Flanigan’s Menu Prices

Flanigan’s is a seafood cuisine restaurant. It is known for its laidback style and for being a local community family establishment.

People who are looking for a laidback dining experience, perfect for families or a get together with friends will love this place. Also, seafood lovers will love the fresh seafood.

Flanigan’s Menu

Award Winning Chicken Wingsavailable in hot, medium, mild, and barbecue flavors.$9.99 - $16.99
Award Winning Chicken Wingswith garlic$0.29
Award Winning Chicken Wingscelery, carrots and blue cheese$0.49
Chowders And Soupsauthentic homemade new england clam chowder or zesty seafood gumbo. ask your server about the soup of the day.$4.99
Sweet Potato Friesfrench fries straight from heaven........a generous amount of the ultimate sweet potato french fry, perfectly deep-fried, and lightly coated with cinnamon sugar. a guaranteed slam dunk for those who$4.99
Sweet Potato Frieswith any sandwich, burger or entree$0.99
Garlic Rollscute little golf ball sized rolls, ideal for applying butter and garlic to your chin. while in the general proximity of your mouth, eating is also recommended.$3.49 - $2.49
Tumbleweed Onionsthe good news - these are the lightest, tastiest battered onions you've ever tasted. the bad news - you may experience an uncontrollable urge to roll around in the sand!$4.99
Potato Skinsthe skin of idaho potatoes, surgically removed and reconstructed with cheddar cheese and bacon bits, to produce melt in your mouth potato skins.$4.99
Peel & Eat Shrimpprice is significantly reduced due to customer's labor. one dozen large shrimp served chilled on a bed of ice with cocktail sauce.
Mozzarella Sticksstr-r-r-r-etch your appetizer! stringy, but delicious, mozzarella cheese, deep fried just right. michael flanigan holds the current indoor record for cheese stretching at 2.7 feet!$5.99
Smoked Fish Dipa rare delicacy, due to the extreme difficulty of lighting up under water. served with carrots, celery, saltines and fresh-made chips.$5.99
French Fries3/4 pound of seasoned french fries. these fries have an appealing shaped exterior, and an interior that's smoldering for your pleasure. finally the name makes sense.$4.99
Firecracker Shrimpa little bit of kick, but not a full arsenal of fire power. one dozen of our plump, deep fried shrimp, tossed in a creamy zesty sauce, topped with pico de gallo, nestled on a bed of lettuce, and serv$9.49
Dolphin Fingersan age old recipe dating back to when fish had hands! fresh dolphin strips, deep fried and served with tartar sauce an lemon.
Loaded Nachos(no, not like the condition of the cook who invented this item.) a mind-boggling amount of chips, chili, pico di gallo, jalapenos, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream, stacked higher than a ta$9.99
Chicken Stickersa half dozen, fresh, all white meat chicken strips, made to order with our homemade breading, and deep fried to a goldenbrown. takes a lickin¹ and keeps on stickin¹! hot, medium, mild, or bbq.$9.99
Joe's Rockin' Rib Rollsdeep fried, homemade egg rolls, filled with rib meat from flanigan's famous baby back ribs, pulled pork, cheddar cheese, onions, and our award winning barbeque sauce. these melt-in-your-mouth delecta$9.99
Steamerstender middlenecks, steamed in wine, lemon, garlic, and butter. don't even think about eating just one dozen!$8.99
WayTooBig Sandwiches
Barbecued Chicken Breastpretend you're at a backyard barbecue and it started raining. pretend you went to flanigan's for a mouth-watering charbroiled, chicken breast sandwich. stop pretending!$7.99
Philadelphia Cheese Steakjust like they sell at the corner of 2nd and south in downtown philly. ben franklin's original recipe (minus the kite strings!), with plenty of sautéed beef, onions, mushrooms and melted swiss americ$8.99
Chicken Phillythe same as above except substitute fresh chicken for the beef (and feathers for the kite strings). this would be our #1 selling sandwich, except it was afraid to accept the recognition.$8.99
Blackened Tuna Hoagie* an outrageous combination of fresh tuna - lightly blackened, with red onions, green peppers and red peppers, blanketed with melted cheddar cheese. a "must" for philly lovers, or any lover
Fresh Dolphin Sandwichblackened, deep fried, or grilled, this fish sandwich is as fresh and juicy as you can get without using a pole and bait. served on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce.
Blackened Tilapia Sandwichlightly blackened tilapia that is way tender, moist and juicy. served on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce. also available deep fried.
