El Rodeo Menu Prices

El Rodeo is an American based Mexican restaurant that serves and offers authentic Mexican food to customers. Food served here are fajitas, enchiladas, tamales and more.

People like to eat here because they have a lot of options for Mexican food that is authentic and great tasting and have a complete selection of cocktails and beers.

El Rodeo Menu

Chicken Wingsserved with our special sauce$5.00
Stuffed Jalapenofive jalapenos served with cream cheese and pico de gallo$5.00
Nachos Order$4.25
Nachos with Beans$5.00
Nachos with Beef and Beans$5.00
Nachos with Beef$5.00
Nachos with Chicken$5.00
Cheese Dip$3.50
Cheese and Bean Dip$3.50
Guacamole Dip$3.25
Queso Fundidospecial Mexican melted cheese with Mex. sausage w/ tortillas, sour cream, guacamole dip and pico de gallo$5.00
Guacamole Saladlettuce with guacamole and tomato$3.50
Cheese Quesadilla$3.00
Quesadilla Especial$4.50
Chicken Dishes
Chicken Comboone chicken burrito, one chicken enchilada topped with lettuce & cheese$7.50
Tacos De Pollochicken tacos order of three (3) tacos$5.00
Chicken Tamalesorder of three (3) tamales$6.00
Enchiladas De Pollochicken enchiladas - order of three (3) enchiladas$6.25
Chicken Burritosorder of two (2) burritos$7.25
Vegetarian Dishes
Quesadilla Cancungrilled flour tortilla with cheese, mushroom beans, green peppers, onions, tomato, cauliflower or broccoli$6.50
Bean Burrito, Vegetables and Cheese Enchilada$7.25
Chile Ranchero with Cheese Vegetables & Cheese Enchilada$7.25
Bean Burrito, Rice and Vegetables$7.25
Dos Burritosone bean burrito, one cheese burrito topped with lettuce, cheese, and sour cream$7.25
Spinach Quesadillaa grilled flour tortilla, stuffed with cheese chopped spinach, onions mushrooms and tomatoes. Served with Spanish rice$7.25
Tortilla Soup$3.75
Chicken Soup$3.75
Child's Plate
served to children under age 12
Burrito, Rice or Beans$3.75
Burrito and Taco$3.75
Enchilada and Rice$3.75
One Taco, Beans and Rice$3.75
Cheese Quesadilla with Rice$3.75
Chicken Fingers with Fries$4.00
Side Order
French Fries$1.50
Beef or Chicken Taco$2.00
Beef or Chicken Enchilada$2.00
Refried Beans$1.90
Chile Ranchero$2.75
Chile Relleno$2.50
Tamale (1)$2.25
Chalupa - Tostada or Burrito$3.75
Spanish Rice$1.90
Corn or Flour Tortilla$0.25
Chalupa Texana$4.25
Extrascheese, jalapeno, guacamole, sour cream or tomatoes$1.00
Mexican Saladlettuce, avocado, green olives and bell pepper with your choice of dressing$4.75
Cancan Saladshrimp with lettuce, cucumber, mushrooms and green olives with your choice of dressing$6.50
Chicken Fiestagrilled chicken, bell peppers and onions on a bed or lettuce garnished with olives$6.50
A La Carte
Tacos (3) Beef or Chicken$5.00
Burritos (2) Beef or Chicken$7.25
Tamales (3) Beef or Chicken$6.00
Enchiladas (3) Beef or Chicken$6.25
Chalupas (2) Beef or Chicken$6.50
Beef Chile Rellenos$6.00
El Rodeo Especialidades
Fajitas for "Two"chicken or beef fajitas with tomatoes, onions, peppers, beans, rice and guacamole salad. Served with flour tortillas$17.50
Especial Dinnerchulupa with guacamole salad, one chile relleno, one beef taco, one enchilada, one tamale topped with chill, Spanish rice and refried beans$10.00
Fajitas Across The Border Stylebeef, chicken ans shrimp with tomatoes, onions and peppers. Served with flour tortillas$11.50
Chiles Rancherostwo Mexican style chile rancheros, cheese, quacamole, lettuce and rice$8.25
Fajitas Pork, Chicken or Beef$11.00
Chile Coloradobeef chucks, red chile sauce, served with rice, beans and taco flour tortillas$8.00
Fajitas Shrimp$12.00
Chilaquiles Mexicanosa corn tortilla stuffed with chucks of chicken, cooked with our special sauce. Served with rice and quacamole salad$8.50
Quesadilla Rellenaa flour tortilla grilled and stuffed with cheese, chopped beef and refried beans. Served with lettuce and quacamole$7.00
Enchilada Supremasone enchilada each of chicken, beans, cheese and beef covered with lettuce, quacamole and special sauce$7.75
Quesadilla Supremea grilled four tortilla filled and stuffed with cheese, chopped beef and refried beans. Served with lettuce and quacamole$7.25
Taquitos (3)rolled corn tortilla stuffed with beef or chicken. Served with lettuce and quacamole$7.00
Quesadilla Fajitascheese and beans with beef, shrimp or chicken. Served with rice, lettuce and pico de gallo$8.00
Burrito Maravillaa flour tortilla with refried beans, grilled beef or chicken and cheese. Topped with green tomatillo sauce. Served with rice, pico de gallo, quacamole and lettuce$7.50
Carnitas Dinnerpork tips, rice, beans and quacamole salad. Served with three tortillas$10.00
Burrito Especialone beef burrrito with sauce, topped with cheese and lettuce$5.75
