Hurts Donut Menu Prices

Hurts Donuts is a 24-hour bakery that make hand-made donuts with a variety of quirky toppings. The bakery has over 70 different toppings to choose from.

The bakery’s one-of-a-kind selection of donuts and pastries, prices, hours, and friendly service are what attract customers. The bakery is great place for all ages.

Hurts Donut Menu

About Hurts Donut

Founders Tim and Kas Clegg opened the first location on November 17th, 2013, in Springfield, MO with business partner Scott Bussard.

The company expanded to a total of 19 locations in 9 states. Tim, Kas, and Scott received an Economic Impact Award this year for their first 5 years of business.

Hurts Donut Review

Although Hurts Donuts is a bakery, the lighting gives the place a trendy vibe. Inside there are paintings hung on the walls. Table seating.

The donuts and pastries are sweet and savory. Depending on what you order some donuts may be sweeter than others. Hurts Donuts t-shirts are available to purchase in-store.

The Hurts Dozen is popular, the staff pick 12 donuts for you. The Dirty Dozen is also popular, you choose the dozen. Milkshakes and coffee are also on the menu.

The staff are courteous, friendly, and kind. If you have to wait in-store its usually less than five minutes. Delivery orders are available for a dozen donuts or more.

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