Teriyaki Chicken Breastoriginally prepared by benjamin yaki and his son, terry. tender chicken breast, marinated in teriyaki sauce, chargrilled, and covered with melted swiss cheese and two strips of bacon.
Fresh Tuna Steak Sandwich* sorry charlie, this is the best tuna steak sandwich you’ve ever tasted! get it grilled, blackened, or mesquite. served on a kaiser toll with lettuce and tomato. (for optimum flavor and juiciness, w
Fresh Ten Ounce Burgers *
Texas Burgerour whopping 10 ounce, fresh, never frozen, charbroiled beef burger, topped with crumbled bleu cheese, two strips of bacon, a stack of tumbleweed onions, and drizzled with our homemade wing sauce...$8.99
Flanigan's Burgercovered with sautéed onions and mushrooms, plus 2 slices of swiss american cheese. this is our most unique burger, so we used our massive intellect to come up with a totally original name.$8.99
Bahama Burgerthe perfect burger for the "hamburger purist", i.e. no "junk" to get in the way of that fresh beef flavor, charbroiled to perfection.$8.29
Caribbean Burgersmothered with our special barbecue sauce, melted cheddar cheese, and two strips of bacon. the "caribbean" part is that you forget about everything once you've eaten this burger!$8.99
Big Daddy Burgerthe ultimate cheeseburger - 2 slices of american cheese added to the bahama burger! this burger is partially responsible for the "big" in "big daddy!"$8.79
Fresh Tuna* a hearty 10 oz. filet of fresh tuna. try it grilled, blackened, or mesquite for melt-in-your-mouth ecstasy! you will soon know the true meaning of"bona fortuna"! served with your choice o
Surf And Turf* satisfy all your taste buds with the perfect marriage of beef and shellfish. a charbroiled 8 0z. usda choice n.y. strip steak, paired with 1/2 dozen golden brown, deep fried shrimp, served with you$15.99
Deep Fried Shrimpwhen it comes to fried shrimp, our competitors are bitter, because our secret batter is better! they keep trying. we say, "don’t bother!" a dozen shrimp, perfectly deep fried to a golden br$14.99
Dolphin Francaisein french, "ooh la la" means "one-of-a-kind", and that totally describes this made- from-scratch item. fresh dolphin, lightly battered, sautéed with lemon juice and white wine, an
Grilled Salmona ten ounce filet of atlantic salmon, tenderly chargrilled with three preparation options: lemon garlic, toasted sesame glazed, or blackened. served with your choice of potato or rice. have a salmon-$15.99
Lemon Pepper Tilapiaa hearty, 12 portion of tender, flaky tilapia, sautéed in our creamy, homemade, lemon pepper sauce. served with your choice of potato or rice. the word tilapia is irish and means, delicious, unique a$13.99
Fresh Dolphinflanigan's specialty! sandwich or dinner: blackened, broiled, grilled, sautéed, deep fried. all entrées come with fresh homemade coleslaw upon request. a dinner caesar or a deluxe dinner salad may be
Grilled Garlic & Herb Tilapiaa generous, ten ounce portion of mild, pure all white meat tilapia, lightly seasoned with lemon and herbs. grilled to perfection, and finished with flanigan’s homemade garlic butter sauce. truly a &q$14.99
Beef, Chicken And Pork
Prime Rib* (after 4 p.m.) a succulent, juicy 12 oz. cut of usda choice aged beef - slow roasted to melt in your mouth. this is the ultimate in mouth-watering tenderness, served with au jus and your choice of$17.99
N.Y. Strip* a 12 oz. usda choice aged n.y. strip steak, charbroiled and seasoned just the way you like it, and served with your choice of potato or rice. named after strange affliction in the state of new york$17.99
Barbecued Half Chickenremember how dad used to scientifically grill the chicken in the good ol’ days? forget that! we don’t burn the chicken (or the family pet). a juicy, marinated fresh half chicken , grilled the way it$11.99
Rib Eyethe first choice of rocky balboa after his title bout with clubber lang! a 12 oz. usda choice aged rib eye, charbroiled and seasoned just the way you like it, and served with your choice of potato or$17.99
Chicken Sticker Dinnerafter only 17,000 requests we finally got the hint….a half dozen, fresh all white meat chicken strips, made to order with our homemade breading, and deep fried to a golden brown. served with your cho$12.99
Blackened Prime Pork Ribeyetwo plump pork rib eye filets, lightly blackened and finished with garlic butter, then topped with a mango, sweet chili, red pepper salsa. a hearty portion of the same juicy, tender, melt-in-your-mou$13.99
Lean Joe's Greens
Pasta Saladspiral pasta joined by broccoli, red peppers, red onions, black onions, black olives and caesar dressing. sudden movements are not recommended after consuming these salads!$5.99
