Mazzio’s Menu Prices

Mazzio’s is a casual dining eatery offering dine in, take out, and delivery service as well as catering with a wide variety of pizza and pasta options.

Here you’ll enjoy not only pizza and pasta, but also salads, wings, and a buffet option that allows you to sample a little bit of it all!

Mazzio’s Menu

Specialty Pizzas
Fresh Veggie (9 in. Small)$8.75
Fresh Veggie (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Fresh Veggie (14 in. Large)$14.50
Combo (9 in. Small)$8.75
Combo (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Combo (14 in. Large)$14.50
Chicken Club (9 in. Small)$8.75
Chicken Club (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Chicken Club (14 in. Large)$14.50
Chicken Spinach Alfredo (9 in. Small)$8.75
Chicken Spinach Alfredo (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Chicken Spinach Alfredo (14 in. Large)$14.50
Lucky 7 (9 in. Small)$8.75
Lucky 7 (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Lucky 7 (14 in. Large)$14.50
Four Meat (9 in. Small)$8.75
Four Meat (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Four Meat (14 in. Large)$14.50
Greek (9 in. Small)$8.75
Greek (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Greek (14 in. Large)$14.50
Taco (9 in. Small)$8.75
Taco (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Taco (14 in. Large)$14.50
Mazzio's Works (9 in. Small)$8.75
Mazzio's Works (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Mazzio's Works (14 in. Large)$14.50
Six Meat (9 in. Small)$8.75
Six Meat (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Six Meat (14 in. Large)$14.50
Chicken Bacon Alfredo (9 in. Small)$8.75
Chicken Bacon Alfredo (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Chicken Bacon Alfredo (14 in. Large)$14.50
Ken's Six Meat (9 in. Small)$8.75
Ken's Six Meat (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Ken's Six Meat (14 in. Large)$14.50
Ken's Supreme (9 in. Small)$8.75
Ken's Supreme (12 in. Medium)$13.50
Ken's Supreme (14 in. Large)$14.50
Calzone Rings
Four Meat/Four Cheese$9.75
Create Your Own Pizza
Base Pizza (9 in. Small)$8.00
Base Pizza (12 in. Medium)$11.00
Base Pizza (14 in. Large)$12.50
Topping for Small Pizza$1.00
Topping for Medium Pizza$1.50
Topping for Large Pizza$1.75
Add a Fresh House Garden Salad to Any Pizza$5.49
Stuffed Crust Pizza
1-Topping Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza (14 in. Large)$13.50
Wing Run Wings
1 Flavor Traditional (5 Pc.)$5.50
1 Flavor Boneless (5 Pc.)$4.25
2 Flavors Traditional (10 Pc.)$8.50
2 Flavors Boneless (10 Pc.)$7.25
2 Flavors Traditional (15 Pc.)$12.50
2 Flavors Boneless (15 Pc.)$10.75
2 Flavors Traditional (20 Pc.)$16.50
2 Flavors Boneless (20 Pc.)$13.75
Dipping Sauce (3 oz.)$0.70
Mazzio's Famous House-Made Ranch Dressing (16 oz.)$3.75
Toasted Hoagies
Served on a multi-grain hoagie roll with your choice of chips or fries.
Ham & Cheddar$6.75
Italian Sub$6.75
Turkey & Provolone$6.75
Chicken, Bacon & Provolone$7.25
Served with toasted garlic bread.
Mini Meatball Bake$7.75
Italian Meat Bake$7.75
Chicken Alfredo Bake$7.75
Six Cheese Bake$7.75
Create Your Own Lasagna$7.75
Add a Fresh House Salad to Any Pasta Entree$5.49
Kid's Meals
Kids 10 years and under.
Kid's Fresh Salad Bar$2.50
Kid's Meal$3.75
Tasty Add-Ons
Toasted Ravioli (10 Pc.)$5.75
Garlic Cheese Toast$5.00
Cheese Dippers$5.99
Side of Fries (9 in. Small)$1.25
Sweet Treats
Fresh-Baked Cookie (9 in.)$5.99
Cinnamon Sticks$4.50
Soft Drinks or Iced Tea$2.00
Bottle (20 oz.)$1.70
Bottle (2 liter)$2.95
Fresh Salads
Mazzio's Signature Endless Fresh Salad Bar$6.50
Mazzio's House Salad$5.49
Chef's Salad$6.99
Add a Fresh House Salad to Any Entree$5.49
Endless Buffet
Pizza, signature fresh salad bar, cheese dippers, and desserts.
10:30am - 1:30pm
Adults (Per Person)$7.50
Kids (Age 4-10) - Per Child$4.50
Kids (3 and Under) - Per Child$0.00
Tuesday Night
5:00pm - 8:00pm
Kids (Age 4-10)$4.50
Kids (3 and Under)$0.00

About Mazzio’s

Mazzio’s was founded in 1961 by a full time teacher, Ken Selby, who ran what was then named The Pizza Parlor on his own as a part-time job supplementing his income.

Today, the chain operates 140 locations in 10 states within the US and boasts a large following with one brand promise, “Get Ready for Great!”

Mazzio’s Review

With a comfortable, casual atmosphere, Mazzio’s is a great place to relax with family. The lunch buffet is ideal for eating and serving at your own pace.

You can create your own pizza with one of five crust styles – including Gluten Free and your choice of 6 different sauces, or choose one of the fan-favorite specialty pizzas.

Mazzio’s signature item is the Calzone Ring which is cut into 10 slices and can feed the whole family if you’re a bit burned out on the typical pizza dinner.

With the option to dine in from the buffet, order your items for carry out or delivery, or even cater your next party of company event, there are endless ways to “Get Ready for Great!”

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