Nando’s Menu Prices

Nando’s is a restaurant chain that specializes in Portuguese-style chicken dishes that have various peri-peri marinades

Many people like to have their meals in this restaurant because it offers tasty peri-peri wings served with different kinds of drinks.

Nando’s Menu

Snacks & Shareables
Prepare your taste buds for the main event with some mouthwatering nibbles.
6 Peri-Peri Wings$5.95
Hummus with Peri-Peri DrizzleTangy peri-peri-infused oil poured over creamy hummus. Dig in with toasted pita or crunchy seasonal vegetables add $0.50.$5.95
Peri-Peri NutsA crunchy selection of spice-roasted almonds, cashews and macadamias$3.95
Garlic SticksBaked portuguese roll smothered in garlic and herb butter.$4.55
Spicy Mixed OlivesGreen and black olives perked up with garlic, peppers and chilli.$3.95
Entree Salads
Add peri-peri chicken breast for $2.95
Mediterranean SaladMixed salad leaves with peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese and olives. Tossed in a creamy dressing.$7.25
Chicken Caesar SaladPeri-peri chicken with romaine lettuce, parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes, caesar dressing and house-made croutons.$9.25
Nutty Date Chicken SaladShredded peri-peri chicken salad with dates and toasted almonds. Served with toasted pita, pickled onions, goat cheese and greens in honey vinaigrette.$9.95
Butternut Squash & Couscous SaladButternut and red onion with olives, grilled corn, chilli and couscous served on a bed of leaves tossed with a herb dressing.$8.25
Country SaladPeri-peri chicken with roasted red pepper, grilled corn, chickpeas, croutons and halloumi cheese over mixed greens. Tossed in a herb dressing.$10.25
Chicken & Baby Kale SaladBaby kale, shredded peri-peri chicken and crispy chickpeas mixed with greens, olives and cherry tomatoes. Tossed in a creamy yogurt dressing.$9.95
Sharing Platters
Bundles of our legendary peri-peri chicken - plenty for friends to share.
Wing Platter24 flame-grilled peri-peri wings with your choice of 2 large sides$28.45
Full PlatterWhole chicken with your choice of 2 large sides$26.45
Jumbo Platter2 whole chickens with 2 extra-large sides$51.45
Sandwiches, Wraps, Pitas - Peri-Perii Chicken
Try any of these on your sandwich, pita or wrap: roasted portobello mushroom $2.25, grilled halloumi cheese $2.25, grilled pineapple slice $0.75 cheddar cheese $0.75. Double the chicken add $2.95
Chicken Breast WrapServed with fresh green leaf lettuce, peppery sweet chilli jam and tangy yogurt sauce.$8.85 - $10.85
Chicken Breast SandwichServed on a toasted portuguese roll with arugula, tomato, pickled red onions and peri-peri mayo.$8.85 - $10.85
Chicken Caesar WrapServed in a toasted wrap or pita, our spicy chicken mixed in a caesar salad with sun dried tomatoes.$9.75 - $11.75
Nandocas ChoiceA whole butterflied peri-peri chicken breast served on garlic bread, topped with our house-made coleslaw.$13.95 - $15.95
Chicken Breast PitaServed toasted with a mix of crispy vegetables and mayonnaise with a hint of fresh cilantro.$8.65 - $10.65
Sandwiches, Wraps, Pitas - Veg Peridise
Try any of these on your sandwich, pita or wrap: roasted portobello mushroom $2.25, grilled halloumi cheese $2.25, grilled pineapple slice $0.75 cheddar cheese $0.75. Double the chicken add $2.95
Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi WrapRoasted and served in a whole wheat wrap with our chilli jam. Also available on a portuguese roll or toasted pita.$9.55 - $11.55
Veggie BurgerServed with fresh green leaf lettuce, peppery sweet chilli jam and tangy yogurt sauce.$9.25 - $11.25