Pasta Saladwith a scoop of homemade crab, tuna, or chicken salad$2.99
Pasta Saladwith fresh chicken strips charbroiled or blackened$3.99
Pasta Saladwith four homemade, deep fried chicken stickers hot, medium, mild or bbq$3.99
Pasta Saladwith fresh dolphin or fresh tuna grilled or blackened$4.99
Salad Saladcrisp iceberg lettuce, complimented by tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, cucumbers, red onions and hard boiled eggs; topped with bacon bits and homemade croutons. one a day keeps the surgeon general away!$6.99
Salad Saladwith a scoop of homemade crab, tuna, or chicken salad$2.99
Salad Saladwith fresh chicken strips charbroiled or blackened$3.99
Salad Saladwith four homemade, deep fried chicken stickers hot, medium, mild or bbq$3.99
Salad Saladwith fresh dolphin or fresh tuna grilled or blackened$4.99
Caesar Salada generous portion of fresh romaine, tossed with a sharp caesar dressing, bacon bits, homemade croutons, and shredded parmesan cheese. neither rome nor this salad could be built in one day!$6.99
Caesar Saladwith a scoop of homemade crab, tuna, or chicken salad$2.99
Caesar Saladwith fresh chicken strips charbroiled or blackened$3.99
Caesar Saladwith four homemade, deep fried chicken stickers hot, medium, mild or bbq$3.99
Caesar Saladwith fresh dolphin or fresh tuna grilled or blackened$4.99
Pasta Caesara combination of two of our best selling salads. duo bono! two good two be true!$6.99
Pasta Caesarwith a scoop of homemade crab, tuna, or chicken salad$2.99
Pasta Caesarwith fresh chicken strips charbroiled or blackened$3.99
Pasta Caesarwith four homemade, deep fried chicken stickers hot, medium, mild or bbq$3.99
Pasta Caesarwith fresh dolphin or fresh tuna grilled or blackened$4.99
Deluxe Dinner Saladeverything we could think of! crisp iceberg lettuce, topped with red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, bacon bits, homemade croutons, shredded parmesan, and a pepperoncini pepper.$3.99
Deluxe Dinner Saladwith any dinner entree$1.99
Dinner Caesar Saladet tu a caesar!" fresh romaine lettuce, tossed with a sharp caesar dressing, bacon bits, homemade croutons, and shredded parmesan cheese.$3.99
Dinner Caesar Saladwith any dinner entree$1.99
Giuseppe's Pastagenerous amounts of fresh basil, diced tomatoes, onions and whole roasted garlic, sautéed in olive oil, and then tossed with angel hair pasta, covered with shredded parmesan cheese, and served with t$10.99
Giuseppe's Pastawith fresh chicken$12.99
Giuseppe's Pastawith a dozen shrimp$14.99
Cajun Chicken & Pastatender blackened fresh chicken strips, tossed with sautéed veggies and linguine, in a slightly spicy cajun sauce and served with garlic rolls. if you like spice in your life, but not a seven alarm fi$11.99
Shrimp Pestoa dozen plump shrimp, sautéed in olive oil with hearty amounts of fresh veggies and whole roasted garlic, then tossed in a basil pesto sauce with linguine, covered with shredded parmesan cheese, and$14.99
Shrimp Pestofresh chicken pesto$12.99
Shrimp Pestovegetable pesto$10.99
Lemon Chicken & Pastathe little known nickname of walter mitty, who was always afraid to return his faulty automobile. tender chicken breast sautéed in butter, then covered with a lemon pepper cream sauce, and served ove$11.99
Shrimp Scampia dozen plump shrimp, sautéed with hearty amounts of garlic, onions, lemon, and butter, tossed with parmesan cheese, and served over a bed of dirty rice or linguine with garlic rolls. a cup of scampi$14.99
Award Winning Baby Back Ribsflanigan’s signature item - tender, juicy, "meat-falls-off-the-bone"baby back ribs, drenched with our special barbecue sauce, and grilled to perfection.$17.99 - $13.99
Rib Combosa huge half rack of flanigan’s "meat-falls-off-the-bone"baby backs, paired with your choice of some of our all-time favorites.
Rib Comboswith a half dozen wings$16.99
Rib Comboswith three chicken stickers$16.99
Rib Comboswith a half barbecued chicken$16.99
Rib Comboswith a half dozen fried shrimp$17.99
Pasta Saladspiral pasta with broccoli, red onions, and black olives, tossed with parmesan cheese and caesar dressing. makes any meal a better meal!$2.49
Vegetable Medleycarrots, green beans, yellow squash, zucchini, and broccoli, sautéed in garlic butter. listen to mom and the surgeon general: eat your veggies!$2.99
Broccolia generous portion of fresh broccoli spears (sharp points have been removed for your safety... lol), lightly steamed in butter.$2.49
Baked Potatono relation to the couch potato. idaho's best, served piping hot, with mounds of sour cream and butter piled on at your request.$2.49
