Papa Murphy’s Menu Prices

Papa Murphy’s is a take and bake pizza chain. It is known for its take and bake style and its fresh ingredients.

People love Papa Murphy’s because they use only the freshest ingredients, and because they love to have their pizzas be prepared at the restaurant and cook them themselves in their own ovens.

Papa Murphy’s Menu

Gourmet Delite
Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Thin Crust)Family$15.00
Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Original Crust)Large$14.00
Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Original Crust)Family$16.00
Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Thin Crust)Family$15.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Original Crust)Large$14.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Original Crust)Family$16.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Thin Crust)Large$12.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Thin Crust)Family$14.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Original Crust)Large$13.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Original Crust)Family$15.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Pan Crust)Large$14.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Thin Crust)Large$12.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Thin Crust)Family$14.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Original Crust)Large$13.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Original Crust)Family$15.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Pan Crust)Large$14.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Thin Crust)Family$15.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Original Crust)Large$14.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Original Crust)Family$16.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Thai Chicken (Thin Crust)Large$12.00
Thai Chicken (Thin Crust)Family$14.00
Thai Chicken (Original Crust)Large$13.00
Thai Chicken (Original Crust)Family$15.00
Thai Chicken (Pan Crust)Large$14.00
Thin & Original Crust - Family Size Add $2
Cowboy (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Cowboy (Original Crust)Large$14.00
Cowboy (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Chicken Garlic (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Chicken Garlic (Original Crust)Large$14.00
Chicken Garlic (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Papa's All Meat (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Papa's All Meat (Original Crust)Large$14.00
Papa's All Meat (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Murphy's Combo (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Murphy's Combo (Original Crust)Large$14.00
Murphy's Combo (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Papa's Favorite (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Papa's Favorite (Original Crust)Large$14.00
Papa's Favorite (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Garden Veggie (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Garden Veggie (Original Crust)Large$14.00
Garden Veggie (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
The 2-Layer, 4-Pounder. Family Size Add $2
Chicken BaconLarge$15.00
Big Murphy'sLarge$15.00
Create Your Own Pizza
Thin, Original & Stuffed Crust - Family Size Add $2
Cheese (Thin Crust)Large$8.00
Cheese (Original Crust)Large$9.00
Cheese (Pan Crust)Large$10.00
Cheese (Stuffed)Large$10.50
Gourmet Topping (Angus Steak, Spicy Fennel Sausage, Roast Garlic, Sun-Dried Tomatoes or Artichoke Hearts)$2.00
Classic Topping (Pepperoni, Chicken, Sausage, Salami, Ground Beef, Bacon or Canadian Bacon)$1.50
Classic Topping (Parmesan, Feta or Extra Cheese)$1.50
Classic Topping (Tomatoes, Pineapple, Mixed Onions, Green Onions, Zucchini, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Mushrooms, Black Olives, Spinach, Garlic, Jalapenos or Green Olives)$1.50
Mini Murph
A Kid's Size Make 'N' Bake Pizza Kit
Pepperoni or CheeseKids$3.00
Starters, Sides & Desserts
Thick 'n' Cheesy Homebaked Bread$5.00
Classic Cheesy Bread$5.00
Garden Salad$5.00
Signature Salads (Chicken Caesar, Italian, Club or Mediterranean Salad)$5.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$4.00
Cinnamon Wheel$4.00
S'mores Dessert Pizza$4.00
Soft Drink2 Liter$2.25
Soft Drink20 oz.$1.50

About Papa Murphy’s

This chain was first started in Vancouver, Washington in 1995 as a merger between two businesses: Papa Aldo’s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza.

You can find over 1,500 stores across the United States and Canada. This chain has received several top awards, including being voted #1 pizza chain in a poll conducted in 2012 in Zagat’s Fast-Food Survey. There were over 10,500 respondents.

Papa Murphy’s Review

This franchise sports a very simple design: you walk in and tell the cashier what you want, and they prepare it right in front of you.

You can find all types of pizzas in this restaurant. You can choose from their own specialty pizzas or customize your own.

The real highlight of getting your pizza prepared at Papa Murphy’s is the ability to customize it yourself. You can choose your favorite crust, sauce, cheese, and additional tasty toppings.

Another highlight of this chain is that you get to see the action right in front of you. Depending on how complicated your pizza is, you could either be out of your door and headed to your oven in less than 5 minutes. For more complicated pizzas you should expect to wait a little longer.

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