Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices

Peet’s coffee is a coffeehouse based out of California with Specialty coffee to sooth any form of coffee craving. They are known for their Arabica coffee with it being the first of its kind when it was first founded.

People enjoy the casual coffeehouse to read, finish work, study, or just relax and enjoy the fresh, quality, Arabian brewed coffees.

Peet’s Coffee Menu

About Peet’s Coffee

It was founded in 1966 in Berkeley, California by Alfred Peet. He wanted to bring the fresh taste of Arabian coffee to the U.S. and change the game to his favor.

Pete’s coffee has 193 locations with the majority in California but also in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, and a newer brewery in Shanghai, China.

Peet’s Coffee Review

It has a simple, artisan ambience geared towards hipsters, but not exclusively. With simple tables and chairs to sit and wait for coffee or to sit with friends before or after a long day.

Peet’s prides itself on the quality, artisanal, fresh brewed coffee with varying consistencies, flavors, and strengths. Along with its artisanal food items and ambience.

Many patrons recommend their mocha, any form of mocha drink is desired. Also they have many artisanal food that many people recommend as a great way to start the day. They also recommend the place for the quiet environment to chill out after a long day.

The workers are nice and keep you in mind as they brew up your fresh cup of coffee for the day. With average wait times for a fresh cup of coffee don’t be offended by the longer wait as it’s brewed fresh, the cheaper prices may also be a good exchange for the wait time.

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