Dirty Ricesometimes called "cajun rice," sometimes called "spicy rice," always called delicious! a spicy blend of rice that would make new orleans proud.$2.49
Black Beans & Riceas authentic as carnival, cinco de mayo, and 8th street all together (what a traffic jam!) a generous serving of white rice, black beans, chopped onions, and mojo. this is definitely "que pasa!&$2.49
Cole Slawone half pound. home made fresh daily. this recipe was originally developed by "old king cole," who ate nothing but this slaw, which, of course, explains his "merriness."$2.49
Garlic Rollsa three roll, individual portion of our buttery, parmesan garlic rolls. "three's a crowd" does not apply here!$1.99
Joe's Kids Menu $4.99
Mini Corn Dogseight miniature corn dogs with curly fries, originally seen in the movie, "honey, i shrunk the corn dogs." corny, huh? what do you expect with corn dogs?!?
Skateboard Burgera quarter pounder, served with"hang five" fries. say "cheese" if you want some. this big burger better be bought by basically bulky body builders with beautiful biceps (say it fas
Chicken Grillersfinger lickin' chicken... these grillers are thrillers! four fresh, all white meat chicken strips, char-grilled perfectly and served with french fries, baked potato, dirty rice or broccoli
Jurassic Juniorslightly breaded chicken dinosaurs, served with 50 inches of curly fries - cut and clipped. you can lead a brontosaurus to water, but you can't make him drink. as a matter of fact, you can't make him
Macaroni & Cheesecheese, cheese, it's good for your knees, the more you eat the less you sneeze. if you want some with macaroni just say, "please"!
Kid's Ribsa 4 bone rack of flanigan's barbequed baby back ribs. the meat is so tender and juicy it "falls" off the bone! (don't let it fall in your lap!!) served with a small mountain of curly fries.
The Banzai Browniea super-sized, warm, triple chocolate brownie, piled high with edy’s vanilla ice cream, covered with huge chunks of oreo cookies, surrounded by kit kat bars, and topped off with whipped cream and her$7.99
Dulce De Leche Cheesecakea unique blended mixture of creamy milk caramel and vanilla cheesecake on a graham cracker crust, topped with a swirl of caramel. melts in your mouth!$4.99
Flanigan’s Shenanigana giant slice of candy walnut apple pie, topped with a mountain of edy's vanilla ice cream, a river of caramel and an avalanche of heath bar crunch. huge! (you will need help!)$6.99
Key Lime Piea smooth and creamy, light textured pie that is full of the tangy taste of genuine key limes, resting on a delicious graham cracker crust, and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. we’re famous for$4.99
Chocolate Ecstasya homemade-style, moist dark chocolate layer cake, filled and frosted with a rich , dark fudge icing, and surrounded with an outer layer of mini chocolate chips. this is not the time to break a choco$4.99
Root Beer Float$2.99
Bottled Water$2.59
Iced Tea$2.59
Signature Martinis
Dreamsicle Martinia delightful blend of pinnacle orange whipped cream vodka, orange juice, a hint of cream and a fresh orange slice. tastes like the real thing!
Flanitinia smooth mixture of vodka, godiva chocolate liqueur, frangelico, baileys irish cream and caramel
Bottle Beers
Domesticmiller lite, coor's light, budweiser, bud light, bud light platinum, michelob
Importheineken, corona, newcastle, dos xx
Draft Beers
Domesticmiller lite, budweiser, bud light, michelob, yuengling, coor's light, killian's
Importblue moon, heineken, amstel, guinness

About Flanigan’s

Joe Flanigan founded the restaurant in 1959. It has remained a family establishment as it expanded into the 20th century.

They now have over 20 different locations in the United States. They have won many local awards for their legendary baby back ribs.

Flanigan’s Review

They have a classic Florida, seafood restaurant vibe. Their laid-back ambiance is part of their charm. They have indoor and outdoor seating at most of their locations.

They have a very fresh, natural seafood taste, along with classic fried sides. They serve huge portions which is part of what makes their menu unique.

Their menu includes classic appetizers like sweet potato fries, garlic rolls, and mozzarella sticks. They also have pasta dishes, sandwiches, burgers, and desserts.

They have great reviews on social media and online. People love their laid-back environment and speak highly of the service. They can have a wait up to 30 minutes on the weekends.

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