Willy’s Menu Prices

Willy’s Mexicana Grill is an Atlanta based Mexican fast-food restaurant serving Mexican dishes and snacks like burritos, tacos, and quesadilla and is well known for its super burrito.

People love this restaurant because of its best tasting burritos and its wide variety of Mexican dishes and snacks for a very affordable price.

Willy’s Menu

Burritos are served in a tortilla or bowl filled with vegetarian rice, beans and any of our fresh ingredients
Adobe & Sinaloa Chicken$6.75
Chipotle Pork$6.75
Cilantro-garlic steak$7.75
Sinaloa Tofu$6.75
Baja BurritoChicken$8.25
Baja BurritoBaja Steak$9.25
Frito Burrito$7.95
Served with beans, salsa, sour cream and guacamole
Chicken or chipotle pork _ Adobe, sinaloa$7.75
chicken or chipotle pork$7.75
Cilantro- garlic steak$8.75
Cheese nachos$6.00
Add Willy's cheese dip$1.00
Served with pico de gallo salsa and sour cream
Chicken or chipotle porkReg$6.25
Chicken or chipotle porkGrande$7.25
Cilantro-garlic steakReg$6.95
Cilantro-garlic steakGrande$8.25
Sinaloa TofuReg$6.25
Sinaloa TofuGrande$7.25
Cheese or veggieReg$5.75
Cheese or veggieGrande$6.75
2 Tacos served in flour tortillas or crispy/soft corn tortillas with any of our fresh ingredients.
Chicken or chipotle pork$6.50
Cilantro-garlic steak$7.25
Sinaloa Tofu$6.50
Southwest Chicken Salad$7.75
Fajita Steak Salad$8.25
Willy's Salad$5.95
with grilled chicken$7.25
or grilled steak$8.25
Fountain Drinks
Homemade Lemonade
Iced Tea
Bottled Drinks
1 liter Fiji Water
Bottled Water
Domestic/Import Beer
Cheese Dip & ChipsSm$1.00
Cheese Dip & Chipsmed$3.25
Cheese Dip & Chipslarge$6.00
Cheese Dip & Chipspint$8.25
Guacamole & ChipsSm$1.00
Guacamole & Chipsmed$3.25
Guacamole & Chipslarge$6.00
Guacamole & Chipspint$8.25
Kids Combos (12 & under only) Served with fresh chips, cookie and a fountain drink
Sub 100% Apple juice box$0.75
sub 2% organic milk$1.25
Add homemade guacamole or cheese dip$0.50
Burrito combo$4.95
Taco or quesadilla combo$3.95
Sub steak on above combos$0.50
Cheese quesadilla combo$3.75
Willy's is serving breakfast at Peachtree Center, AT&T Lindbergh, Hapeville and Hartsfield Jackson Airport locations
EggBurritos & Quesadillas$3.25
Hash brownsBurritos & Quesadillas$3.50
Hash brownsTacos$1.95
Chicken, sausage or baconBurritos & Quesadillas$4.25
Chicken, sausage or baconTacos$2.35
SteakBurritos & Quesadillas$4.95

About Willy’s

Willy’s Mexicana Grill was founded in the year of 1995 by Willy Bitter in Atlanta. He opened this restaurant because of his love and obsession with burritos.

Today, the restaurant has 31 locations all over Atlanta, Athens and Peachtree City. It was awarded by Insite during its Best of Atlanta event as having the Best Burrito of 2014.

Willy’s Reviews

The restaurant has a fast and casual ambiance. They provide a lot of indoor and outdoor seating and their locations are conveniently located. The place is also clean.

The food here is tasty and very worth its price. They serve freshly prepared burritos which comes with chips and open salsa. Their serving portion is big. They even have a salsa bar.

If you happen to drop by Willy’s make sure to try their Adobo chicken Baja Burrito plate and pair it with their prickly pear Fresca which is very refreshing. Try also their cheese quesadilla.

The service is great. Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable and takes your order with a smile even with the long line and their busy lunch hour rush. They are very quick with their service.

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