4 Rivers Menu Prices

4 Rivers Smokehouse is a fast growing family owned barbeque chain known for its perfected signature barbeque classics and sauces.

Customers always return to this restaurant for their signature barbeques in special perfected sauces, their specialty cakes, and their wide variety of barbeques.

4 Rivers Menu

Homemade dressings: Ranch, blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, or smoked tomato vinaigrette (house specialty) Add meat: $2.99-$3.99.
Chopped SaladSpring mix and romaine lettuce piled high with cheddar cheese, onions, cucumbers, grilled corn, tomatoes and cornbread croutons.$6.99
Cornbread SaladCrumbled cornbread served with a sweet tomato dressing over chopped romaine and topped with bacon.$6.99
Includes 2 sides.
Signature Angus Brisket$8.99
Southern Pulled Pork$8.49
Sliced Pork$8.49
Smoked Chicken Salad$8.49
Smokehouse Turkey (Warm)$8.49
Texas Sausage$8.99
Pulled Chicken$8.49
BBQ QuesadillaChoice of meat$8.49
From the Smoker
St. Louis Style RibsIncludes 2 sides$14.99 - $24.99
Brontosaurus Beef RibIncludes 2 sides$24.99
Smoked ChickenIncludes 2 sides$6.99 - $11.49
6 Pcs. Smoked Chicken Wings$5.99
10 Pcs. Smoked Chicken Wings$8.99
6 Pcs. Smoked Jalapenos$5.49
10 Pcs. Smoked Jalapenos$8.59
Signature Stackers
Add 2 sides for $2.50.
Texas DestroyerTender smoked brisket, topped with onion rings, jalapenos, and melted provolone smothered in 4R sauce.$8.49
Messy PigHeaping pile of pulled pork between 2 layers of slaw, topped with pickles, jalapenos and 4R sauce.$8.49
LonghornChopped brisket and Texas sausage served on a toasted roll over smokehouse relish, topped with onion rings and melted provolone.$8.49
Smokehouse Cuban4R twist on a classic. Smoked pork and ham, mustard, pickles, onion rings and provolone stacked high, pressed, then grilled to perfection.$8.49
Smokehouse Sliders (3)U-pick and mix between: Angus brisket, pulled pork, burnt-ends or pulled chicken.$8.49
Santa Maria Tri-Tip SteakSouthern california inspired smoked aged beef, finished over an open flame and served with smokehouse chimichurri sauce.$8.49
Smokehouse Prime RibAged ribeye roast smoked to perfection then finished on the grill. Served on a grilled bun with homemade horseradish and 4R sauce.$9.99
Six ShooterCheese grits topped with pulled pork, slaw, pickles, jalapenos and 4R sauce to create the perfect blend of sweet and savory.$7.99
Classic Dinner Plates
Includes 3 sides & biscuit. Add: Chicken quarter $3.99, half $7.99. Half rack $12.99, second meat $2.99 - $3.99.
Signature Angus Brisket$13.99
Southern Pulled Pork$11.99
Sliced Pork$11.99
Smokehouse Turkey (Warm)$11.99
Texas Sausage$13.99
Pulled Chicken$11.49
Smokehouse Prime Rib$16.99
Smoked Chicken$12.99 - $18.99
St. Louis Style Ribs$16.99 - $26.99
Brontosaurus Beef Rib$26.99
A La Carte
Signature Angus Brisket$7.49 - $14.49
Southern Pulled Pork$6.49 - $11.99
Sliced Pork$6.49 - $11.49
Smokehouse Turkey (Warm)$6.99 - $11.99
Texas Sausage$6.99 - $12.49
Smoked Prime Rib$13.49 - $24.99
Pulled Chicken$6.49 - $11.49
Burnt Ends$6.99 - $12.99
Smoked Chicken Salad$6.50 - $11.99
Smoked Chicken$7.99 - $14.99
St. Louis Style Ribs$12.99 - $22.99
Brontosaurus Beef Rib$22.99
10 Pcs. Smoked Chicken Wings$8.99
30 Pcs. Smoked Chicken Wings$25.59
50 Pcs. Smoked Chicken Wings$40.99
10 Pcs. Smoked Jalapenos$8.59
30 Pcs. Smoked Jalapenos$24.49
50 Pcs. Smoked Jalapenos$37.99
Home Style Sides (Pint)$5.99
Home Style Sides (Quart)$9.99
Home Style Sides (Gallon)$33.99
Home Style Sides
Cornbread Salad$2.29
Fried Pickles$2.29
Mac & Cheese$2.29
Baked Cheese Grits$2.29
4R BBQ Beans$2.29
John's Potato Salad$2.29
Smokhouse Corn$2.29
Southern Green Beans$2.29
French Fries$2.29
Fried Okra$2.29
Texas Cornbread$2.29
Bread Pudding$2.29
Sweet Potato Casserole$2.29
Smoked Jalapenos (2)$2.29
Lunch Side BoardIncludes 3 sides & biscuit$6.99
Dinner Side BoardIncludes 5 sides & biscuit$8.99
Kid's Corral
Includes 1 side & medium fountain drink
Brisket Slider$5.25
Turkey Slider$5.25
Hot Dog$5.25
Pulled Pork Slider$5.25
Pulled Chicken Slider$5.25
Quarter Chicken$5.25
PB&J Sandiwich$5.25
Happy Trails
Cupcakes & Bombs$3.75 - $4.75
Wedge O Cake$4.75
Fried Oreos (3)$2.49
Bread Pudding$2.29
Pudding Cups$2.79
KolacheSaturdays only$1.99 - $2.49

About 4 Rivers

It was founded by John Rivers in 2004. It got its name from their family (John, his wife, and their 2 children), and a double meaning with a biblical passage.

4 Rivers Smokehouse currently has 14 locations. It is also awarded with the “Taste Test Award” in 2012 and the “James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence”.

4 Rivers Review

With its large windows and spacious setting, this restaurant gives off a welcoming and rustic ambience. Tables are arranged into booths and long tables are available for large parties.

Their food taste absolutely amazing. With their perfected barbeques and sauces, all flavourful, sweet, and savoury, you surely will come back for more.

A popular dish among its customers is the Sweet Potato Casserole. They have a wide variety of foods, from classic barbeques to southern cuisines and vegetarian options.

Overall service is incredible. The staff and servers are very friendly and accommodating. On busy days, it takes a bit longer to have the food.

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