Lemonade Menu Prices

Lemonade offers American New cuisine. They are known for their healthy menu and for their drink menu. Also, for their variety in locations, including airport locations.

They have put a new spin on vegetables, so if you are a vegan, vegetarian, or just a veggie fan you will like this place. Also, if you like fresh, natural beverages you will enjoy eating here.

Lemonade Menu

About Lemonade

Alan Jackson founded the restaurant chain in 2008. The first location was opened in West Hollywood, California. Ian Olsen joined the team in 2009 helping with expansion.

They have 28 locations currently, in the United States. They have won many small awards and most recently won a notable grant from Butterfly investment group.

Lemonade Review

They are a fast-casual dining restaurant. They offer a fast paced, clean environment. They have indoor seating but typically do take-out and to-go orders.

They offer fresh, natural ingredients for a healthy taste. Their drink menu offers a variety of sweet beverages to complement their main courses.

Their menu offers a popular beverage list, including many various lemonade drinks, hence their name. They offer salads, sandwiches, desserts, and bowls. Their menu is seasonal.

Their service has received good online ratings and reviews since opening. The offer fast-casual dining and typically there is no more than a 10-minute wait at any of their locations.

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