espectively. Topped with melted cheese, fresh gua$12.95
Burrito Supremolarge burnio filled with garden fresh broccoll, caullflower, zucchini, tomatoes and onions sauteed in white wine, covered in our special green suisa salsa topped with melted cheese. Sour cream, fresh$12.95
Shrimp Veracruzshrimp. Sliced tomatoes, green peppers and onions delicarely sauteed in calfornia white wine and gold lequla served withe sliced avocado, fresh lime, alaniro and mexican rice.$12.95
Tamales on The Huskroasted masa com and delicious sliced pork wrapped in a fresh com busk topped with amugos special red ranchero salsa. Melted cheese, pico de galio. Mexican rice and beans.$11.95
Burrito Chorizotwo soll flour tortillas filled with spicy chorizo ground park sausage topped with guacamole. Sour cream, meixcan rice and beans.$11.95
Enchiladas Del marthree soll blue com tortillas stuffed with fresh, sauteed crabmeat, scallops and shrimp. Topped with creamy green salsa made from fresh green tomatoes, fresh melted cheese, and allanro. Served with f
Seafood Paellaassonmens of fresh clams, mussels, snnmo, chicken and spicy, ground chartzo sausage sauteed in calfornia white wine and served on top of a bed of mexican rice.
Carnitasroll your own soll lacos with cubes of mannaked pork grilled very cnspy unal blackened. Served with soll com tortillas, spicy jalapeno salsa, paco do gauo, fresh lennuce, graked cheese mexican rice a$14.95

About Amigos

Roger and Janice Moore first opened Amigos in 1980 in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2006, they integrated American favorites in their already diverse menu and granted the first Amigos/Kings Classic franchise.

Awarded as a top growing chain in 1989, they now run over 25 locations. Roger Moore also bagged recognitions as Restauranteur and Entrepreneur of the Year in 1992 and 1993.

Amigos Review

This iconic chain maintains a clean, no-frills atmosphere across their various locations. You can always expect a good amount of seating, too, and some locations offer drive-thru service.

What will keep you coming back is their cult favorite crisp meat burrito. This boldly-spiced bestseller is smothered with cheese, wrapped in a flour tortilla, and fried to a crisp.

Try their build-it-burrito, and Kings Classic’s cheese frenchee, too. These signature dishes are bursting with flavor. Generously slather their freshly homemade ranch and salsa, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

As for service, they live up to their name. You can expect their friendly staff to deliver your order fairly quickly without a hitch.

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