Schlotzsky’s Menu Prices

Schlotzsky’s is a sandwich shop that is Austin, Texas inspired. They are known for their ‘Original’ sandwich, which consists of 13 different ingredients on their house toasted bread.

People enjoy Schlotzsky’s for their uniqueness and also friendly service. They also have an involvement in the community. Each fall, there is a funraiser to help JDRF in the fight against diabetes type 1.

Schlotzsky’s Menu

Sandwich Meals
The OriginalSmall$7.67
The OriginalMedium$8.77
Smoked Turkey BreastSmall$7.67
Smoked Turkey BreastMedium$8.77
Turkey Bacon ClubSmall$8.67
Turkey Bacon ClubMedium$9.77
Angus Roast Beef & CheeseSmall$8.67
Angus Roast Beef & CheeseMedium$9.77
Fiesta ChickenSmall$8.67
Fiesta ChickenMedium$9.77
Ham and CheeseSmall$7.67
Ham and CheeseMedium$8.77
Oven-Toasted Sandwiches
The OriginalSmall$4.49
The OriginalMedium$5.49
The OriginalLarge$10.29
Turkey Original-StyleSmall$5.49
Turkey Original-StyleMedium$6.49
Turkey Original-StyleLarge$11.99
Turkey Bacon ClubSmall$5.49
Turkey Bacon ClubMedium$6.49
Turkey Bacon ClubLarge$11.99
Smoked Turkey BreastSmall$4.49
Smoked Turkey BreastMedium$5.49
Smoked Turkey BreastLarge$10.29
Ham & Cheese Original-StyleSmall$4.49
Ham & Cheese Original-StyleMedium$5.49
Ham & Cheese Original-StyleLarge$10.29
Fresh VeggieSmall$4.49
Fresh VeggieMedium$5.49
Fresh VeggieLarge$10.29
Angus Roast Beef & CheeseSmall$5.49
Angus Roast Beef & CheeseMedium$6.49
Angus Roast Beef & CheeseLarge$11.99
Albuquerque TurkeySmall$5.49
Albuquerque TurkeyMedium$6.49
Albuquerque TurkeyLarge$11.99
Chicken BreastSmall$4.49
Chicken BreastMedium$5.49
Chicken BreastLarge$10.29
Pastrami ReubenSmall$5.49
Pastrami ReubenMedium$6.49
Pastrami ReubenLarge$11.99
Deluxe Original-StyleSmall$5.49
Deluxe Original-StyleMedium$6.49
Deluxe Original-StyleLarge$11.99
Homestyle TunaSmall$4.49
Homestyle TunaMedium$5.49
Homestyle TunaLarge$10.29
Pastrami & SwissSmall$5.49
Pastrami & SwissMedium$6.49
Pastrami & SwissLarge$11.99
Smoked Turkey & GuacamoleSmall$5.49
Smoked Turkey & GuacamoleMedium$6.49
Smoked Turkey & GuacamoleLarge$11.99
(Dijon) Spicy Chipotle ChickenSmall$5.49
(Dijon) Spicy Chipotle ChickenMedium$6.49
(Dijon) Spicy Chipotle ChickenLarge$11.99
Smoked Turkey ReubenSmall$5.49
Smoked Turkey ReubenMedium$6.49
Smoked Turkey ReubenLarge$11.99
Cheese OriginalSmall$4.49
Cheese OriginalMedium$5.49
Cheese OriginalLarge$10.29
Chipotle ChickenSmall$4.49
Chipotle ChickenMedium$5.49
Chipotle ChickenLarge$10.29
Fiesta ChickenSmall$5.49
Fiesta ChickenMedium$6.49
Fiesta ChickenLarge$11.99
Gourmet Pizzas
Pepperoni & Double CheeseRegular$6.49
Pepperoni & Double Cheese14' Large$10.99
BBQ Chicken & JalapenoRegular$6.49
BBQ Chicken & Jalapeno14' Large$10.99
Combination SpecialRegular$6.49
Combination Special14' Large$10.99
Fresh VeggieRegular$6.49
Fresh Veggie14' Large$10.99
Smoked Turkey & JalapenoRegular$6.49
Smoked Turkey & Jalapeno14' Large$10.99
Grilled Chicken & PestoRegular$6.49
Grilled Chicken & Pesto14' Large$10.99
Double CheeseRegular$6.49
Double Cheese14' Large$10.99
Turkey Avocado Cobb Salad$8.29
Cranberry, Apple, Pecan & Chicken Salad$8.29
Garden Salad$4.49
Hearts Of Romaine Chicken Caesar Salad$7.49
Turkey Chef Salad$7.49
Broccoli & CheddarCup$3.49
Broccoli & CheddarBowl$4.49
Broccoli & CheddarQuart$9.99
Potato BaconCup$3.49
Potato BaconBowl$4.49
Potato BaconQuart$9.99
Chicken & Wild RiceCup$3.49
Chicken & Wild RiceBowl$4.49
Chicken & Wild RiceQuart$9.99
Tuscan Tomato BasilCup$3.49
Tuscan Tomato BasilBowl$4.49
Tuscan Tomato BasilQuart$9.99
Cheddar & Chicken TortillaCup$3.49
Cheddar & Chicken TortillaBowl$4.49
Cheddar & Chicken TortillaQuart$9.99
Soup of the DayCup$3.49
Soup of the DayBowl$4.49
Soup of the DayQuart$9.99
Pick Any 2
Soup & SandwichCup & Half$7.99
Soup & SaladCup & Half$7.99
Sandwich & SaladHalf & Half$7.99
Pizza & SoupRegular & Cup$7.99
Pizza and SaladRegular & Half$7.99
Kid's Meals
Kid's Cheese Pizza$4.49
Kid's Pepperoni Pizza$4.49
Kid's Cheese Sandwich$4.49
Kid's Turkey Sandwich$4.49
Schlotzsky's ChipsIndividual Bag$1.29
Fountain DrinksSmall 20 oz.$1.89
Fountain DrinksMedium 32 oz.$1.99
Fountain DrinksLarge 44 oz.$2.19
Freshly Brewed TeaSmall 20 oz.$1.89
Freshly Brewed TeaMedium 32 oz.$1.99
Freshly Brewed TeaLarge 44 oz.$2.19
Minute Made Lemonade or Raspberry LemonadeSmall 20 oz.$1.89
Minute Made Lemonade or Raspberry LemonadeMedium 32 oz.$1.99
Minute Made Lemonade or Raspberry LemonadeLarge 44 oz.$2.19
Locally Bottled Juices$2.49
Sweet or Unsweetened Tea1 Gallon$10.99
Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade1 Gallon$10.99
Desserts & Cinnabon
Cinnabon Classic1 Pc.$3.49
Cinnabon Classic4 Pack11.99
Cinnabon Classic6 Pack14.99
Cinnabon Pecanbon1 Pc.$3.99
Cinnabon Pecanbon4 Pack$13.99
Cinnabon Pecanbon6 Pack$18.99
Caramel Pecanbon4 Pack$13.99
New York CheesecakeSlice$3.99
New York CheesecakeWhole$39.99
Brownie1 Pc.$1.69
Brownies12 Pc.$19.99
Fresh Baked Cookie1 Pc.$0.45
Fresh Baked Cookies12 Pc.$4.50
Carrot CakeSlice$2.49
Carrot CakeWhole$29.99
Fudge Chocolate CakeSlice$3.99
Extra Frosting$0.49