Steak Rancherorib-eye steak with special sauce on top, rice, beans and salad. Served with three tortillas$10.00
Chicken Comboone chicken burrtio, one chicken enchilada topped with cheese and lettuce$6.75
Camarones Del Pacifico8 oz shrimp sauteed with butter, garlic, el rodeo special spices and pico de gallo served with rice, quacamole, lettuce and sour cream$11.50
Special Fajitaschoice of chicken or beef, cooked with very fresh vegetables, mushrooms, onions and spinach covered with melted cheese. Served with rice, beans, guacamole salad and tortillas$12.00
Camarones Al Chipolte8 oz shrimp marinated with our special el rodeo sauce. Served with rice, quacamole, lettuce and sour cream$11.50
Burrito Especialone burrito with sauce, topped with cheese and lettuce$5.75
Grouper Tacosthree soft tacos filled with breaded and fried filet of grouper. Served with rice, guacamole and pico de gallo$8.00
Burrito Delightstwo burritos covered with cheese sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream$7.75
Grouper Dinnertwo breaded and fried filet of grouper. Served with rice, sliced avocado and lettuce$10.00
Super Burritoel rodeo's largest burrito. A large flour tortilla stuffed with fajita steak or grilled chicken, cheese, fresh mushrooms and beans covered with our special salsa, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and p$9.00
Steak a La Tamplquenarib eye steak with rice, beans and salad. Served with three tortillas$10.00
Flautas Verdesrolled corn tortillas stuffed with beef or chicken, topped with grated cheese and quacamole salad$7.50
El Rodeo Specialrib-eye steak with cooked onions, tomatoes, rice, beans and peppers. Served with three tortillas
La Changachucks of beef and refried beans wrapped up in a flour tortilla then topped with cheese and served with rice. Garnished with a quacamole salad$7.25
Carna Asadaserved with onions, beans and rice, 2 pieces of rib-eye steak, salad and three tortillas$9.75
Nachos Fajitasgrilled beef, chicken or shrimp, topped with cheese$7.50
Tacos De Carne Asadathree tacos filled with strips of tender steak, with pico de gallo, special tomatillo sauce and order of beans, your choice of corn or flour tortillas$9.00
Nachos Maracheese nachos with assorted toppings of ground beef, chopped chicken and refried beans. All covered with shredded lettuce and tomatoes$7.00
Pollo Rancherogrilled chicken topped with green sauce, vegetables and rice. Served with chicken soup on the side with three tortillas$9.00
Taco Loco Saladfour tortilla shell filled with chicken, lettuce and cheese$6.50
Pollo Locochicken, rice, vegetables and tomattillo sauce with three flour tortillas. Served with chicken soup on the side$9.00
Flautas Verdestwo corn tortillas rolled with choice of chicken or beef. Topped with special green sauce and grated cheese. Served with rice and guacamole salad.$7.50
Take Out
Chips and Salsa Small$2.75
Chips and Salsa 1 Pint$2.50
Chips and Salsa Large$5.75
Flan (Custard)$3.50
Fried Ice Cream$3.50
Margaritas Regular$5.25
Draft Beer - Glass 12 oz$2.00
Margaritas 1/2 Pitcher$11.00
Draft Beer 1/2 Pitcher$5.00
Margaritas Pitcher$18.00
Draft Beer Pitcher$8.00
Premium Brands$5.25
Imported Beersbohemia, corona, corona light, tecate, dos equls (xx) carta blanca$3.50
Mixed Drinks$4.25
American Beersmiller lite, tequiza, budweiser, bud light, michelob, michelob light$3.00
Wine - Glass$4.25
Bottlesangria, chardonnay, white zinfanel or cabernet$14.25
Soft Drinksfree refills (coke, diet, coke, sprite, lemonade and ice tea)$1.75
Coffee, Milk or Orange Juice$1.50

About El Rodeo

The El Rodeo restaurant was founded in the year 1992 by the Arrelano family. Their first location was in Harrisburg, which was the first in the area to serve authentic Mexican food.

From its humble beginning in 1992, the restaurant now has a total of 8 locations.

El Rodeo Review

The ambiance is very casual. The place plays Mexican music and have very colorful decor. It is moderately clean, but it can still be improved. They offer indoor and outdoor seating.

The food is okay. Food presentation is nice, and the food portion is big. It is very affordable and worth your money. Their fajitas taste really good as well as their chips.

When visiting El Rodeo, make sure to try their carnitas. The portion is large and it tastes great. Try also their burritos, and hard tacos with ground beef and pair it with some margarita.

The service in this restaurant is good. Servers are very attentive and quick in taking the order and the food is served fast. Some servers are Hispanic and do not speak English but are kind.

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