Burgerville Menu Prices

As their name suggests, Burgerville is an American fast-casual restaurant known for their fresh beef burgers made from locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

The chain uses all organic ingredients for their products. They revise their menu to adapt to the changing seasons and highlight the freshest produce in their offerings.

Burgerville Menu

Breakfast Sandwich - English Muffin$3.39
Breakfast Sandwich - Bagel$3.79
Breakfast Burrito$3.79
Breakfast Burger$3.69
Breakfast Platter$4.69
Burgerville & Bob's Red Mill Oatmeal$3.29
Banana or Apple Slices$1.45
Hash BrownsRegular$0.75
Hash BrownsLarge$1.45
Fresh Beef Burgers
Pepper Bacon CheeseburgerSingle (1/4lb. Patty)$5.79
Pepper Bacon CheeseburgerDouble (Two 1/4lb. Patties)$7.89
Tillamook CheeseburgerSingle (1/4lb. Patty)$4.09
Tillamook CheeseburgerDouble (Two 1/4lb. Patties)$6.19
Colossal CheeseburgerSingle (1/4lb. Patty)$3.99
Colossal CheeseburgerDouble (Two 1/4lb. Patties)$6.49
Classic HamburgerSingle (1/4lb. Patty)$3.79
Classic HamburgerDouble (Two 1/4lb. Patties)$5.89
Original CheeseburgerSingle (Small Patty)$1.75
Original CheeseburgerDouble (Two Small Patties)$2.99
Original HamburgerSingle (Small Patty)$1.55
Original HamburgerDouble (Two Small Patties)$2.79
Includes Regular French Fries & Soft Drink
Original Cheeseburger Meal$4.99
Original Hamburger Meal$4.79
Chicken Tenders3 Pc.$4.29
Chicken Tenders4 Pc.$5.29
Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich$5.29
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$4.29
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.19
Turkey Club Sandwich$4.69
Seasoned Turkey Burger$4.99
Wild Alaskan Halibut
Fish & Chips3 Pc.$9.99
Fish & Chips4 Pc.$12.99
Fillet Sandwich$4.99
Spicy Anasazi Bean Burger$5.49
Gluten-Free Bun$1.00
Grilled Chicken ClubHalf$4.19
Grilled Chicken ClubFull$6.99
Blue Cheese & AppleHalf$4.49
Blue Cheese & AppleFull$7.49
Wild Smoked Salmon & HazelnutHalf$4.49
Wild Smoked Salmon & HazelnutFull$7.49
Kids Meals
Includes Choice of Apple Slices or Fries, and Milk or a Soft Drink
Chicken Tenders Meal$5.19
Halibut Fish & Chips Meal$7.99
Original Cheeseburger Meal$4.49
Original Hamburger Meal$4.29
1% Milk, Fat Free Chocolate Milk, Lemonade or Soft Drink$1.45
French FriesSmall$1.45
French FriesMedium$1.85
French FriesLarge$2.25
Side Salad$2.45
Bacon (Plain or Pepper)1 Strip$1.00
Tillamook Cheese1 Slice$0.60
Soft DrinksRegular$1.75
Soft DrinksLarge$2.15
Fresh-Brewed Iced TeaRegular$1.75
Fresh-Brewed Iced TeaLarge$2.15
Coffee (Portland Roasting)Regular$1.25
Coffee (Portland Roasting)Large$1.50
Hot ChocolateRegular$1.95
Apple JuiceRegular$1.75
Orange JuiceRegular$1.75
1% Milk or Fat Free Chocolate MilkRegular$1.45
Choice of Real Ice Cream or Nonfat Frozen Yogurt
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone$1.45
Fresh Baked Cookie$0.89
Milkshakes & Smoothies
Chocolate, Vanilla or StrawberrySmall$2.95
Chocolate, Vanilla or StrawberryRegular$3.45
Chocolate, Vanilla or StrawberryLarge$4.45
Specialty or Seasonal (Cherry Chocolate, Mocha Perk, Triple Berry Blast, Strawberry Splash or Chocolate Monkey)Small$3.65
Specialty or Seasonal (Cherry Chocolate, Mocha Perk, Triple Berry Blast, Strawberry Splash or Chocolate Monkey)Regular$4.35
Specialty or Seasonal (Cherry Chocolate, Mocha Perk, Triple Berry Blast, Strawberry Splash or Chocolate Monkey)Large$5.35

About Burgerville

The Burgerville brand is owned by The Holland Inc. The chain was founded by George Propstra in 1961 and the first shop was put up in Vancouver, Washington.

Today, the chain has over 40 other locations throughout Oregon and Washington. Even with their expansion, Burger was still awarded as having the freshest fast food in the country.

Burgerville Review

Burgerville is your convenient neighborhood fast food chain that offers express service and family friendly atmosphere. The area is kept clean, orderly and decorated with typical fast food restaurant necessities.

But even if is considered a fast food restaurant, their food choices are healthier and tasted better than other commercial brands. Ingredients used are also guaranteed fresh and locally grown.

Order their fried chicken sandwich with tender chicken breast, leafy lettuce, juicy tomato and honey mustard sauce. Eat that with their Walla Walla onion rings and season milkshakes for a complete meal!

In every Burgerville customers are given efficient service from their cashiers to their servers. Managers are very visible and readily assists when needed.

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