About Schlotzsky’s

In 1971 in Austin, Texas the first Schlotzsky’s opened as a small restaurant. Don and Delores Dissman were the founders. At first all you could find at the restaurant were the ‘Original’ sandwiches.

Throughout the 45 years the restaurant has expanded to 35 states with over 350 different locations. Schlotzsky’s has been included in the Guinness World Record Book for having the most contributors to a painting by numbers. The painting is that of the ‘Original’ sandwich in Austin, Texas.

Schlotzsky’s Review

When you find yourself inside you will be overtaken by the vibrant colors of the restaurant. The style is upbeat with a sense of uniqueness. You will find an array of seating options to promote socialization with your party.

If you are craving warm bread and delicious food, then Schlotzsky’s is the place for you. Savory and meaty are the tastes that you will enjoy with the different food options. From sandwiches to flatbreads there is a food that is just for you.

A good recommendation is the ‘Original’. This sandwich will satisfy all your meat desires. There are different bread options from sourdough, to rye, to jalapeño. Another recommendation is the pizza flatbreads. Whatever you are craving from meats to vegetables, the flatbreads have what you want.

Service is well maintained. The restaurants are held to a high standard of cleanness. These restaurants cannot all be classified as one but the overall service is exceptional. Wait times can vary depending upon time of the day. Lunch is usually the busiest time so expect delays.

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