Davanni’s Menu Prices

Davanni’s is a restaurant serving hoagies, pizzas, pastas, and salads for 40+ years. They are known for their line, “If you like it, tell others. If you don’t, tell us.”

Customers frequent this restaurant for their handmade in-shop dishes perfected throughout the years and original recipes made by employees or requested by customers.

Davanni’s Menu

Classic Pizzas - Build Your Own Pizza
choose any crust and either sauce (red or white) and any add ons you like.
NY Traditional or Thin$3.85 - $11.59
Chicago Deep Dishmed=11inch large=14inch$4.75 - $13.59
Classic Pizzas - Add Ons
Add Onspepperoni, red onions, black olives, hamburger, anchovies, green olives, Italian sausage, roma tomatoes, green peppers, fresh mushrooms, pineapple, hot peppers, bacon, jalapeno peppers, cheddar chees$0.62 - $2.02
Chicken and Canadian Bacon$0.86 - $3.10
Classic Pizzas - Pick 3 Combo
customize to your taste, create your own 3 item pizza at a great price. chicken and Canadian bacon at a slightly higher price
NY Traditional / Thin$5.39 - $16.47
Chicago Deep Dish$6.29 - $18.47
Classic Pizzas - The Works
our most popular and meaty combination includes sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, mushrooms, red onions, and extra cheese
NY Traditional / Thin$5.45 - $17.69
Chicago Deep Dish$6.35 - $19.69
Classic Pizzas - The 5 Meat
a spectacular combination of sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, hamburger and bacon
NY Traditional / Thin$5.45 - $17.69
Chicago Deep Dish$6.35 - $19.69
Classic Pizzas - The Veggie
a delicious vegetarian option topped with generous portions of mushrooms, red onions, green and black olives, green peppers and extra cheese
NY Traditional / Thin$5.15 - $16.19
Chicago Deep Dish$6.05 - $18.19
Classic Pizzas - White Pizza
White Pizzagourmet New York style, this gourmet sauce is a wonderful alternative to our red sauce. olive oil, fresh garlic and the perfect blend of spices creates a delicious flavor. one bite and you'll be hook
our delicious homemade pizza dough stuffed with only the freshest ingredients and a generous portion of mozzarella, brushed with garlic and olive oil and baked to perfection. served with our red sauce for dipping. five varieties to choose from.
Pepperoni and Sausage$5.19
Sausage, Green Pepper and Onion$5.19
3 Cheese - Romano, Mozzarella and cheddar$5.19
Customchoose your two favorite pizza items$5.19
Chicken and Tomatochicken and Canadian bacon at a slightly higher price$5.39
Original Hot Hoagies
broiled and topped with mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic butter, mayo and our own dressing
Turkey Bacon Chipotle with Cheddar$6.59 - $3.69
Chicken Parmigianacovered in red sauce and mozzarella, made with meat, cheese and sauce only$6.59 - $3.69
Oven Roasted Chicken Breast$6.59 - $3.69
Clubturkey, Canadian bacon, pepperoni$5.79 - $3.39
Roast BeefUSDA choice top round$5.79 - $3.39
Pastramieye of round$5.79 - $3.39
Meatballdavanni's recipe, made with meat, cheese and sauce only$5.79 - $3.39
Italian Link Sausagedavanni's recipe, made with meat, cheese and sauce only$5.79 - $3.39
Turkeyoven roasted all breast$5.59 - $3.19
Assortedham, salami and smoked ham$5.59 - $3.19
Hamnaturally smoked, extra lean$5.29 - $2.99
Salaminaturally smoked$5.29 - $2.99
Tuna Meltall white meat yellow fin tuna$5.29 - $2.99
Veggiemushroom, grn peppers, grn and blk olives and pizza sauce$5.29 - $2.99
3 Cheeseworld champ mozzarella, cheddar, Romano$5.29 - $2.99
Pizzapepperoni, pizza sauce and mozzarella, made with meat, cheese and sauce only. bacon or pepperoni add to any hoagy add whole $1.00, half $0.56, extra meat add whole $2.25, half $1.25, extra cheese add$5.29 - $2.99
Hoagy Party Traysprice varies by the six hoagies chosen$35.09 - $42.89
our delicious 15 layer lasagna, filled with ricotta, mozzarella and pecorino Romano cheeses, Italian sausage and rich red sauce, made right here at our store
Lasagnawith garlic toast$6.79 - $3.85
Panfeeds 8-12$38.99
Kids Meals
all kids meals include a chocolate chunk cookie and choice of milk or a kiddy kup and a toy. other desserts available prices may vary
Cheese Pizzasolo, traditional or thin$5.25
Hoagy(1/2 ham and cheese) other hoagy flavors available, prices may vary$4.75
Other Great Stuff
Davanni's Potato Chipsoriginal, parmesan and garlic or jalapeno $0.93, available by the case (36) $0.81 per serving (call 3 days in advance)$28.99
Breadstickschoose from Romano cheese or focaccia flavor, comes with red sauce$7.49 - $1.55
Garlic Cheese Breaddavanni's delicious white or grain bread, with garlic butter, world champ mozzarella, Romano, oregano, and red sauce$3.65 - $1.55
Box Lunches
Box Lunchesincludes: half hoagy (cold), chips and dessert, per person$4.85 - $6.21
Gourmet Salads
Chicken Caesar$6.29 - $47.99
Chicken Caesar.without chicken$3.99 - $37.99
Chicken Cobb$6.19 - $47.99
Italian Chef$6.19 - $47.99
Oriental Chicken$6.19 - $47.99
Group Salad with Pepperoni$22.99 - $37.99
Garden Salad$3.99 - $37.99
Side Garden Salad$1.99
Side Caesar Salad$1.99
Side Chicken Caesar Salad$3.49
Davanni's Rice Crispy Treats$1.59 - $44.99
Davanni's Fabulous Brownies$1.19 - $37.99
Davanni's Cookieschocolate chunk$0.93 - $25.99
Minute Maid Fruit Punch or Lemonade$1.59
Dasani Bottled Water$1.35
Diet Coke$0.89
Diet Coke.$3.99
2% Milk$0.95

About Davanni’s

Davanni’s opened up first using the name Pontillo’s Pizzeria on October 1, 1975. As time passed by, they wanted another trademark name, thus the name was born August 15, 1983.

As of today, they have 21 restaurant locations and sell their retail products at over 250 locations. They also offer catering and delivery services.

Davanni’s Review

This restaurant provides a very casual and welcoming ambience with their wooded chairs and large windows. They also have a typical diner set up with their counters with menus.

Their food is quite good with their freshly baked bread and their authentic dishes that stood the test of time for 40 years.

Davanni’s wide range of meals comes with the gluten free, vegetarian, and customizable options. They also have kid’s meals and shareable platters.

Their service is exceptional with their guarantee to have well-trained friendly and helpful employees that take pride in their work. Serving time takes usually 5-15 minutes.

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