Pollo Tropical Menu Prices

Pollo Tropical satisfies your curiosity for Caribbean cuisine. The name of the restaurant chain literally translates to “tropical chicken” which hints at their best selling menu option.

People come here to sample Caribbean cuisine at its best – get ready for some grilled and marinated chicken. On top of that, the tropical vibe sets the atmosphere plus music.

Pollo Tropical Menu

1/4 Chicken Entree Only$3.79
1/4 Chicken with 1 Side$5.09
1/4 Chicken with 2 Sides$5.89
1/2 Chicken Entree Only$5.89
1/2 Chicken with 1 Side$6.89
1/2 Chicken with 2 Sides$7.69
Boneless Chicken Breasts Entree Only$2.99
Boneless Chicken Breasts with 1 Side$6.99
Boneless Chicken Breasts with 2 Sides$7.79
Mojo Roast Pork Entree Only$5.79
Mojo Roast Pork with 1 Side$6.79
Mojo Roast Pork with 2 Sides$7.59
Wings Entree Only5 Pc.$3.99
Grilled Tropical Wings with 1 Side8 Pc.$6.99
Grilled Tropical Wings with 2 Sides8 Pc$7.79
Trios with 2 Sides$9.99
Salads & Soups
Chicken Quesadilla Salad$6.69
Chicken Caesar Salad$6.69
Caribbean Chicken SoupCup$2.39
Caribbean Chicken SoupBowl$3.99
Wraps & Sandwiches
Chicken Quesadilla Wrap$3.19
Chicken Quesadilla Wrap - Combo$5.79
Chicken Caesar Wrap$3.19
Chicken Caesar Wrap - Combo$5.79
Guava BBQ Chicken Wrap$3.19
Guava BBQ Chicken Wrap - Combo$5.79
Chipotle Chicken Sandwich$3.49
Chipotle Chicken Sandwich - Combo$6.09
Classic Chicken Sandwich$3.49
Classic Chicken Sandwich - Combo$6.09
Guava BBQ Pork Sandwich$3.49
Guava BBQ Pork Sandwich - Combo$6.09
Family Meal
Create Your Own Family Meal$12.99
Side Dishes
Black or Red BeansRegular$1.99
Black or Red BeansLarge$3.29
White or Brown RiceRegular$1.99
White or Brown RiceLarge$3.29
Yellow Rice & VegetablesRegular$1.99
Yellow Rice & VegetablesLarge$3.29
Waffle FriesRegular$1.99
Waffle FriesLarge$3.29
Rg Orange SlicesRegular$2.49
Rg Orange SlicesLarge$3.69
White Rice & Black BeansRegular$2.49
White Rice & Black BeansLarge$3.69
White Rice & Red BeansRegular$2.49
White Rice & Red BeansLarge$3.69
Brown Rice & Black BeansRegular$2.49
Brown Rice & Black BeansLarge$3.69
Brown Rice & Red BeansRegular$2.49
Brown Rice & Red BeansLarge$3.69
Yellow Rice & Vegetables & Black BeansRegular$2.49
Yellow Rice & Vegetables & Black BeansLarge$3.69
Yellow Rice & Vegetables & Red BeansRegular$2.49
Yellow Rice & Vegetables & Red BeansLarge$3.69
Boiled YucaRegular$2.49
Boiled YucaLarge$3.69
Caesar SaladRegular$2.49
Caesar SaladLarge$3.69
Kernel CornRegular$2.49
Kernel CornLarge$3.69
Macaroni & CheeseRegular$2.49
Macaroni & CheeseLarge$3.69
Mashed Potatoes with GravyRegular$2.49
Mashed Potatoes with GravyLarge$3.69
Caribbean Corn SouffleRegular$2.49
Caribbean Corn SouffleLarge$3.69
Green BeansRegular$2.49
Green BeansLarge$3.69
Kids Meals
Kids Meal Grilled Drumstick & Thigh$4.99
Kids Meal Grilled Chicken Breast Strips$4.99
Kids Meal Mashed Potato Bowl$4.99
Kids Meal Rice Bowl with Chicken$4.99
Kids Meal Mac & Cheese Bowl$4.99
Tropical Lite Menu
Lite Citrus Chicken Salad$6.69
Lite Citrus Salad & 1/4 Chicken$5.19
Lite Grilled Chicken Breast$5.19
Lite Chicken Tropichop$4.99
Lite Chicken Tropichop - Combo$5.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap & Soup$5.19
Chicken Caesar Wrap & Soup - Combo$5.79
Tres Leches$2.19
Guava Cheesecake$2.69
Guava Bar$0.99
Guava Cheesecake for 8$16.00
Fountain BeveragesRegular$1.89
Fountain BeveragesLarge$2.09
Brewed or Mango Iced TeaRegular$1.89
Brewed or Mango Iced TeaLarge$2.09
Bottled Water$1.99

About Pollo Tropical

This restaurant was established by Harris brothers, Stuart and Larry back in 1988. This restaurant chain has headquarters in Miami, Florida.

This Latin American style fast food restaurant chain serves more than 140 locations, which are mostly in the states of Georgia and Florida.

Pollo Tropical Review

The ambiance here is casual and family friendly with a touch of Latin American and tropical themes. They do serve beer and wine and they have outdoor seating.

The food here is uniquely Caribbean. Curious about how that tastes like, then try the grilled chicken breasts. Don’t forget to try the different sauces as they are the bomb.

Other than the grilled chicken, best options include the Tropichop Bowl (build your own bowl of veggies, beans, and yellow rice). The fried yucca and of course the chicken wings are top notch.

Service here is usually great although you can imagine how it’s like when the staff is swamped with orders. The usual wait time is 5 to 10 minutes, give or take a few.

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