Roasted Veggie WrapRoasted eggplant and red peppers, peri-drizzled couscous salad, hummus, pickled onions and crumbled goat cheese in a whole wheat wrap.$9.45 - $11.45
Sandwiches, Wraps, Pitas - Beefy Gatecrasher
Try any of these on your sandwich, pita or wrap: roasted portobello mushroom $2.25, grilled halloumi cheese $2.25, grilled pineapple slice $0.75 cheddar cheese $0.75. Double the chicken add $2.95
Rib-eye Steak SandwichServed on a toasted portuguese roll with roasted red peppers, arugula, pickled red onions and peri-peri mayo.$13.95 - $15.95
Peri-Peri Chicken
Flame-Grilled Chicken BreastButterflied whole chicken breast in crispy skin.$11.45 - $13.45
1/4 Chicken - BreastThe succulent and saucy bits.$7.75 - $9.75
1/4 Chicken - Leg$7.25 - $9.25
Two 1/4 LegsDouble your favorite cut.$11.45 - $13.45
1/2 ChickenThe best cut of our signature chicken.$12.45 - $14.45
Chicken Livers$7.25 - $9.25
12 Peri-Peri Wings$12.95 - $14.95
Whole ChickenCut in 1/4s$18.95
Nando's Classics
The CureServed with chips to fully satisfy your peri-peri craving.$12.45
The Chicken BurgerChicken sandwich with a slice of pineapple and cheddar cheese - trust us on this one. Served on a toasted portuguese roll with pickled red onions, arugula, tomato and peri-peri mayo.$8.35
Regular Sides
Peri Chips - Aka Fries$2.75
Perinaise (Peri-Peri Mayo)Add $0.75$2.75
Flame-Grilled Corn on the Cob$2.75
Garlic Bread$2.75
Portuguese Rice$2.75
Red Skin Mashed Potato$2.75
Macho PeasRugged pea mash with whole peas, parsley, mint and chilli.$2.75
Fino Sides
Add $1.00. House-made deluxe sides
Mixed Green Side Salad
Butternut Squash and CornServed with red onion, dried cranberries, fresh cilantro and chilli.
Cucumber and Poppy Seed SaladSliced cucumbers tossed with a tangy poppy seed dressing and pickled red onions.
Desserts - Cake
Chocolate Spoon CakeSilky chocolate filling between layers of moist, dark chocolate cake.$6.25
Carrot CakeFour rich, golden layers of cake with walnuts, pineapple and raisins topped off with a smooth cream cheese icing.$6.25
Raspberry CheesecakeRaspberry sauce swirled through a creamy white chocolate cheesecake.$6.25
Desserts - Get Handsy
Naughty NatasTraditional portuguese custard tart, served warm with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.$2.25
Barely Baked Brownie$2.95
Chocolate Chili CookieSprinkled with pecans and a hint of peri-peri.$3.75
Coconut MacaroonA rustic blend of coconut and vanilla - crispy on the outside and perfectly moist in the center.$2.95
Desserts - Frozen Assets
Frozen Yogurt$2.95
Soft Drinks
Go Bottomless$2.25
Bottled Craft Sodas$3.25
Honest TeaFreshly brewed Iced Tea.$2.25
Saratoga Sparkling or Still Water (12oz)$2.45

About Nando’s

This restaurant was founded in 1987 by Fernando Duarte and Robert Brozin to offer world-class dishes, mainly the Portuguese chicken dishes.

This restaurant has more than 1000 locations in over 35 countries specializing in the same type of dishes and services to its clients in all the nations.

Nando’s Review

This restaurant has a magnificent setting that allows clients to have their meal in a relaxing mood. The seats are comfortable and classy to have meals and feel rejuvenated if you are tired.

The food is prepared in the highest professional manner to adhere to the Portuguese style of cooking. The food is appealing and tasty. Having a bite of this food may make you go for more food.

The menu covers a variety of food from peri-peri wings, whole chicken, plain-ish, and flame grilled chicken breast.

The staff is trained to serve customers in the highly professional manner to attract more customers. Additionally, the staff works efficiently to keep time.

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